BoxAnalysis SMChild

The boy on the boardwalk at Victor Park, possibly Liam

According to Noah's mother, Sharon Maxwell, Liam Walts is the name of the deceased child for which the Victor Park play ground was built. Very little is known about Liam, as we only know that he died under mysterious circumstances, and that his mother petitioned for the playground to be built in his memory.

It is speculated whether Liam plays an important role in the story, but it was made clear that at some point in the series he had some kind of involvement with the Administrator (possibly he is the cause of Liam's disappearance), as when the Observer was asked if Liam had anything to do with him or his 'Keeper' (this was at the time when Noah was in stasis after the "Nature Trail Visit"), the Observer replied by saying he was not allowed to say.


  • Liam is mentioned by Sharon Maxwell during the "Secret Parent Interview".
  • The Observer says that he is not allowed to reveal what Liam has to do with the Administrator when he was asked in Formspring.

Notes & Speculation

  • It is possible that Liam was somehow connected to the Observer and the Administrator.