The Live Stream Incident

The Live Stream Incident

The Live Stream Incident is the fortieth episode of TribeTwelve, and the final video of season 1. It was uploaded on December 25th, 2012.

As implied by the title, the majority of this video is footage from the 11/11/12 live stream, taken with a handheld camera set to record simultaneously with the Stickam stream. It includes the events that transpired during the transmission of "INTERCEPTION" during the stream.


This video contains most of the live stream that I had on 11/11/12, my birthday, when I expected to die or get taken by the Observer. I know who Firebrand is now. Knowing isn't comforting like I thought it'd be, not with who he turned out to be.


[The video starts with Noah is outside of his house, viewing his mailbox from a distance. He zooms in on it. The next day, Noah is walking towards the mailbox; and opens it, finding the letters he tweeted about. He walks back to his house.]

Noah: Alright, it's November 9th. Last night, I looked outside and I saw that my mailbox's flag was up. And, it wasn't up that morning, so I was a bit hesitant to investigate. But, I just did; and I found this.     

[Noah switches the camera's position, and points it towards the envelope.]     

Noah: A letter, from the Observer, obviously. "TO NOAH MAXWELL", on the front, and on the back, that fucking symbol. Inside; there were two things.   

[Noah picks up the card from Kevin, and shows it to the camera.]   

Noah: This card, and this.   

[Noah reaches for the rubber eyeball he found in his closet.]   

Noah: The same exact rubber ball that I found in my closet, when I found the Device. Now, I don't think it's a duplicate since I can't find the original, I don't even know where I fucking put it, but that's not the point.   

[Noah picks up Kevin's card.]   

Noah: The front of this card is, "DELIVER THIS FOR ME", probably talking about the ball, and the back, is this: "I'm so sorry, Noah. They're too powerful. Kill me, I'm only a tool. He can't use my body then. Kill me, kill me, kill m--". Then it trails off to this. This is obviously; Kevin's handwriting. Without a doubt. So, yeah, I've got my suspicions. If this isn't damning evidence that Kevin is the Observer, then I don't know what is. And, this ball, I-I don't understand why he'd take this from me, only to give it back, so I could send it to somebody, when I only have a few days left until he takes me, to die? I swear, I don't think any of this matters. He's just trolling me even more, and it's totally worthless since he's going to take me in a few days. But, I'm not going to let this bother me; it's not going to phase me. I'm not going to get this cocksucker what he wants. I'm not going to live my last few days out in fear. I have accepted death, and I guess I'll see you all at the live stream.   

[Cut to November 11, where the live stream was taking place.]

Noah: Okay, well, it's 10:30pm, and it's November 11th, 2012. And, I, as you know, am Noah Maxwell. And this right my friend, Jack. Say hello, Jack! "Oh hello there!"

[Noah grabs his beer bottle.]

Noah: Jack Daniels. Drinking kinks. So, what we doing? We doing a live stream, that's what we doing.

[Noah points his camera towards the screen, getting a look at himself.]

Noah: Oh man, that's so weird, look at that; I can see myself. Woahhhh, that's like... I'm gonna, like, I'm gonna keep this recording, and like, if shit happens, I got it on tape. Right!

[Noah sets his camera down on a shelf, so he could interact with the viewers while recording.]

Noah: This is good, good here. Alright! Let's get this show; on the road. I'd like to introduce you to my other friend, Mr. Jim Bean. He is a very, very close friend of mine. We go way back. Ah, Kentucky strength. Ah! Like candy. I am fucking, I am fucking great tonight. I dunno about you guys, but, you over there, Mr. Camera, I'm doin' great. Any of you want to play a game? You guys, want to play a game? You want to play a fuckin', fucking drinking game? Let's play a fucking drinking game. Every fucking 10 minutes that goes by, that I don't die, I'll take a nice little swig. How about that? Good game? I think it's a fucking great game.


Noah: I'm falling over here, hold on. Want to hear a story? Let me tell you guys a story. So, I was at a fuckin'... I went out today, for the first time, I gone out, in a long time. It's like, I was hungry, I went to get some food. I go... I go over, to like, one of my fucking favorite restaurants around here, and... Fucking corner of my eye-- I swear, I see... Milo. I swear, I see him. Like... Fucking standing in the back of the restaurant, and like... I flip my shit. Cause, he's fucking dead. And like... I go over and like, I run to him and I like, tap him on the shoulder, guy turns around... It's an old lady. I'm losing my mind. So, let's see, recap, for Mr. Computer over here. These are my friends, Mr. Jack Daniels, and his friendly mister friend, Jim Bean, and we are having a grand ol' time tonight. Yeah, this connection is real shit.

[Noah looks at the camera, seeing himself. Noah fixes his hair and wipes his face with his hands.]

Noah: Oh my god, my face. I haven't fucking shaved it in a long time... Oh, man. I should shave. Oh! 10:40. Get to drink again! Woo! What should we talk about, guys? This is like, my last day. What would you talk about? Oh shit! Oh shit! Is that? Oh shit, look at that! Look at that little guy, up in the upper.... Fucking Alex! from DarkHarvest! I know you! I fucking know you! Welcome to this fuckery I call a live stream, tonight! How are you doing? Fucking, fucking guy, how are you doing? Glad to see you not dead.

Alex: [Unintelligible.] I mean, I'm kinda concerned, man.

Noah: Kinda concerned? "I'm kinda concerned"... I'm kidding, I'm not! I don't give a shit anymore. I give zero shits. Let me show you the one shit that I give.

[Noah points towards his heart.]

Noah: Right here. Oh, look at that. There's nothing in-- I don't give any shits do I? I don't care. I'm so done. I don't give a flaming fuck. Guess what time it is..? Jim Bean time, that's right. Ah! Ahem, woo!


Noah: Yeah, I don't get that... I don't get what the fucking text is, from those images...

[The photos of where the Observer counts down to Noah's "death" pop up, however, the hidden text is now visible.]

Noah: I think, I personally... Hear me out here... I think that hidden and faded text is nothing more than a fucking double-trolling attempt by the Observer, he wants to give me hope; but I'm not gonna let him, I'm not gonna give him that satisfaction, cause I don't think he deserves it... He doesn't deserve fucking shit. He doesn't deserve the sweaty nipples off my back. I'm not worried about 11:00. I'm worried about 11/11, which is supposedly the day he possesses me. Oh, hey, hey, hey. Someone told me "drink some whiskey", can't say no to that.


Noah: So, guys. According to Mr. Observer, I got 11 minutes to live. So weird to think about, you know... I remember back when I had 11 days. That was... that was a little bit of a wake up call. I can't do anything to stop it. You think I can? You're in the wrong. Oh, "Have faith", hmm? What faith....? Where was my faith when they took me. What about Milo? Did he have faith? You think he had faith? I mean, I got my doors locked. Like that's going to do anything. And... I mean, I already accepted it. I would almost be disappointed if it didn't happen. Because, why? Why did you do this? Why did you... You moisturize me, you tenderize me, all for what? A joke? It's a big joke, right? Where are you? C'mon, get me early, get me early! C'mon, where you hiding? Take me, I come willingly, alright? I'm not giving you the pleasure of hearing me squeal, or beg for mercy. No... I'm done. 


Noah: Why am I so excited for this? I'm so excited, to not live anymore... Like, I'm actually, I have a positive feeling in my chest, it's not nervousness, it's not being scared. I'm just like... I'm really happy. Maybe I wasn't sane the whole time. Did you ever think about that? I do. I think about that every single day. 2 minutes left guys... 2 minutes. 2 minutes to 11:11. 


Noah: Any last words, eh? Well, with the 15 seconds I have left, I'd like to say, thank you, Mr. Jim Bean, for providing me sustenance for tonight, and you, fine people for joining. 5-- 

[Noah takes a shot and counts down with his fingers, and reaches 1. Closing his eyes, he waits for the Observer, but to no avail.

Noah: M-maybe it's 11 seconds... 

[Noah starts to hear a clicking noise, and looks for the source of the noise.

Noah: Okay. Nothing... Nothing's really happening. Hello? Mr. Observer? I'm here, on a silver platter for you. Why the fuck didn't anything happen? This is bullshit. What the fuck! I'm actually disappointed, I was expecting to die; I was ready to die, and he... He just punks me. I'm here! Take me! You wanted me, right? I didn't fulfill your end of the bargain. Take me. Feed me the dogs, what are you waiting for? This is really getting on my nerves, I expected to die... I wanted to die. For what I done, I fucking deserve death, right now. He's gonna come, maybe he's late, y'know. I'll wait for you, hey, I will wait! I'm here. Go get a sandwich, I'll wait. I'm gonna stay up all night if I have to. I expect to die tonight. I should have been dead, fucking 10 minutes ago. What the fuck... What was the point of this? W-what's he trying to prove to me?... Why's he picking on me? Why me? Why not some fucking dumb kid down the street?... Why am I so special? Why? 


Noah: Someone is saying something happened on my Twitter

[The first tweet made by Firebrand is shown. It is signed "~F".

Noah: F? Who the fuck is F? Hey, F, let him kill me! I'm done. I'm done, let him get me, I'm fucking done. C'mon, he's one of those fuckers-- 

[Someone on the live stream points out the possibility of it being Firebrand.] 

Noah: No, it's not Firebrand... No... It's just the letter F; it could be fucking anybody. I don't want this help, I want to die; I'm so ready. Well, I'm going to reply to this guy. 

[Noah tweets back to Firebrand, telling him to "go suck a dick".

Noah: I guess I'll just drink myself to death... I'll overdose on alcohol poisoning... I dunno... If any man would want to kill me, I want Jim Bean to be that man. Is he trying to make me suicide? I'm not gonna fucking suicide on him, no. I'm not gonna make him happy. I'm not gonna give him what he wants. 

[Noah pulls out the cards and items he showcased earlier.]

Noah: What did this even mean? "TO NOAH MAXWELL". "DELIVER THIS FOR ME", and it was the same ball, same like, fucking bouncy ball... And this writing? This is Kevin, obviously Kevin's handwriting. I've seen his work before; on paper. So, I guess I'm inclined to believe.. That Kevin is the Observer... I don't want to believe it, I really don't. But, what choice do I have? "Trouble sleeping?" More like, trouble dying.

[Noah puts the rubber ball in his pocket.

Noah: I shall keep you in my pocket, and deliver you to whoever you want to be delivered to, Mr. Rubber Eyeball. 

[A viewer asks Noah to call Kevin on his cellphone.]

Noah: Maybe I should call Kevin.

[Noah reaches for his phone.]

Noah: I'll call him. I'll call Kevin. [Calling.] Message machine... Message. Guess I'll call him again. [Calling again.] No, nothing. Nothing at all.


Noah: Maybe, y'know-- Fletcher, John Fletcher's dead, okay? F is not Fletcher. Bunch of people saying it's Firebrand, a lot of people saying it's John Fletcher even though he's dead. I doubt it's Firebrand, cause, why the fuck would he do that? He's a bad guy. I'm hoping I'm set for Midnight, I'm hoping that I die at Midnight. Maybe my heart just stops beating; maybe that's what's going to happen. Or I'll choke or something.


Noah: Really? What? What, something happened on Twitter? What the fuck? 

[Firebrand tweets back to Noah, telling him he cannot keep the Observer at bay much longer.

Noah: More mysteries! I don't need this! 

[Noah starts to realize how bad the situation is and starts to break down.

Noah: You know what? I feel so bad for wanting to die. It hurts me inside, it really does. I just.... I feel so bad. But it's come down to this... Guys; I'm sorry... I'm so sorry. What if I am going to die in 5 minutes? Y'know what, what if it's over? What if I've been.... I don't want to die anymore! I don't want to die anymore! This is stupid, I don't want to die anymore, this is so stupid! Why am I doing this to myself? I'm so scared, I don't want to die now. This is so stupid of me! What if I am going to die at Midnight!? I don't want to! What have I become?  I've become something disgusting! This is what he wanted. He wanted this. He wanted me to break down, he wanted me to. This is what he wants. He didn't want me to come in open arms, he didn't want me to come willingly.. He wants to take me while I'm scared. [Take a drink.] No, I'm not drinking anymore. Going towards my head. 


Noah: This isn't me. This isn't who I am. This isn't the Noah that I used to be. I'm really fucking scared, guys. I don't want to die! I've got a whole life ahead of me! I want to live, I don't care about this super natural bullshit anymore. I just want to live! Honestly, guys, this-- 

[The video starts to distort, and Noah encounters someone. He denies them. Tiny groans are heard from this entity.

Noah: I don't know what-- No... No... You're not real. You're not fucking real. You're not real! You're not real! 

[Noah grabs his camera to film the entity, the screen displays a "Firebrand" distortion.

Noah: You're not fucking real! 

[Noah points the camera to another Noah.

Noah: You stay there, stay right the fuck there! 

[The screen blacks out, and Firebrand's face flashes over this Noah's face. A black screen with white crevices appears. A clock pops up, going backwards in time. The word "QUANTUM" is featured in the top-center of the clock. "NOW YOU WILL REMEMBER" is quickly flashed across the screen.

[Noah is in his closet, breathing heavily from what he just witnessed. He turns on the light. Mild distortion while he is here.]

Noah: T-this is my closet...

[The distortion grows stronger and darker. The beeping of the Device can be heard in the background.]

Noah: Oh my god...

[Noah bangs on the closet door wildly.]

Noah: [Screams.] OH MY GOD! IT'S ME! NOAH!

[The ball is heard dropping and bouncing on the floor.]

(The Device) Noah: Who the fuck's in there?

[Another Noah is in the closet and takes Noah to the hotel where the "November 11th" video is taking place. This Noah is Firebrand. Before the screen blacks out, there is some text, saying "Come with me, I know the way." and "Time to go now.". Noah wakes up in the hotel, frightened by what he witnessed. Noah realizes that his past self is there as well.]

Noah: No... No...

(November 11th) Noah: Quit hiding, and show yourself for once, you fucking coward!

[Noah enters the suite, much to the shock of "November 11th" Noah. The time travel seems to have taken effect on Noah's body temporarily, as seen by "November 11th" Noah.]

(November 11th) Noah: Whoa! Whoa!

[Heavy distortion.]

(November 11th) Noah: No, no! It can't be! No! No! It can't be!

[Heavy distortion, followed by the Administrator appearing behind "November 11th" Noah.]

(November 11th) Noah: That's impossible! No! No! NO!

[The Administrator takes "November 11th" Noah. "DELIVERED" is shown for a split-second.]

[Noah is now back to where he saw his future counterpart, except it is from his view, and he is terrified and speechless by what just happened.]

Past Noah: I don't know what-- No... No...

[Tiny groans are heard from Noah. Distortion is light in this scene.]

Past Noah: You're not real. You're not fucking real! You're not real! You're not real!

[Past Noah grabs his camera to film "Firebrand" Noah.]

Past Noah: You're not fucking real! You stay there, stay right the fuck there!

[Distortion becomes heavy. Firebrand's face also flashes over his face, before he disappears. Noah sets the camera down.]

Noah: You know where I just was...? I'm not gonna tell you. You won't understand. But I can show you. I have it all recorded. Right here! So, I'll... I'll upload it, so you can see for yourself.


Noah: What? What even happened, huh? What the fuck happened?

[Noah reads the comments.]

Noah: There was a video? Really? Really? There was a video? Let's go check if it's on YouTube. There's a new video on my channel, but it's private. And it's called, "INTERCEPTION".

[Noah watches the video. He appears afraid and confused due to this video.]

Noah: The game is over...? No... No... Lying... So lying... [Jumpscare.] What the fuck is this!? Fucking asshole! Firebrand, that's Firebrand. What? No... No... No... No, no, no... No, no... Oh my god. No! No! No! No! No! Stop it! No! No! T-this can't be happening! Excuse me...

[The video "INTERCEPTION" ends. Noah goes to his washroom and pukes. Cut back to Noah.]

Noah: Now that I guess, I'm not going to die. I'm going to take a well deserved nap, because, I haven't slept in like, 4 fucking days. And when I wake up, all I'll think about is uploading the footage, because what's on this tape, right now, makes me wish I was dead. So... have a good night, everybody. Hope... This didn't disturb you too much. Sorry... For everything... Firebrand... Me... Thank you. Thank you. 

[A split second frame of Firebrand appears, with text saying "YOU'RE FUCKING WELCOME", before the video ends.]


  • In the final frame, Firebrand says "YOU'RE FUCKING WELCOME" to Noah's thanks. By this answer, much of Noah's personality can been seen.
  • At 19:52, it explains the event that happens in "The Device", revealing that it is Noah himself in his closet.
  • The scene at 20:45 shows that Noah saw himself come through the door in the "November 11th" video.
  • The video reveals that the "horrible" thing Noah saw in the livestream was also himself/Firebrand.
  • While Noah was been teleported trought time, the live stream audience could hear the audio of the "INTERCEPTION" video. Presumably, the video was intended to "intercept" the livestream, as implied by the title, in a similar fashion to the "INTERRUPTION" video from the "August 29th Livestream", though only the audio was played during the livestream, presumably due to technical difficulties

Notes & Speculation

  • This Editor believed the 'Dimensional Tear' Firebrand created was a time paradox. Noah died that day, becoming Firebrand. But then Firebrand stopped Noah from dying, tying up the loose ends with the still living Noah instead of himself. This made it so Firebrand was not ultimately needed, but still existed within the Collective, paradoxically. This may mean that, while Firebrand no longer exists, he does exist out of time and can intersect back into this dimension to aid Noah randomly.