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This video compiles what further information I've gathered about the device. I haven't found anything else like it yet hidden around my house, but I'm keeping very quiet as a precaution.

EDIT: Someone already sent me a transcript of the audio. Damn, you guys are fast:

Hello, my child. I see you've found my little toy. Took you long enough. About 4 months? *makes clicking sound with tongue* I was beginning to think you'd never find it. Good thing you're not as deaf as you are stupid. You shouldn't have cut those wires, there is more to be found. But I'm being unfair. Perhaps, you just need another little... ah... lesson, like the one you got at the Nature Trail. Would you like that? Shh... shh... *chuckle* But we will teach you so much. Who all those eyes belong to.... We shall teach you their names. About that forest... yes... that forest you were in. Under its branches the rain runs red. *another laugh* Would you like to know where you went? Would you like to know why? Perhaps you'd like to know why Milo committed suicide? Or rather, how I helped him do so. *clicks his tongue again* Language, Mr. Maxwell. The walls have such sensitive ears. *long sigh* We want only to remove those festering sutures from your eyes... are you so afraid of sight? A brief lesson, from your own world. You, and everyone you've ever known, are prisoners... bound in a cave and facing a blank wall on which you can only perceive shadows. A brain connected to eyes and nothing more. We have seen what casts those shadows, Noah Maxwell. Why won't you let us untie you? You are quite deserving, after all. *inhale* The Boardwalk. Bring the journal. That is your homework. However, if you come empty handed, we shall be forced to take... disciplinary actions. Perhaps another detention? *lip smacking sounds* Until then, I will continue my... observations. Pleasant dreams, Noah. *laugh*

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