The Device

The Device

The Device is the twenty-fifth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 25th video of season 1. It was uploaded on August 2nd, 2011.


I found this device in my room at around 3:15am after waking up from a nightmare. I don't know what the hell it is, but I know he put it there.


[Noah turns on the camera. It's night and the camera is in night vision mode.]

[Visual and audio distortion. The distortion ends when the device emits a three-tone beep in the background.]

Noah: The boardwalk...the park, i was there. My dream... I just had a dream. It was dark, dusk, like real dark, and then there's fucking someone standing at the far end and I ran. I fucking ran. I booked it towards them and I ran as fast as I fucking could. It didn't feel like a dream. It felt like a fucking memory, like I was just there a minute ago. It was calling, it was... Whatever it was, it was fucking calling my name. I don't know. I don't know why I ran, but I fucking ran, and I woke up just a minute ago and like... I think someone was with me, I really don't remember. It was so real. It wasn't like one of those dreams where you wake up and you realize, "Hey, it was a dream. No, it felt like it fucking actually happened. And, and when I--

[The device emits another three-tone beep. Noah turns to look for the sound.]

Noah: Fuck! What the fuck is that shit?

[Noah sets the camera down. He opens a drawer to get something, presumably a screwdriver. He pushes a computer chair in front of the camera and stands on it, checking the battery in the smoke detector.]

[Another three-tone beep. Noah notices it and stops changing the smoke detector. He picks up the camera.]

Noah: Okay, this beeping has been going off the past few days, randomly. I thought it was, like, a smoke detector, just going off, like battery's low, and I just went to change it and I heard the beep after I took the battery out. So it's not the smoke alarm. It's something else, and I've never heard this beep before. I've never had to change a smoke alarm before. Everything's just fucking freaking me out right now. The dreams and unknown sounds, freaking me the fuck out. And, I'm just gonna stay recording just in case. I gotta find out what the fuck this is before I go completely fucking insane and lose it.

[As Noah is turning the camera away from his face, the video sutters.]

[Noah begins to walk around his house while filming. Every so often, the three-tone beep occurs.]

[Noah walks into a cluttered room and the video becomes distorted. A frame at the end of the distortion reads "YOU WILL SOON REMEMBER".]

[Noah pans the camera over several different electronic devices, including a surge protector, a PC tower, and a shelf with several video game consoles on it.]

[Noah notices the device hidden behind some plastic bins.]

Noah: What the fuck is that? What the fuck is that?

[Noah reaches down to grab the device. He holds it closer to the camera.]

Noah: What the fuck is this thing?

[The device beeps.]

Noah: This isn't mine.

[He rotates the device in front of the camera, turning it over to reveal a spinning fan.]

Noah: What the fuck is this thing?

[Noticing a wire coming from behind the blinds, Noah turns one of the blinds around and finds a small solar panel. He reaches down and rips it off of the blind.]

Noah: Shit!

[Noah flips the solar panel over, revealing the intersecting eyes symbol, with the text "WE ARE LISTENING". After seeing it, he sets the panel on the plastic bin.]

Noah: Oh, shit, no... Oh no, no, no, no, no... Not this shit again. No, no, no, no...

[Visual distortion.]

[Noah hears a noise come from behind him. He turns toward his shut closet door. Someone on the other side begins banging on the door. Noah lifts the covers on his bed and grabs a knife. He slowly walks toward the door.]

(The Live Stream Incident) Noah(in closet): OH MY GOD!! IT'S ME!!!! NOAH!!!!!!

Noah: Who the fuck's in there?

[With the hand he's using to hold the knife, Noah reaches for the door and quickly slides it open. The light in his closet appears to be on, but no one is inside.]

[Noah goes inside the closet. He looks on the ground and notices a small ping-pong ball. It has the intersecting eyes symbol on one side.]

[Visual distortion as Noah picks up the ball.]

[Noah turns the ball around, revealing writing on the other side that reads "TROUBLE SLEEPING?"]

Noah: Oh...

[Noah throws the ball on the ground.]

Noah: God damn it! Fuck!

[Noah walks back into his room and starts looking around.]

Noah: Where are you?

[Noah walks into his bathroom and leaves.]

[The device beeps. Noah slowly turns toward it.]

[The video stutters as Noah walks over to the device.]

Noah: "We're listening", huh? Alright. Well, listen to this. You listen fucking carefully. I'm gonna fucking find you. I'm gonna fucking kick your ass. I'm gonna rip your fucking eyes out, and take whatever the fuck that thing is and I'm gonna shove it so far up your ass, you're never gonna be able to get it out. Fucking regret the day that you started messing with me. Love to see you make a fucking video after that. God damn it... Not again...

[Cut to black.]

[A black and white image of a path in Victor Park, with the text "SOON".]


  • The last frame of the video contains the word "SOON" and a picture of the boardwalk in Victor Park.
  • At 3:43 there is mild distortion and near the end of it, the words "YOU WILL SOON REMEMBER" appear. The font and the meaning of the words reveal this to be a message from Firebrand, not the Observer.
  • At 5:40, when the noises are coming from the closet, one can distinctly hear a person shouting "Oh my God! It's me! Noah!" from within the closet. This is backed up by the "The Live Stream Incident" video, when Noah is sent back in time to the closet, where he shouts the same phrase. The "YOU WILL SOON REMEMBER" message expresses this.