Persolus as he appears on Noah's Twitpic during the February 14th Livestream. thehermit♗

Also Known as: White Bishop, The Hermit

Vessel: Karl Maxwell

Persolus is a member of the Collective acting as an agent of Slender Man. Little to nothing is known about him.

As of "DEATHTRAPEXODUS", it is near certain that Karl Maxwell is Persolus' vessel. This is further confirmed in Milo's Journal entries, where Persolus is nicknamed Shadow Karl by Milo.


  • He possibly appears in the Collective group shot in HAPPYBIRTHDAY.
  • His name is Latin for "quite alone".
  • He is described by the Observer as "thehermit".
  • Based on the Observer's picture, he appears to be an old man.
  • The chess piece he represents is the white bishop. ♗
  • He appears in the Collective group shot posted to Twitter before the video DEATHTRAPEXODUS.
  • He is referenced by the Observer in DEATHTRAPEXODUS.
  • In Milo's journal entry "safe", Persolus appears before Milo and scares him by dropping a frying pan on the floor, resulting in Milo putting Karl's belongings back into his safe and escaping from Karl's house.
  • In Milo's journal entry "will", Persolus appears outside Karl's front door to prevent Milo from stealing Sebastian's Journal.


As the Observer instructs Noah to visit "the hermit" and obtain the journal from him, this almost certainly confirms that Karl Maxwell is Persolus. In Milo's Journal entries, Persolus is nicknamed Shadow Karl by Milo, completely confirming his identity.


  • Although "the hermit" is Persolus' title, it isn't absolutely certain that he is also Karl Maxwell, as in DEATHTRAPEXODUS the Observer may simply be referring to the fact that Karl is also a hermit. Likewise, we still have not seen any direct appearance in any video by Persolus himself, seeing as he is the only Collective member who has not already done so. However, it is exceedingly likely that Persolus and Karl are one and the same.
  • It is possible that like Firebrand with Noah, Persolus is actually a time-displaced Karl from an alternate future. This would explain why he's able to stop Milo in "safe" and "will" despite Karl being in the same location as him.