Edward from "Device Analysis"

Edward is a friend of Noah, and is the person who analysed the device left in Noah's room. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he is fairly tech-savvy, and is well-versed in a host of different technologies.

In the video "The Manifest", Noah shows the name of Edward's father in the list from the "East Coast Assembly Manifest" from March 1985, along with the name of Mary Asher and other members of "The Order". What Edward's father's involvement was with the Order and whether Edward himself was involved is still unknown.

In the video "Crawlspace", Noah tries to get information and answers from this same manifest of the Order. In the middle of several notes maded by Noah, he writes at the top left corner "Call Edward." He considers this idea but soon gives up and decides to call him another day.

In the TRIBETWELVE VETERANS DAY SPECIAL, a viewer asks Future Noah Maxwell about Edward, to which Future Noah replies "Let’s not talk about Edward, please. Poor, poor, Edward." While not entirely clear, it is almost certain that Edward is going to meet a horrible fate in the future.



  • It has been speculated that Edward probably helped the Collective to make a device that could monitor Noah's activities. This is unlikely, due to him only being able to guess the USB cable, which is pretty mysterious on it's own, given the time he needed to investigate the makeshift recorder. And in the description of the video, Noah mentions that he was visiting near his "area'', inducing that he lives far from it. As a final note, Edward gave advice to Noah about preventing data being installed on his computer by telling him which wires to cut to prevent it, something the Collective wouldn't tell him to do if he was with them.
  • it is possible that Edward is Swain or Deadhead's vessel, going along with the theory above.
  • Edward's father or Edward himself could each be a member of the Order.