The Manifest

The Manifest

The Manifest is the thirty-fifth episode of TribeTwelve, and the 35th video of season 1. It was uploaded on August 24th, 2012.


I met up with Sam and he showed me Mary's name on the manifest. That was more than enough proof to give me reason to go up north for more answers, so I did.


[Video begins with Noah walking to the front door of Sam's house. He opens the screen door and presses the doorbell. Noah knocks on the door and Sam opens the door a crack, sticking his head out.]

Sam: [Quickly.] Were you followed?

Noah: Uh, no.

[Sam gestures toward his living room.]

Sam: Get in.

[Noah walks inside.]

Noah: How you doin', Sam--

Sam: My room's back and to the left.

[Noah looks around as Sam shuts the door. Cut to Noah opening the door to Sam's room. He walks in. There are several items scattered around the room, and pieces of paper and string pinned to the walls.]

Sam: Hey, thanks for coming by, man.

Noah: Oh, no problem.

[Noah takes a seat on Sam's office chair.]

Noah: Anything for a lead right now.

Sam: All right, now, look, normally I'm not okay with anyone filming in my room--

Noah: Oh, uh...

Sam: Uh, but-- I understand this is how you document things, this is like your shtick or whatever you want to call it...

Noah: Yeah.

Sam: So, um, I'm gonna let it slide, but don't get used to it, okay?

[Sam takes a seat on the chair in front of his computer.]

Noah: Okay. Thanks for having me here in the first place, now-- why have you called me here?

Sam: Okay, as I was telling you, I have been doing my research, and...

Noah: Mm-hmm.

[He points to a sheet of paper stuck to his shelf.]

Sam: can see. Now I've been talkin' to this other guy, Daniel Shipman, I believe you've talked to him?

Noah: Oh, yeah, uh, he's been messaging me for the past few months, actually...

Sam: Right.

[Sam turns to his computer.]

Noah: With the information stuff, so...

[The computer monitor turns on, and Noah zooms in on the papers scattered around the room.]

Sam: Um... well, as you know-- as you know, uh, Daniel's been doing his research, um, except he's up in New Jersey, which--

[Noah zooms back out as Sam turns to face him.]

Sam: ...and he's actually like near one of the headquarters for this organization.

Noah: Yeah... okay. Wh-what is-- what is this organization?

Sam: Uh, okay, not much is really known about them. Uh...

[Noah zooms in again and looks at a few other pictures pasted on the wall.]

Sam: ...we do know it's a secret society called "The Order".

Noah: Yeah.

Sam: They broke off from an "order" society called the "Novus Ordo Europa", and they're centered around this Egyptian deity called "Gorr'Rylaehotep". They're extremely secretive, and they've been around for quite some time.

Noah: Huh. Egyptian? What the fu-- O-okay, uh, what was this "manifest" you talked to me about in the e-mail...?

[Noah zooms back out as Sam turns to face him again. The video drops several frames before returning to normal.]

Sam: Right. Okay, so, the manifest, right. We were doing our research, and Daniel sent me this scan of this old assembly manifest from 1985. I'm looking through it, and I see "Asher". Here, let me show you.

Noah: No shit. Let me check this out.

[Noah gets up. Cut to Sam's monitor as Noah watches Sam browse through his files.]

Sam: [Mumbling.] What the hell, where is it? Fuck, fuck...

[He finds the manifest file and opens it.]

Sam: There it is.

[He zooms in into the names listed in the manifest.]

Noah: Oh, shit...

[The camera zooms in on the manifest. There is a list of names, sorted in alphabetical order by last name. The manifest lists each member by "status", name, age, sex, chapter, citizenship, place of birth, "notable markers", and address. All addresses are blacked out, as are most "notable markers".]

Sam: Alright, look... um...

[He points to one of the names listed in the manifest.]

Sam: Here. "Asher M." And the "M." is clearly for Mary... female, and she was twenty-two at the time.

Noah: Twenty-two, that's... 1963... Fuck, I think that's her.

Sam: Alright, and then here.

[He points to the column "Chapter", and then "South" listed below.]

Sam: Chapter, "South Chapter". Alabama.

Noah: That's Alabama, right there! Yeah. Like... shit!

[Cut. Sam scrolls to the right part of the manifest and points to it again.]

Noah: That's, uh...

Sam: Alabama. Hazel, A plus--

Noah: "Scar on right palm"?

Sam: "Notable markings". I guess that could help you find her.

Noah: Shit, that's... that's great, uh...


Noah: What was that, uh, thing over the first column? Starts with a "V". I think?

Sam: Uh, vassal.

Noah: Vassal...

Sam: Vassal.

Noah: What is that?

Sam: Uh, their hierarchy, I believe. Uh, vassals are... the most common on this list, so I guess she was just a member. Anyway, I talked to Daniel about this connection between you and the manifest, and he mentioned the group of guys that's been helping recently up at New Jersey. Uh, they've actually been dealing with this organization first-hand. They have a YouTube channel called "Dark Harvest".

[Noah turns the camera moves away from the computer screen to face Sam.]

Noah: "Dark Harvest"?

Sam: Yeah, "Dark Harvest". Let me show you.

[Cut to camera showing YouTube on the computer screen, zooming on the "Dark Harvest" result in the search page. Sam brings up the channel page. Cut to camera showing the "my_final_betrayal" video from Dark Harvest.]

Noah: Fuck, this is.. this looks more like a cult.

Sam: "Cult" is probably a more accurate term for them.

Noah: [Chuckles.] ...Um, well, shit, is there any way I can... maybe like, if you could tell me if I can... somehow find a way to get more info out of them, like if I can talk to them?

Sam: Well...

Noah: Maybe they know more about Mary, you know?

Sam: Considering your situation, uh, I suggest meeting up with Daniel, uh, these guys are very dangerous, um, and he knows a lot more about them than I do.

Noah: Huh, um, well fuck, thanks man, I've finally got a lead. Dude, you have no idea how happy this makes me, because I have been short for a while trying to find leads, and like, dude, you're a godsend. Um, by the way, is there, like...

[Noah turns to Sam.]

Noah: ...any way that I can get a copy of that manifest? So I can, uh...

Sam: Yeah, sure. Um... but... [Serious.] didn't get it from me.

Noah: Alright, great, as long as I can have a copy--

[Sam stands up from his chair and walks to the door.]

Noah: --and I can like... so, you really wanna--

Sam: Alright, I'll be right back.

[He leaves the room.]

Noah: Ok.

[Noah's camera scans around Sam's room, looking at various objects in the computer desk, including pictures of the Administrator. Cut to the door opening. Sam walks back in, holding a copy of the manifest.]

Sam: Alright. Here you go, man.

[He hands a copy of the manifest to Noah.]

Sam: Like I was saying--

Noah: Alright, thanks a lot.

Sam: Just... keep it to yourself, you didn't get it from me. [Raises eyebrows.] 'Kay?

Noah: Alright, and I'll, uh, try to find these "Dark Harvest" guys--

[Noah looks at a print-out of an Illuminati eye stuck to the top of the computer monitor.]

Sam: Alright, yeah, that's enough of that, alright?

Noah: Oh, okay, okay.

[Noah walks out of the room.]

Noah: Alright, alright. Thanks for having me over, alright?

[Cut to black. Cut to camera looking at the manifest on a table.]

Noah: Alright... so I'm, uh, taking another look at this, uh, East Coast Assembly Manifest, and, um...

[Noah zooms in on the bottom part of the manifest.]

Noah: I notice a name down here, "O'Connor"... right here.

[He points to the name O'Connor listed on the manifest. Cut to video showing Edward in "Device Analysis".]

Noah: And, uh... Edward's last name is O'Connor, and I'm pretty sure his dad's name is Paul...

[Cut back to Noah looking at the manifest.]

Noah: ...and... New York... I don't know about the blood type or eye color but... that, that just strikes me as a little too coincidental. Uh, it's probably a long shot, it's a pretty common surname, and it could just be the fucking paranoia making me lose my damn mind again, but, I'm gon-- I'm gonna have to ask him about this eventually, and I'm not gonna leave any stone unturned anymore.

[Cut to Noah, the camera facing him.]

Noah: Alright, uh, update. Because of the manifest and what Sam told me about it, I have decided to book a flight up to New York in a few days, um, like the 23rd, and I'm going to see my family. Then right after, I'm going to Jersey. And I'm gonna meet up with Daniel Shipman, and he's agreed to drive me back down to Florida with him because he's actually on his way there, he's headed there too. So, um, that's good-- but first, I'm going to ask him about this cult, maybe even try to meet up with them, I know it's a very sudden decision and potentially very dangerous, but... it's my only chance if I wanna get closer to finding out what happened to Mary, and to be honest, I don't even know how much time I have left before these fuckers make a move on me, so... I've got this gut feeling about this "cult" being... what I needed to find this whole time. Maybe this is what I had to find all along, so...

[Noah grabs a beer can from off-screen.]

Noah: Here's to that.

[Noah drinks the can. Cut to Noah filming his plane ride at night. He zooms in on the city lights. Cut to Noah walking in an airport.]

Noah: Ugh, just got off the plane. Uh, the flight was pretty uneventful, my camera didn't pick up anything unusual during the flight, thank God. Uh, so, uh, today, I'm gonna see my parents, and, um, tomorrow, I'm gonna see Daniel.

[Cut to Noah in a train, looking at the camera with wide eyes.]

Noah: On the traiiin!

[Noah turns the camera to face the window beside him.]

Noah: See that? Do you see that? That's... that's New Jersey.

[Noah turns the camera to his GameBoy Advance SP.]

Noah: And almost...

[Video distorts and Noah's audio clips. The message "The journal is the key" appears, then "Do not let them get it", then "Save and protect it". It is most likely a message inserted by Firebrand, since the text used is the same as Firebrand's in "INTERCEPTION".]

Noah: Alright, oh, I'm playing "Tetris"! Old-school Tetris... "Tetris DX"... my childhood, right here.

[Noah gets a 4-line combo in the game, he turns the camera back to him.]

Noah: That feels good. That feels really, really good.

[Noah turns the camera back to the GameBoy as he completes two more lines at once.]

Noah: So is that, but not as much.

[Cut to Noah walking in a grassy field. He jumps over a fence and walks up to Daniel, who is sitting on a bench. Next to him, a dark figure seems to be seated in another bench.]

Noah: Hey, Daniel!

Daniel: Hey, how've you been?

Noah: Been good!

Daniel: [Unintelligible.]

Noah: Yeah, it's real...

[Noah and Daniel shake hands. The book House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski is sitting in Daniel's lap.]

Noah: ...It's real hot outside...

Daniel: So uh, you ready to go?

Noah: Uh, yeah, but first I wanna talk to you about something, is that uh, fine?

[Noah sits down next to him.]

Daniel: Uh, yeah, what is it?

Noah: Um, you know Sam, right?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah.

Noah: Um, well, he... before I left, he gave me this... manifest that he's been talking about.

Daniel: Ah, right, yeah, the manifest. Um... what happened actually, I was, uh... I've been researching this, uh, archeologist, Heinrich Hophman--

Noah: Uh-huh.

Daniel:, who found this tablet, which ended up being... connected to this, uh, organization, and, um, someone contacted me-- uh, his name's Chris-- and it turns out, it's connected to this, uh, this local, like secret organization around here. And I ended up finding out a lot more information, uh, for these guys... for them.

Noah: Really? Well, uh, he mentioned specifically that up here, there's a group of guys called "Dark Harvest".

Daniel: Yeah, that's, that's, that's Chris and, um, Alex.

Noah: Oh, really? Okay.

Daniel: Yeah, that's, that's who I've been finding out this... all this information for.

Noah: Okay, um, so maybe, uh, could you maybe get me in contact with them? Maybe we could find out more about this cult, 'cause...

Daniel: I mean, we are in the area, I guess I could, you know, get in touch with them and see what I can do for you, I mean...

Noah: Yeah, I want to because, uh, on the manifest--

Daniel: They've been...

Noah: ...on the manifest was Mary Asher's name, and...

Daniel: Well, I have to-- I have to warn you cause... it turn-- they've been dealing with a lot of these guys, and they're going a lot of stuff with this organization, it turns out it's more like a cult. And...

Noah: [Feigning disbelief.] Oh, really.

Daniel: Y-yeah. There's just been a lot of stuff they've been dealing with, and, it's just, it's kind of rough. So I mean, I doubt that they might just be a little bit hesitant, but I can see what I can do. I mean...

Noah: I mean, I'd love to help them out, if I could... but, if I could help them out, that would be great.

Daniel: They obviously know a lot more...

Noah: Yeah.

Daniel: I just found out the information. They've been the ones dealing with these guys, so...

Noah: Okay.

Daniel: I can see, I can see what I can do.

Noah: Yeah, and after that, we could just head back to, uh, Florida, so...

Daniel: Alright, alright.

Noah: Alright. Okay.

Daniel: Alright.

[Noah stands up.]

Noah: Just give me their number, and I'll just call them, alright?

Daniel: Alright, that works.

[In the last frame, a picture of Noah and Daniel from behind is shown, with the words "I WAS THERE".]


  • At 8:52, when Noah shows that he's playing Tetris, the video distorts. During the distortion, words that say "The journal is the key", "Do not let them get it", and "Save it and protect it" appear on the video.  The text is in Firebrand's font.
  • When Noah is walking up to Daniel, a black figure is sitting in the bench next to him.
  • The last frame of the video shows an image of Daniel and Noah from behind, with the words "I WAS THERE" visible, heavily implying that the Observer is the dark figure sitting on the nearby bench.
  • Daniel is reading "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski, sometimes featured as a prop or focal point in the EverymanHYBRID series.
  • In Sam's chamber, there are several screen-grabs from the Marble Hornets series, and some even from Noah's "Submissions".
  • "Novus Ordo Europa" is Latin for "A New Order for Europe".  It may be connected to the phrase "Novus ordo seclorum", from the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States. This translates as "A new order for the ages", although it is commonly mistranslated as "New World Order". The eye-in-triangle motif from the Seal, also commonly thought of as a symbol for the Illuminati, is seen in Sam's office.
  • In this video, Sam and Noah examine page 1 of what was later revealed to be a two-page manifest. The second page of the East Coast Assembly Manifest was later released by the enigmatic figure Scriniarii as part of the SCRINIARII Code.