Last frame of the video "The Order", were the Observer asks "Who is Henka Visæ"

Henka Visæ was an elder of the Order, a cult centered around worship of the Administrator. In the video "The Order", when Noah asks the Overseer if is there any other information that he had about Mary Asher, the Overseer reveals that Henka Visæ was the man who recruited her, and that he is "no longer with us". In a hidden frame at the end of the same video, the Observer asks the question, "Who is Henka Visæ?".

As part of The SCRINIARII Code, the second page of the "East Coast Assembly Manifest" was revealed. It contained some details about Henka Visæ. According to the manifest, Henka Visæ was an "Archvassal" of The Order, was 70 years and 11 months old at the time, is male, had 'no designated chapter', is a German citizen born in Hamburg, has blue eyes, has blood type O-, and in the section "Notable Markers", he is described as having a "hunchback".

It was revealed by Scriniarii on the TribeTwelve Discord channel that Henka Visæ was the captain of the boat that capsized when Noah was a child.

The "East Coast Assembly Manifest", containing several informations about Henka Visæ

Analysis Edit

  • When the Overseer says that Henka Visæ was "no longer with us", it was not clear whether he actually died of old age or was taken by the Administrator or the Collective.
  • If Henka Visæ was alive in 2015, he would be 100 years old.

Notes & Speculation Edit

  • The fact that Visæ was born in Germany raises the possibility that he was involved with "The Event" that occurred in World War II, the Journal, or perhaps even with Deadhead or Karl Maxwell.
  • Henka Visæ is an almost perfect anagram of the name Kevin Haas.
  • Henka Visæ may have been a previous vessel of the Observer.

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