Mr. Scars as he appears on Noah's Twitpic during the February 14th Livestream. theburdened♖

Also Known as: White Rook, The One Who Kills Mary, The Burdened

Vessel: Milo Asher

Mr. Scars is a member of the Collective. The chess piece he represents is the White Rook ♖. As of Milo's Tape, Mr. Scars has been confirmed to be Milo Asher, and like his title suggests, he is responsible for Mary Asher's death.


  • The Observer mentioned Mr. Scars on Noah's Formspring, where he referred to him as a pawn.
  • He possibly appears in the Collective group shot in HAPPYBIRTHDAY.
  • In the tweets during the Valentine's Day live stream, Mr. Scars was described by the Observer as "the burdened", as well as "theonewhokillsmary".
  • According to two tweets, Noah had a dream where he saw a man sitting in a chair in an empty room, his face covered by his hands. There were scars on the man's arms, leading Noah to believe that the man was Mr. Scars.
  • In DEUS EX MACHINA, he is identified as the individual delivering the briefcase to Noah.
  • In Obituary, he appears in the final frame of the video - revealing himself to be Milo as well as confirming himself to be the one who delivered the briefcase.
  • In Milo's Tape, Milo confirms he is Mr. Scars briefly before shooting Mary Asher. He also cuts himself with a knife, as seen again in the tape.


  • His identity is revealed in "Obituary", and is then confirmed in "Milo's Tape" as being Milo Asher.


  • Mr. Scars' role in delivering the briefcase makes it difficult to pinpoint his role within the Collective. If he is doing so on the orders of Firebrand, it is possible that he has decided to go rogue as well.
  • It seems like Mr. Scars could be the one who wrote the Obituary letter after ending Mary's session.
  • It is heavily speculated by viewers that Mr. Scars is the entity that is possessing Milo's Journal. This has been backed up by the first Vine that TribeTwelve has released, and in Crawlspace, where the journal refers to itself as Milo.