"I've been expecting pizza, and I don't want you having any." - HABIT near the end of "Severance".


HABIT is a sadistic & bloodthirsty immortal entity it's the main antagnonist of the EverymanHYBRID series & it's also the one Responsible for freeing Firebrand from The Collective & for sending several letters & clues to Noah.

Durning EverymanHYBRID, in entries from mid-2011, it became clear that HABIT could assume control of Evan's body and by mid-2012, it was clear that HABIT could completly possess Evan at will. There has been sepculation that HABIT is either a demon, a ghost, a monster or a possessing force. Little is known about who or what excactly HABIT is throught clues have started to come to the forefront.

About it's involvement with TribeTwelve, it is known that it worked with the Nazis a long time ago in a project involving Sebastian Kraus, The Collective & The Administrator itself. Its relationship with The Collective is still unknown. However, HABIT knows way too much about The Collective,The Severance symbol and Karl's Journal

HABIT's real movitation for helping Firebrand & Noah is still unclear.

Appearances Edit

  • DEUS EX MACHINA (Appears as the "Loathsome Entity" that freed Firebrand.)
  • Obituary (Appears for a split second.)
  • Severance (Sends Noah a letter, teleports him to it's house, teaches him about "Severance", and kicks him out of it's house.)
  • Bridge to Nowhere (Chases Noah down in the "Candleverse" and teleports him back home.)

Gallery Edit

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