Florida and Vermont

Florida and Vermont

Florida and Vermont is a video by Dr. Cairo Zelphest of the Slender Man vlog compileTRUTH. Cairo has created "compilations" for several Slender Man-related series, summarizing them. In this video, Cairo visits Florida and interviews Noah.


[0:00-0:03] compileTRUTH logo.
[0:03-0:10] Text: After I left New Jersey, I made my way down the coast line, with someone specific in mind who I wished to speak to. He reluctantly agreed to speak to me about his situation.
[0:10] Cut to the inside of Noah's house. Dr. Cairo is filming Noah.
[0:13] Cairo: Okay, Noah. I got it on.
[0:14] Noah: Alright.
[0:16] Cairo: So... Thanks for the minute of your time to talk to me about this and everything.
[0:21] Noah: No problem, man. Usually-
[0:21] Cairo: I know you've been having a rough couple of weeks.
[0:23] Noah: I usually don't like people that I don't know in my house, but I went on your channel and I got recommended by some people who follow me. I saw you. You're sort of trying to... What are you doing?
[0:35] Cairo: I'm just... It always seems like there's, like, pieces missing in every single- In every single puzzle. It's like, every case that I've been investigating, there's just, you know, some detail that's missing that makes everything fit. And I don't know if, you know- My hope is maybe to somehow, you know, find something someone else missed, in most of the cases. So I just wanted to ask you a few things. Anything else happen major since that... You found that little device?
[1:15] Noah: Um, no. Things have probably happened. I don't know. Probably, I'm being oblivious. I've really tried to block things out, for the most part, but... I don't know. Each time something happens, I get a little more paranoid. And I know that's not saying much, but coming from me, it's the truth. It's... I've been trying to reset my passwords through everything to make sure that nothing else happens. I want this to end more than anything, but it's... I get jittery all the time.
[1:47] Cairo: Right. I don't know if, you know, traditional internet security is gonna be much help against this thing. Do you think it's, like, actually a person? Or do you believe it might actually be some kind of force?
[2:05] Noah: Back in the beginning, I thought it used to be like, just some guy fucking with me. After nature trail, that video I put out. After all those events and the device, with the fucking voice that came out... I don't know. It's... I've been conflicted with these theories in my mind that it's a group of people that like... It's one person with these other people just masterminding. It's like some sort of cult, or something. I don't know. It's so hard to explain what's going on, because every single time it happens, it's different. And you don't know what to expect. And... You can't predict it. And that's the worst thing about it. The unknown.
[2:52] Cairo: Yeah. I really don't want to bring this up, but... Hav you considered the possibility that Milo might have been involved in it?
[3:03] Noah: Not this shit again. Dude, Milo fucking died. I saw his ashes poured into the fucking grave, and the coffin buried six feet under. He's fucking dead, bro. If you really want to talk about that, you can leave right now. I really don't want to speak about that, because in my heart, I know that he is dead. He is gone. Alright?
[3:22] Cairo: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. I think I'll go.
[3:25] Dr. Cairo starts to leave.
[3:26] Cairo: Thank you for your time.
[3:28] Noah: Listen, do you... Do you really think that you're gonna figure out something by, like, piecing this fucking shit together? 'Cause it's not that easy, man. I've tried it. It's not gonna fucking work. You're just gonna go in a fucking loop and you're gonna kick yourself in the ass. Nothing's gonna help, man. You're just running up the wrong tree.
[3:49] Cairo: Even so, I've got to try. Thank you.
[3:50] The screen flashes black for a moment.
[3:52] As Cairo leaves, the video and audio becomes distorted.
[3:53] When the video cuts to black, a very dark hidden image can be seen. It appears to be Milo lying on the ground next to a pill bottle, with text that reads "YOU ONLY SAW THE SHADOW".
[3:54] Text: I found these distortions on the file after the fact. I did not notice them happening on the camera's display while I was there. Or if I did not notice it. I don't remember.
[4:00-11:15] Dr. Cairo interviews Marcus Prendergast of the blog Little Lion Man.
[11:15] Text: In studying Marcus' case I noticed a connection to Germany and the tales of Noah's grandfather indicate a German origin as well. More importantly, these are first-hand accounts of Him far outdating the internet era.
[11:22] Text: This would seem to indicate to me that he may not be memetic of origin, or a product of the "tulpa theory" many subscribe to.
[11:28] Text: Alternatively, he may be a Tulpa, but one not bound by the laws of time. Historical alterations were made by his influence after his "creation" and we lack ripple-proof memory to discern these charges.
[11:35] Text: More information on the Slender Man's "past" would be extremely beneficial.


Cairo Hidden
  • There is distortion as Cairo is leaving Noah's house.
  • At the end of the interview, when the video cuts to black, a very dark hidden image can be seen. It appears to be Milo lying on the ground next to a pill bottle, with text that reads "YOU ONLY SAW THE SHADOW". It is speculated that this means that Milo isn't truly dead.
  • It was revealed in Obituary that Milo is not dead, and is, in fact, Mr. Scars.