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EverymanHYBRID is a Slender Man horror series separate from TribeTwelve. The series has a few loose connections with the story of TribeTwelve.

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Note: in the EverymanHYBRID universe, the Slender Man don't have an alias as TribeTwelve and other Slender-series have, been refered by its original out-of-game name, "Slender Man".


The main cast of EverymanHYBRID: Jeff, Vince and Evan, from left to right


Three college-aged friends, Vince, Evan, and Jeff, create a fitness series, and as a joke include Slender Man as a prank/easter egg for their audience. After the real Slender Man appears, they assume it's a prank being pulled on them and ask the pranker to stop. The "pranks" don't stop, and after a run-in with Slender Man, Jeff's girlfriend Jessa is kidnapped. Oddly-edited videos, invisible to the EMH cast, were released on their channel, showing things that can't have happened, or were not intended for the viewers eyes, as well as things that the crew doesn't remember happening or have yet to happen. While searching for Jessa, on a hint from a postcard from a person known as "HABIT", they try to find "The Land of Ashen Waste". They eventually discover it's the abandoned, burned-down mining town Centralia. The crew blame Jessa's friend Stephanie, who seems to know too much, and she is sent to a mental hospital. The search for Jessa is abandoned. Meanwhile, a creature called The Rake inhabits Jeff's brother Alex's closet, injures him, and is locked up.

Meanwhile, through evidence found in the videos by fans of the series, a backstory is slowly revealed about a Dr. James Corenthal who, in 1971, adopted disturbed children who share the same names as the main cast, (the patient Evan is nicknamed HABIT) and Steph, and failed them. Collectively known as the Mining Town Four, they are seemingly from Centralia and their history is revealed through old and sometimes burned letters mailed to viewers and located in geocached boxes.

After the murder of their friend Ryan, a mysterious tournament by HABIT (who most likely left the caches and uploaded the hidden videos) is opened. The main cast and 200 other "rabbits" join and begin completing 7 trials. The main cast are quickly eliminated. When the other rabbits pass some trial, they receive prizes, including Corenthal letters, objects, and other relics, all of which give clues about the backstory.

The cast breaks Stephanie out of the mental hospital believing she can help, but she admits to them that she actually knows very little about Slender Man other than being a victim herself. She stays with Evan, fearing the police's actions if she were to go back to her apartment. Steph and Evan eventually begin a relationship.

Along the way, many new discoveries throw shadow on the proceedings: someone is placing pinhole cameras in the boy's homes; Evan has killed their friend Nick by letting HABIT possess him; the Rake is attacking and killing all their friends; and their friend Jessie is discovered to be a distant relation of Dr. Corenthal's. They investigate the connection but Jessie and other members of her family soon become victims of the Rake.

In actions that seem to mirror a prophecy found in Box 5, Jeff is becoming increasingly distant, Evan increasingly erratic and Vince seems more determined than ever to film everything, no matter how hurtful presenting it may be. Steph and Evan's relationship progresses, and it is revealed that Steph is pregnant. Alex appears to have been killed by the Slender Man while on the way to Jessie's funeral with Vince.

Evan appears to have become fully "inHABITed", and has killed Jeff, Evan's daughter with Steph, Stephanie herself, and some friends of the cast. Vince and HABIT create a certain partnership between them; Vince does this to try to find answers for what was happening, while HABIT joins Vince because of his usefulness to his plans. To appease Vince, sometimes HABIT "frees" Evan from his possession.

Connection to Tribe TwelveEdit

  • The Envelope that was sent to Noah contains many items that are seemingly from HABIT. The envelope itself is marked with purple duct tape, a trademark of EMH. The text "We're all just creatures of" is only missing the word "HABIT" and is typed out in HABIT's signature font. "Yours" is often the signoff used by HABIT in EMH.
  • The badly burnt paper that Noah got in the envelope references the Mining Town Four, and Milo is seen in a picture with "Dr. C", who many suspect of being the Dr. James Corenthal of EMH.
    • After the sixth trial of HABIT was completed, HABIT released a pair of files that were password-protected. The first file was a Minecraft map that contained a password to the second file, "1995.pdf". This file contained the full version of the burnt letter.
  • The note that Noah received is the third part of a HABIT-left note that the HYBRIDs found on their trip to Centralia. At least four parts exist. "Shade's Password to the Unreliable Narrator" is what many viewers suspect will be revealed by the full Centralia note. Its significance is undetermined.
  • Noah has tried to meet the EMH crew in person. He tried to go in late August 2011, but his trip was delayed due to Hurricane Irene. Noah was also still trying to fly to New York to meet with Karl and then go to New Jersey to meet with the EMH crew. The meeting finally occured and was recorded, and published in Northern Trip Footage.
  • In DEUS EX MACHINA, Firebrand tells Noah that "a loathesome entity with mutual interests has saved me from servitude." then cutting to a clip which shows someone who looks like Evan, confirmed by Noah on his Twitter.
  • In Severance, Noah receives a letter from HABIT. Noah is then brought to HABIT's 'house' where an inHABITED Evan gives Noah information about the Collective symbol's history and usage.
  • Bridge to Nowhere involves Noah wandering around a place known in the EMH universe as the "Candleverse" where he encounters a supposedly dead Jeff, and is confronted by HABIT before being given a "peptalk" and sent home

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