Nature Trail Visit

Nature Trail Visit

Nature Trail Visit is the twenty-first episode of TribeTwelve, and the 21st video of season 1. It was uploaded on March 24th, 2011.


This was recorded on Sunday, March 13, 2011 when I left to visit the Victor Park Nature Trail on my bike. All I remember was arriving at the park, then nothing. I woke up a week later next to my house, the COMECLOSER video posted on my channel without my permission. I don't remember anything that happened in between.


[The video opens on Noah riding a bike and filming himself at the same time.]

Noah: Hey, guys, it's Noah. I am on my bike, cycling... One, because I haven't cycled in a long time, and two, because I am going to Victor Park just to scout out the area and just survey it, because I plan to go back on the boardwalk, but... I just want to see about the nature trail right now.

[Noah turns his camera back toward his bike. Cut to further down the road.]

Noah: I'm on my way. Almost there.

[Cut to further down the road, in front of the entrance to Victor Park. Noah bikes past and zooms in on the entrance to the boardwalk.]

[Cut to Noah crossing the road to enter the park. He zooms the camera on the entrance to the boardwalk and turns away, getting back into the bike lane on the road.]

Noah: No, no. No. Mmm mmm. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not gonna go there. Not now.

[The screen goes black for a second and cuts to the entrance to the Nature Trail.]

[Cut to further into the park, where there is a fenced-off dog park.]

Noah: There's the dog park. It's right adjacent to the nature trail.

[The video freezes for a moment. It cuts to Noah biking past the dog park, where a dog runs next to the fence, barking at Noah.]

Noah: Hey, dog. Heh. Crazy dogs.

[An arrow pointing away from the park is on the road. Noah notices and tries to turn around, accidentally falling off his bike. The screen goes black and returns when Noah is getting up. The dog is still looking at Noah through the fence.]

Noah: Friggin... Go away! Go back to your owner, God damn it.

[Noah continues along the road, filming the scenery as he goes.]

Noah: It really is a peaceful place.

[Cut to further down the trail, near the playground mentioned in "Submission 4".]

[Cut to Noah walking toward the playground.]

Noah: This is the same playground.

[A man and a young girl are playing together.]

Noah: Excuse me, did you see a guy in a suit walking around here? I'm looking for him.

Man: Guy in a suit? No.

Noah: No? Alright.

[Cut to Noah, riding on his bike again. He follows the road. Chalk arrows are drawn on the road. Noah passes a chalk writing of the phrase "One Way".]

Noah: One way...

[Noah continues riding. He turns and points his camera at the observation tower.]

[Noah turns left onto the nature trail. He follows it, passing over several wooden bridges.]

[The audio cuts out. Noah arrives at the observation tower.]

Noah: Still closed...

[Noah gets off of his bike.]

[Cut to Noah looking around the area on foot. The video stutters a bit. Noah walks toward the tower and looks at the picnic table directly underneath it. The intersecting eyes symbol is carved into it. As Noah looks at it, the video stutters again.]

[Noah walks over to the staircase on the tower, which is covered with an orange net. Noah kicks down the net and starts climbing the stairs. At the top, he looks around the park.]

Noah: Let's take a look around... Boardwalk... Should be over there somewhere. I can't judge from here.

[Noah looks at the wooden railing next to the stairs. There's a small sticky note attached to it, which Noah removes and holds up to the camera. The front says "HELLOTHERE NOAH" (with the intersecting eyes symbol replacing the O in NOAH), and the back says "WE CAN SEE YOU FROM UP HERE". Noah starts running down the stairs of the tower.]

Noah: Fuck!

[Cut to black. Cut to somewhere in the Nature Trail. Noah notices a marker labeled "12".]

Noah: This is somewhere around the place where Milo ran off.

[Cut to a more open area of the trail. Noah is looking at a marker labeled 8, while standing in a grassy area.]

Noah: This is pretty much the place where Milo ran.

[As Noah walks past the forest, he turns the camera toward the same structure of trees where the Administrator appeared in "Submission 4", zooming in on the top. Noah continues along the trail. He looks at a small entrance to the forest, near the structure.]

Noah: What you got up there?

[Jump cut. Noah gets off of his bike and starts walking into the forest. The video stutters. When the video returns to normal, there is screen tearing. Noah stops abruptly and looks up the path he is on. He turns around and starts walking toward a rocky slope, where the Administrator stood in "Submission 4".]

Noah: This is where he was standing... We were over there.

[Noah turns around and starts heading back onto the path. The Administrator stands at the end of the path, flailing his tentacles. Noah starts to run. He gets back to his bike. There is visual and audio distortion.]

[As Noah gets back on his bike, the video remains distorted and the audio cuts out for a second. Noah starts riding his bike further into the forest, but away from the Administrator.]

Noah: Aw, shit, what the f--

[The audio cuts out and Noah falls off of his bike. The distortion ends. Noah gets up and finds that his bike is caught in some of the grass and vegetation.]

Noah: Aw, fuck...

[He looks around the area for a while, and there is some more brief distortion. Noah decides to leave his bike behind.]

Noah: Fuck this! Who the fuck is--

[Noah runs along the path. Distortion. The audio cuts out.]

Noah: --find out what the fuck's going on.

[Noah stops running and finds himself back at the point where he saw the Administrator. The camera shakes in his hands. The Administrator is not there.]

Noah: [Laughs.] You want me to fucking find you? I'll goddamn find you. I'll goddamn find you. I'll break your fucking head in!

[Noah starts running along the path, into the forest.]

Noah: [Laughs.] Where the hell are you, huh? Come on!


Noah: Come out, come out, wherever you are!

[Noah looks around with his camera. He points it at the top of the observation tower, where the Administrator is standing, flailing his tentacles.]

Noah: Oh shit! Oh, you're up there, huh? Well, I'm fucking comin'!

[Noah turns around and starts running.]

Noah: If you want to fucking play it that way... Here I come, motherfucker. What the fuck are you doing? What the fuck are you doing? What the fuck are you doing? Where the fuck is my bike?

[The video stutters.]

Noah: What the fuck are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?


Noah: Damn it! Stupid fucking idiot...

[Noah finds his bike. More distortion.]

Noah: Stupid...

[Cut to Noah looking at the observation tower.]

Noah: Oh, where'd you go? Oh, come on! You've gotta be fucking kidding me! Come on! This can't be fucking hap--

[Cut to Noah riding his bike into the forest.]

Noah: Think he can fucking scare me... Yeah... the fuck are you hiding? Fucking asshole.

[Distortion. Noah stops and looks ahead. He passes a marker labeled "4".]

Noah: I'll fucking get you.

[Distortion and screen tearing. Noah starts biking into the forest. He falls off of his bike and the camera lands next to him, upside-down. The camera begins to shake. As it shakes, it appears that Noah turns over and points the camera back at the path. The Administrator, also shaking, appears on the right side of the shot.]

[Cut to black.]

[Note: Given that this is a "Collective" video, there are no spoken words to transcribe; below is the text that appears in the video in chronological order.]

[A high-pitched noise starts to play. A video of static starts to fade into view.]


[The marker with the number 12 on it is shown, in black-and-white. The video fades to white and fades back in, showing a video of Noah getting off of his bike at the observation tower.]


[Noah's bike is lying in the same spot, but Noah is gone. The camera pans down.]


[The video is still mostly white.]


[The screen mostly turns black, with a white circle slowly moving to the left. It appears to be a moon. The circle becomes an eyeball, which starts spinning around as it moves. Whiteness from the left side of the screen starts covering the video.]


[Fade to white.]


[Fade to a video of Noah lying on the ground next to his bike. The intersecting eyes symbol appears on his back for a second. Fade to black. A video of a house on fire appears.]


[Fade to black. A video of the Administrator standing on a wooden staircase appears.]


[Whoever is filming turns and runs. A candle fades into view.]


[The candle is blown out. The O in "NOAH" changes to the intersecting eyes symbol. Fade to black.]


[The O in "NOW" changes to the intersecting eyes symbol right before the video changes. A short clip of the Administrator standing at the end of a pathway plays, before abruptly cutting to black.]

[End of the Collective's video]

[Cut to the outside of Noah's house. Noah is lying next to the canal. More distortion. The distortion ends, and Noah gets up, coughing.]

Noah: What the...

[Noah looks up at the sky. It is now nighttime.]

Noah: I'm home... Fuck...

[Noah grabs his bike and starts walking toward his house.]

Noah: How the fuck did I get back?

[As Noah walks toward his house, he turns around and looks at where he was lying.]

Noah: What fucking time is it? What fucking time is it?

[Cut to black. An image appears of the Administrator, standing at the end of a pathway with tentacles drawn, with the text "GOT YOU".]


  • At the end of the video, there is an image of the Administrator with his tentacles out. The words "GOT YOU" are also visible.
  • At 12:26, there appears to be some sort of figure in the top right corner, presumed to be the Observer.
  • The Administrator appears six times in the video: At 5:30 in the trees on the left side of the screen, 7:50 at the end of a path with tentacles coming out of his sides, at 9:38 at the top of the observation tower, at 11:08 during the distortion, at 12:09 during the Observer section and at the last frame of the video.
  • During the Collective's video, a house on fire is shown. This might be Noah's old house, which is discussed in "Secret Parent Interview".
  • Also during the Collective's video, the Observer shows the marker with the number 12 on it, telling Noah to "COUNT TO 12". This has some connection with the name "TribeTwelve", but it is unknown what significance it has.
  • Before Noah wakes up, you see someone step off camera at the top-right.
  • When Noah wakes up near the end of the video, he is lying on the Operator symbol. This symbol is more prominent in the Marble Hornets series, being rarely used in TribeTwelve. The name "Operator symbol" came from the Operator, that is name that Slender Man have on Marble Hornets.
  • The reversed, slowed down song that plays during the Collective's video has been identified as Vigilante - Answers.