Evan "Stan" Frederick is a paranormal investigator whom Noah was in contact with. Stan hasn't appeared in any TribeTwelve videos and only has been mentioned on Twitter a couple of times. Though Noah has appeared in two of Stan's videos.

Around July of 2016 Noah left Stan a voicemail, saying that Stan hadn't been helping him at all, in fact he had been making everything worse. In April of 2017 Stan visited Noah, as well as other people who had dealt with the same thing to see if they were okay. Noah told Stan to get away and didn't let him get inside. Noah then ranted about Stan on his Twitter, which prompted Stan to call him a dickhead.

Stan later committed suicide after not going through a deal with the Man in The Suit, but he was revived as something he dubbed a "Corruptelam". On Noah's birthday Stan DM'ed him on Twitter simply sending "hbd" (Happy Birthday), which Noah also tweeted about.

  • Note: In the Stan Frederick videos Slender Man is referred to as The Man in The Suit.

Appearances Edit

  • Mentioned on Twitter by Noah (Noah ranted about Stan coming over to check on him and later posted a screenshot of Stan saying "hbd" even though he's "dead")