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Robert Asher is the unseen father of Milo Asher, and the former husband of Mary Asher. He has only been mentioned a few times.

Known Information Edit

Robert Asher married Mary sometime before the events of TribeTwelve, and had a son named Milo. However, in 1991, Robert died in a house fire (according to "Obituary"). Many people in Noah's family believe that Mary killed him, which is later confirmed by Mr. Scars in "Milo's Tape". It is further hinted that Mary only married him so that they could have Milo to stave off Mary's "curse". Not much else is known about him.

During "INTERCEPTION", Firebrand mentions Robert. According to Firebrand, Noah will find something of Robert's in Mary Asher's safe, and will have to send Milo's journal to Robert. It is said by Firebrand:

"Once you have the relic, you must also find Mary Asher's safe. It's very important that you find it. Inside is Ro[redacted]

When the time comes to send the journal to Robert, you'll know. Just remember, I'm here to help you."

Speculation Edit

  • Robert is a member of the Collective, which may be very well possible given what Firebrand has said about him.
  • The most prominent theory is that he is Swain. Swain's title, "the Lover", may reference that Robert truly cared for, and loved Mary Asher.
  • He is Deadhead, as Mary believed that he "betrayed her" for becoming an agent of the Administrator.

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