Livestream- August 29th, 201101:12:07

Livestream- August 29th, 2011

The full version uploaded on Noah's channel.

On August 29th, 2011, Noah hosted a livestream on his Stickam account. Most of it was recorded and uploaded to the Stickam playback servers, but was thought to be lost when Stickam shut down. During season 2, Noah finds the old livestreams that he held years prior on his computer.

It was then uploaded to his channel on Febuary 10th, 2015, and 5 days later, he uploads the "February 14th Livestream".


this is the first livestream i had recorded on stickam back in august of 2011
interruption happens at 34:05
knocks happen at 47:47, 53:42, 58:26


Text: August 29th. 2011 Livestream

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Noah: Let's get back on topic. What do you think is following me? I, I don't know. I still don't know. I really don't fucking know, dude.


Noah: It, nothing makes sense. At all. I've actually been getting more sleep. I'm going to have to, because I'm going to have fix my sleep schedule before, uh, for when, umm, I go back to school, because I am going back soon. I'm trying to get a decent, like uhh, sleep bodily clock thingy but it's not really helping much. I'm still kind of scared out of my fucking mind to go to sleep.

[Noah reads the comments.]

Noah: No. I looked everywhere in my house. Every fricken' square inch, every nook and crany, and I even went up into the attic which is deadbolted shut and there was nothing there. Nothing at all. No devices, no bugs, no nothing. Yeah, I've talked to EverymanHYBRID. They are, uh, Think some of you know about them. Something about, uh, exercise thing but they dropped that and something else. I don't know. They're having problems. With something that's, similar to mine, I've talked to them about. I don't know. I called them up, and they said they are okay with me visiting them, if I do go up. So, whenever I do go up, I'll try to visit them. I'll try to do a bunch of things when I go up there. I'll try to, go to my grandpa Karl again, and this time I'll leave him a message beforehand, in German. I'll, I'll take the precautions necessary. And, uh, maybe if I have enough time or whatever after I see my family, I'll take the New Jersey Transit, and uh, go to New Jersey and see the the guys, because it's not really that far. It's a few miles, from where I would be staying.

[Noah reads the comments.]

Noah: The forest from my dreams? I'm thinking Victor Park, because there is no other forest that I know of that's close to my house or anything like that. And, from what I remember, uhh, I was on the boardwalk. Either that or the Nature Trail. I don't... it was very fuzzy. Ya know, the longer, you think about a dream the more you forget about it. So I totally forgot most of that dream except for what I draw. I have a few drawings, but they're stupid and I don't really want to upload them.


Noah: What, are people wondering where the TribeTwelve name came from? That was, uh, I don't know if I explained that in the last live stream, but it was umm, it was a project for my religious studies class, and umm, I was working on it. I got about halfway or so through, near halfway, and then teacher just cancelled. I don't know, I guess she had some trouble with something. Marital problems, I don't know. And, she just canceled it, and uh, it was like the final, and we didn't have a final, which was great. Uh, my friend Kevin, who translates for me, Karl's German, he didn't know why. And he, uh, actually talked to her. I didn't talk to her. And, uh, she didn't even say on her site. She just canceled the project, and I had one of the requirements of the project was we had to have a YouTube account or something to umm, Actually no, that wasn't a requirement. I remember now. It was we had to give her a video presentation. Uh, well that was one of the options. It was either a report, video presentation, or by some means we had to the project, and I didn't want to write a, I'm not really that good at writing. I didn't want to write a report. Umm, I had a camera. So I figured "hey, I can film something real quick", so I was filming, getting ready to film. I was writing all my stuff up, and I was just gonna do it, one take, and right before I was going to film, I looked and she said she canceled her project on the site. She didn't say why. She didn't, "Project canceled", and Kevin and I didn't know why, and his friend John didn't know why. No one in the class knew why she canceled it. So I had this vacant YouTube account, and then I didn't want to make a new one cause I only had 1 email address, so I just figured "Hey, I'll just host all this Milo footage on this channel", and the rest is, uh, fucking history.


Noah: Uh, "Check the trail for hidden cameras"? Uh, [Noah smirks] Well, from when I looked around when I was there I didn't find anything. Uh, Why would they have hidden cameras on the trail? That's kinda weird. It's not a very public trail, like, well, it's a public trail but it's not very, traffic heavy. There's not going to be that much, that much cameras. There's no reason for cameras. I mean, I uh, live in a retirement home. A giant retirement home. That's where I live, pretty much. So there's not many, there's not much crime, I guess. There's no reason to have security or survilence in the park. So, no, I don't think there are any.

[Noah reads the comments.]

Noah: I checked my car. Nothing. I checked after uh, the Thanksgiving thing. Nothing. And I checked every friday for a long time. Nothing. Checked in my car. Nothing. I don't know. Just freaking me out how there's nothing going on.


Noah: Dream vlog? I don't really think a dream vlog would be nessacary. Cause, umm, I really don't frequently have dreams and I don't want to clutter my channel with just brief videos of me saying "Ugh, I woke up and I had a dream!".

[Cut, but the same thought.]

Noah: So, no I don't want to clutter my channel with unnecessary videos.

[Cut, still same thought.]

Noah: I was actually going to umm, with the one with the device video, I was just filming myself because that dream in particular was just so vivid, and I wanted to have myself, like a record of myself saying it. So I could just, incase I forgot, I could have it on tape. And, I kinda was thinking if I had a few others I would make a compilation of, I guess, dreams that I had, but it's not that relevant. I didn't really want to get it up on the video and post it because it didn't seem right.

[Noah reads the comments.]

Noah: Do I suspect anyone I know to be the Observer? Uh, still no. He could be anyone. I don't know! It's, it's too much of a mystery for me to solve. I don't have the, uh, Mystery Machine. I can't just go around and investigate. I have obligations. Umm, I'm really close to getting that job, that, uh, Graphic Design job. And, once I have that, I'm not going to be able to, uh, investigate as much. I mean, I have a lot of obligations I have to go through. I mean, I am taking online classes too. And I, I just can't go around asking, going around knocking on everyone's doors that I know saying "Hey, have you stalking me?" No, I can't do that!


Noah: Journal? Yeah. There's been talk of this journal. And I know there are 2 journals that have been discussed. Umm, the one that I know of is Milo's. And I saw it at, when he came over. It was, Black, about, I'd say, that large, and it had a lock on it. And even if I wanted to look inside of it, it was locked. And he had the key somewhere. I couldn't find it. I don't know. I couldn't find it. I couldn't even find the journal. It's probably back at his house in Alabama. So, I'm not going to find that journal. Unless he sends it to me, but he's dead! Unless his mom sends it to me, but she's awall! So...


Noah: The second journal, which I believe to, it's in Grandpa Karl's possession.


Noah: Uh, It's this other journal, I can't tell if there's a lock on it or not, but, it's another journal. And, whatever is stalking me wants that journal and, what I don't get is why they can't go to Karl, Why do they have to go through me? Why am I so special? Why can't they just go up to New York? I'm sure a ticket isn't that expensive, and they can just go up and nab the book while he's not looking or he's sleeping or he's taking a shit. He could be on the toliet and they can run into his house, nab the book, and never bother me again. Why, why not, huh? But no, I have no idea why they want it, what it is, what's inside of it, why Karl has it, how long he's had it, what's in it, I don't know. I don't know! 


Noah: I don't want to go back to the boardwalk. You kidding me? You've seen my videos. I'm gonna fucking go back to that place? Be jumped again? Cause they're following me. I know, they have tabs on me. I don't know how, but they have tabs on me, and they know when I go out of the house.


Noah: I'm even afraid to go outside. You know how nervous I am when I go outside to leave my trash out in front? I get so fucking nervous.


Noah: What do I plan to discuss with EMH? Umm, when I go up there, I'm going to, umm, bring the envelope that I have. It's in a, tucked somewhere safe, and I am going to show it to them, see what their take is on it, possibly, maybe have uh, chat with them, figure out something. I don't know.


Noah: Why is this happening? What is my opinion on why this is happening? Umm, Umm, Umm, Umm, Umm. That's it: Umm. I have no fucking idea. I can't make that anymore, emphasis on that. I don't fucking know. I don't know!


Noah: "Gonna kill the Observer once you find out who it is?" Uh, Yeah! Once I figure out who's doing this, I'm going to give the police their information, I'm gonna track em' down, do the best I can, and once I do that, I'm just going to, fuck him up something awful. I just, I hope they come over. Cause I'll be fucking ready. I've got weapons all over my house, and I know where they are. So, if they come lunging at me, I know, I'm gonna fucking knock their fucking block off, and they're not going to see it coming.

[Stream goes black, then "INTERRUPTION" plays. Stickam playback only showed black screen.]

Noah: What the fuck are you freaking out about? You, why are you guys freaking out? What the fu...

[Noah reads the comments.]

Noah: You guys are fucking with me, right? What? "You got it recorded." Wait, what? Did something, Nothing happened! I was here the whole fucking time! What, did something, is there, What? Was there something, Why you freaking out?! Wait, hold on. Let me look through the comments here. What the fuck's going on. Something hijacked the livestream? That's not fucking possible! What do you mean, a video played?! From the observe, You're fucking kidding me!.. No. You guys are, you guys are fucking with me.


Noah: I have the whole thing recorded, so I can go back and, What I saw was my image; I can see my image, I saw it the whole time.

[Noah reads the comments.]

Noah: What the fuck? Are, are you guys serious?! I'm kinda shaking right now, cause I don't know what the fuck's going on. I didn't see anything! I figured if I saw it would go through my webcam and I would see it! I, I'm, hold on, let me just check, check my drives and stuff; see if everything is okay. Umm, I can't see your questions now so umm, Fuck, hold on.


Noah: I didn't see anything. I don't even know if this is one big fucking joke, alright? Fuck this shit, Nothing on my desktop. There's nothing on my drives. I really hope you guys aren't fucking with me.

[Noah keeps searching the "INTERRUPTION" video.]

Noah: Okay, no, there's nothing there, I'm sorry I'm not really paying attention to my livestream, but this is uh, fucking jarring me. I don't even know what's going on. And, uh, nothing... Sorry this is taking away from the livestream guys! Uh, fuck.


Noah: I'm not fucking understanding any of this. I can't find anything on any of my drives, I'm all secure, I didn't see shit. Alright? Nothing is popping up. It's not fucking Milo, okay! It's not him, he's dead! He can't hack it! I'm here! He can't have my internet!

[Noah reads the comments.]

Noah: What? What do you mean my YouTube? Hold on a fucking second here. Hold on a second here. What, what, what? Oh God! What the fuck is this? Yeah you're fucking interrupting, I'm having a fucking Livestream! Milo, that footage?! Interruption? Fuck you, you bastard. Fuck you, motherfucker. No I'm not, I won't like it. [Jumpscare.] Fuck! God, fucking dammit! 

[Noah keeps commenting the "INTERRUPTION" video. Cut.]

Noah: Hold on a sec, I'm going to fucking check something. This is fucking insane. Okay, there's no one outside. I really don't want to go through the rest of my house right now. Umm, I'm staying here with you guys. Uh, Um, I really don't know what to say right now! Ho, ho, Hold on a second, hold on a second. He fucking knew that I was going to be on a livestream. I posted on my Twitter. He must of known, and he must of fucking hacked my computer again and he must of played the video! Whoopidy fucking do! [Laughs.] Yeah, real threatening, that's great! Fucking great! Bastard, fucking coward, that's what you are. You're probably watching right now. You're one of those, uh, one of those 155 who don't have an account. Yeah, yeah. Go ahead, keep laughing you fuck. You're not scaring me. This is all one big fucking joke, isn't it? He mu-- let me see this again.

[Watches the beginning of the "INTERRUPTION" video again.]

Noah: It's static, Is this, Is this what played?! This is what played, right? On the livestream, while I was talking. Like, I was talking about how I'm going to beat him the fuck up, and then, I start seeing the comments going fucking apeshit and I'm like "what's going on, calm your tits, I'm here, everything's fine". And then I, I get back on or something and you finally start responding to me, and you're like "OH, something fucking happened"! I didn't see shit! This is fucking insane!

[Noah reads the comments.]

Noah: I've been checking my fucking windows. There's nothing out here, there's...

[Noah checks the window behind him.]

Noah: Let me, let me check my desktop one more time. Fuck that thing. Okay, I'm going to watch this video one more time, because I only saw it once.

[Opens the "INTERRUPTION" video again.]

Noah: That last thing just freaked me the fuck out. What is this, like,  a song? Is this a song? The fucking weird thing is that the part where is, like, before it says "RUN NOAH, RUN" That's kind of my dream. Kinda. It's, from what I can remember, the running. I was running and there was someone at the end of the fucking... [groans] This is too much. This is too much right here. Let me see this again... How could have they done that? I mean... He could have gone with his buddies to stand at the end of the boardwalk and then he film as he ran and then he did the little film thing to make the video go black and white, uhhhh. I said exactly what happened to me. I guess it's not that hard to replicate.

--------The transcript is not done yet. It continues at 45:52. Keep everything consistent!-------


  • "INTERRUPTION" happens at 34:05.
  • Knocks happen at 47:47, 53:42 and 58:26.


  • Noah refers to himself as Adam, his real outside-game name. Adam Rosner, at 53:26 during the talk with the police. Adam himself said on his account that it was 'a mistake that he kept doing in every livestream as a joke'.


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