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Scriniarii's first physical appearance, in the video "SCRINIARII"

Scriniarii is the handle for a mysterious user in the TribeTwelve subreddit. Scriniarii joined Reddit around two/three months before the video "SCRINIARII" was released. After joining the subreddit, Scriniarii posted a number of cryptic posts seemingly entailing some sort of 'archive'. Regular users and administrators of the subreddit accused the user of gamejacking and being an imposter pretending to be affiliated with Noah Maxwell. Following the confirmation that scriniarii was indeed a canon character, the TribeTwelve subreddit engaged in a lockdown of information regarding the account. Not much is currently known.

It seems that Scriniarii and Firebrand have some sort of connection that is seen in the video "SCRINIARII", which may indicate that he is not a human, but rather a member of the Collective. However, it is currently unknown whether or not this is the case.

One of the files discovered in Scriniarii's messages and in the secret videos (see "1.1", "1.2" and The SCRINIARII Code) shows that Scriniarii has knowledge pertaining to the Order, since the file released was the second page of the East Coast Assembly Manifest, containing detailed information about Henka Visæ, a high-ranking member of the cult and recruiter of Mary Asher, mother of Milo.


  • Before his first in-series appearance, Scriniarii had made several posts and messages on Reddit and the TribeTwelve Discord.
  • His first video appearance was in "SCRINIARII", posted by Firebrand.
  • After the users on the TribeTwelve subreddit and Discord had solved The SCRINIARII Code, on 10/7/16 at 11:12 PM, Scriniarii revisited for the first time since his video appearance, asking the Discord's users what they wished to know regarding Noah and the Collective.
  • On 10/14/16, he responded to the question, asking him to give him information that Noah didn't know, but should. He stated that he would continue to release as much information as he could, albeit in a somewhat cryptic manner.
  • On 10/15/16, he posted an image of the journal to the TribeTwelve subreddit. He sent a nearly identical image to Combinia, the admin of the Discord server. Combining these two images, a message was found elaborating on the fans' role as the sensum and the future steps Scriniarii would take to avoid detection by the Administrator regarding his actions.


  • "Scriniarii" is Latin for "archivist"
  • Every post Scriniarii made on the subreddit read the same message, "I am scriniarii. You are sensum. You are required. The loop must be maintained. The sensum will take the keyword and submit it to the archive."
    • "Sensum" is a Latin phrase with multiple meanings, among them "sense", "understanding", and "meaning".



A comparison of Noah and Scriniarii's beanies

  • Scriniarii in his first appearance appears to be wearing the same beanie as Noah does in a section of DEUS EX MACHINA. Whether or not this means that he will give it to Noah sometime in the future or If Noah is wearing a whole different beanie is up for debate.


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