Adam Rosner (November 12, 1991) is an American editor, filmmaker, and actor who is best known as the creator of the Slenderverse ARG TribeTwelve, which he updates independently. He portrays the main character Noah Maxwell.

Adam Rosner in a car

He also has a channel named NimbusFilms for his own projects.

Here's a part of TribeTwelve's Pateron. I hope you will understand more about him.

Who Am I? Hi! I'm Adam! I've been creating horror videos for over 8 years, and am one of the first to pioneer the Slender Man legend to video! I've released well over 50 horror-based videos on YouTube as well as posting regularly to an in-game Blog, and while I am in love with what I do I can't continue this work without you and any contributions you may make. I possess an undying passion and perseverance to create unique films, and your generous pledges through Patreon will allow me to continue refining my skills as a filmmaker so I can bring you quality content with more frequency while giving you a front row seat into Noah Maxwell's world.

Thank you so much for your consideration, ~ Adam