1.1 is a hidden video uploaded on September 25, 2016. It was discovered on Reddit and is part of the SCRINIARII Code.

Note: This video does not contain any image or words, so it won't have a "Transcript" section.

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(No description.)

Analysis Edit

When the video "SCRINIARII" was posted, users of Reddit and Discord soon discovered several codes and puzzles left by the entity Scriniarii on both platforms. In the same video, posted by Firebrand, there is a hidden frame which leads to a link. It was discovered that this link,, lead to this unlisted video, 1.1, containing nothing more than an SSTV (slow-scan television) audio clip. Decoded, the clip translates to a screenshot from "The Token Letter" of Noah holding a fortune that has been completely censored out with one of the censored words circled in red. The word circled in the fortune was "darkness", a keyword to another Scriniarii puzzle leading to the next video, 1.2.

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