This is the style guide for the TribeTwelve Wiki. It is recommended that you read this before editing, so that the edits you make may help benefit the wiki while at the same time remaining consistent with other edits.


  1. Be civil. Avoid large, destructive edits of article text without reason. If ever you are unsure about an edit, post a comment first, use the talk page or contact an administrator to discuss it.
  2. Game-jacking will result in deletion of offending content and a ban.
  3. Edit-warring or harassment of other editors is unacceptable. Keep disagreements in the comments; admins will settle disputes accordingly and reserve the right to warn and ban users.
  4. No posting of personal information (phone number, address, full name), regardless of whether or not it's yours. We want to protect the identities of our editors and creators.
  5. No vulgarity unless it's in the transcript or a character is being quoted.
  6. Pages should only be created if the subject is significant to the plot of TribeTwelve. It is always a good idea to search first and see if a page has already been created. The same goes for posting new videos and images.
  7. Speculation should be posted in the "Notes & Speculation" section of an article. Keep what is or isn't canon well-separated.
  8. Information included in articles should be based solely on the in-game story. Accordingly, out-of-game knowledge should not be used to justify edits until that knowledge is confirmed in the series itself. If necessary, the series creator Adam Rosner should only ever be mentioned in the "Notes & Speculation" or "Talk" section of a page.
  9. Moderators and administrators reserve the right to mediate disputes and issue bans if necessary, and Niox has the last word among admins. No exceptions.

General Guidelines


  1. TribeTwelve should be spelled as thus, with capital letters and without a space.
  2. Slender Man should be referred to by his canon alias: the Administrator.
  3. The content of this wiki follows American English spelling and grammar rules. Article bodies should be spelt and worded accordingly. ("Favorite color", not "favourite colour"; "flashlight", not "torch"; "sidewalk", not "footpath" or "pavement".)
  4. Use single spaces after periods.
  5. Use double quotation marks for speech or quoted text. For speech within speech (if a character who is speaking quotes another character), use single quotation marks for that speech.
  6. Video titles are enclosed in quotation marks when referenced in an article ("Tape Analysis", "The Device").
  7. Dates should be represented as month, day, year (e.g. November 11th, 2012).
  8. "i.e." and "e.g." are represented thus, with no capitalization and with a period after each letter. No comma is required after the last period and the following word should be capitalized.
  9. Use maximal capitalization for headings (capital letters at the start of each word).
  10. Also-- double hyphens after characters interrupt themselves or each other.
  11. Avoid using first-person perspective (using "I") in the body of an article, outside of the transcript.
  12. Avoid referring to plot elements (such as the Severance symbol) by name unless they've been previously mentioned at that video's chronological point in the series. This will help avoid spoilers for newcomers.

Wiki structure

  1. All articles containing speculation must have a "Notes & Speculation" section. If you want to speculate on an article that does not have a "Notes & Speculation" section, make one first. If speculation is debunked, it should be deleted.
  2. If you think a wiki page is unnecessary or irrelevant, add a delete tag and put the page in the category "Candidates for deletion". An admin will address it.
  3. If you think a wiki page requires more detail or expansion, you can mark it as a stub to be worked on later.
  4. If a character or plot element is mentioned on a wiki page, link the first mention of that character or plot element to the appropriate existing wiki page. Each specific element should only be linked once per page.


To add a category to a page, you can use the 'Categories' selection in the drop-down menu while in edit mode (next to the "Cancel" button), the Category widget at the bottom of an article page, or the following code in source editor (where "Category name" is the desired category):

[[Category:Category name]]
  1. Pages that are not about a specific TribeTwelve video or character go into the category Lore.
  2. Pages that are about key physical items in TribeTwelve go into the category Items.
  3. Pages that are about key locations in TribeTwelve go into the category Locations.
  4. Pages about TribeTwelve characters go into the category The Characters, and one of the two following categories as appropriate: Collective or Humans.
  5. Pages about videos go into the category The Videos.
  6. Pages about videos made by the Collective go into the category Collective Videos.
  7. Pages about livestreams Noah holds should go into the category Livestreams.
  8. Pages discussing interactions between Noah and the audience go into the category Interactions.
  9. Pages about major crossovers between TribeTwelve and another series go into the category Crossovers (when relevant to the plot and not simply a cameo appearance of another character).
  10. Pages about websites Noah uses should go into the category Websites.

Video Pages

All video pages must have an introduction and 4 to 5 sections following it. These sections are, in order:

  • Description
  • Transcript
  • Analysis
  • Notes & Speculation (if any)
  • Gallery

The video must also be added to the category The Videos.


  • The introduction to a video page must begin in this format. It does not require a heading. For example:

"DEATHTRAPEXODUS is the fifty-first episode of TribeTwelve, and the 9th video of season 2. It was uploaded on October 31st, 2015."

  • The name of the video comes first, and should be in bold text and hyperlinked to the YouTube video.
  • The number of the episode in the TribeTwelve series is spelled out, and the number of the video in its respective season is represented numerically.
  • Finally, the date the video was uploaded is listed in its own sentence.
  • The introduction should also contain the video file of the article's associated episode.
  • Other pertinent information may also be used in the introduction if deemed appropriate.
  • If this video is unlisted, omit this header and add the video to the category Hidden Videos.


  • The exact text of the video's YouTube description goes here. No alterations should be made, other than adding links where they are appropriate.
  • If a description is in base64, resist the urge to translate it in this section. Put the translation in the Analysis section.


  • Regardless of whether a video is from Noah or the Collective, if the video is heavy on action and light on dialogue, make sure to separate the action in a way that makes sense (i.e. Make new lines if action starts looking like a wall of text).
  • Transcripts should be double-spaced. See an existing page if you are unsure what this should look like.
  • Please keep information in the transcripts literal and relevant. Speculation should go in the appropriate page section. Jokes should go in a page's comment section.

Noah's Videos

  • [Action is expressed in closed brackets. The words within the brackets are italicized, but not the brackets themselves.]
  • Noah: If a character is talking, their name is styled as bold text.
  • [Action interrupts sometimes.]
  • Noah: If action interrupts a character, or if a character performs an action while talking, the character's name is replaced on a new line following the action if they are still talking. Brief actions like [Sighs.] happen in-line with a character's dialogue. But if a character talks for a while without action, the dialogue follows their name until another character speaks, or some kind of action is taken.
  • Some pages may have timestamps next to dialogue or action. These are being removed gradually to match the style of the wiki, as they are hard to keep track of when making future edits. You do not need to worry about timestamps when editing transcripts. If you see any, please remove them and keep the style as above.

Collective Videos

  • Collective videos are different than Noah's for several reasons. They contain little to no actual dialogue and are mostly image-oriented.
  • If the video is from the Collective, it must also be added to the category Collective Videos.
  • To begin a Collective video transcript, the following line must be used:

[Note: Given that this is a "Collective" video, there are no spoken words to transcribe; below is the text that appears in the video in chronological order.]

  • Collective members' names are not used to preface their "dialogue". Rather, each new line of "dialogue" appears in the transcript as it does in the video.
  • [Action, however, is still used between titles to explain what is going on.]


  • Notable information regarding the video itself is placed here, including revealed character details, hidden frames, and description translations. All information posted here must be factual in the series canon.

Notes & Speculation

  • Speculation and out-of-game information goes here.


  • Notable screenshots from the video or pertinent images from Noah's Twitter go here. Each image should be accompanied with a description.

Character Pages

  • Each character page contains at least an introduction and an Appearances section, the introduction explaining what is currently known about the character, and the Appearances section listing the appearances a certain character has made.
  • Other sections may be added, including Notes & Speculation for characters with outstanding mysteries surrounding them, or Gallery for character visuals.
  • Each character should be added to the category The Characters. If the character is part of the Collective, they also go into the category Collective. Otherwise, they go into the category Humans.