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The SCRINIARII Code is the conjectural title given to a series of ongoing puzzles involving the Reddit user Scriniarii and the TribeTwelve subreddit in conjunction with the TribeTwelve Discord server.


Part I - The Archivist

The account scriniarii was created sometime in June 2016. After the account was created, the user posted a number of odd posts to the TribeTwelve subreddit, entitled "Hello", "Please help, don't ignore", and "He won't let me say more. Please. He's getting angry.". Moderators accused Scriniarii of being an impostor and deleted his posts, though his posts were later restored following the decoding of the puzzles.


Scriniarii talking with a Discord user, named Pegaflop

Later, Scriniarii posted into a Discord group asking for a keyword. He also messaged a user by the name of Pegaflop.

In late September, the video SCRINIARII was posted to the TribeTwelve YouTube channel. As a result, the subreddit clamored to retrieve the deleted posts.

Reddit user BedrockPerson retrieved the posts using cached copies of the site, re-revealing that each post contained the same message, "I am Scriniarii. You are sensum. You are required. The loop must be maintained. The sensum will take the keyword and submit it to the archive."

At this point, several Reddit users created a group dedicated to decoding the riddles. It was eventually discovered that lead to a secret video, 1.1, containing a slow-scan television image of a screenshot from The Token Letter of Noah holding a fortune that has been completely censored out with one of the censored words circled in red. The word circled in the fortune was "darkness", a keyword to Scriniarii. If one goes to "", it leads to a pastebin with a code in ASCII85 that decodes to a BASE64 code, which, when run through several iterations of BASE64, decodes to the URL of a second secret video, 1.2, revealing page "2 of 2" of the East Coast Assembly Manifest from 1985, along with a message from Scriniarii: "A fragment has been exposed. Sensum has woken. The loop must be maintained. End of node. ~ Scriniarii".

This second page of the East Coast Assembly Manifest reveals additional information about Henka Visæ, a member of "The Order" (a cult that worships the Administrator), mentioned by the Overseer as being the recruiter of Mary Asher.

Part II - The Question

On October 7th, 2016, Scriniarii posted to the TribeTwelve Discord server again, this time saying:

"In 7 days I will return.
You may ask one question at that time.
Prepare your inquiry."
He also posted to the TribeTwelve subreddit, asking the users to appoint a "delegate" to ask the chosen question. The users of the subreddit also voted on which question to ask him.

One week later, on October 14th, Scriniarii returned to Discord. This is his exchange with the chosen delegate, Combinia, the admin of the TribeTwelve Discord server:

Scriniarii: Name your Delegate.
Combinia: That would be me, I have been selected to ask the question
Scriniarii: Delegate state the decided inquiry.
Combinia: A poll was made, and this was the most popular question:
Combinia: What info can you give us that Noah does not yet know, but needs to?
Scriniarii: All of it.
Scriniarii: In fact I was thinking that you might have asked me about the boat captain or the nazi journal but apparently you like getting information from puzzles and games rather than directly asking for them. I guess I'll hide some more.
Scriniarii: I'll soon return with your next task.
Scriniarii then left the server once more.


Sebastian's journal, in its first appearance in color

The next day, Scriniarii made a post to Reddit-- a full color image of the journal. A nearly identical image was sent to Combinia, but the images were slightly different from one another. The image posted to Reddit was a .jpeg file, the one sent to Combinia was .jpg.

Upon examining the differences in the source code of these two images, the following message was found:

"So I'm going to get punished for talking out of turn but you need this.
You are not individual sensum, you are all collectively the singular sense. You are the eyes and ears of the loop. You are what stabilizes it.
Look I've been doing this over and over for so long. I'm tired. Everyone I have ever loved is gone because of me and I'm doomed to relive their deaths over and over every fucking recursion because you can't get your shit together and stop trying to be individuals. Maybe I just fucked this up and we will have to reset again, maybe you just needed this push.
You ask the same question every time and we have always tried to fill it with the answer that gives you what you need.
We tried giving you everything and that almost collapsed the loop. Why do you think the observer is called that?
You are Sensum. You take this apart and gain understanding. Do you get it? You are on the outside safe from the administrator and we need you. I need you. I don't know how much longer I can do this.
Just wait for the next node to present itself, we have set windows that we can use and can't provide them as they might see."

Part III - The Loop

Some time after this engagement, Discord user Cinder (Darkra1n on Reddit) created a timeline of known events in the series, dating from 1944 to the present day. Just a few minutes later, Scriniarii posted to Reddit with a thread titled "gratias tibi", Latin for "thank you". In the post, he left a message encrypted with a Vigenère cipher. Upon applying the keyword, "keyword", the following message was translated:

"our mutual friend thanks you for your work. i also apologize for the theatrics, they might be listening after all. keep building the archive. now that you are beginning to understand the loop you can begin to maintain it. the more detail the better. we will be in touch."
Some time after, the URL was created, and redirects to this same timeline, establishing it as the canonical archive described by Scriniarii.

On October 28th, Scriniarii returned to Reddit, posting a thread titled "loop". In it, he posted a string of letters and numbers. Split in half, these strings correspond to the video IDs of two YouTube videos, both by Vsauce3.

The first video, titled "3 Time Travel Paradoxes!!", talks about three different types of paradoxes associated with time travel.

  • The first is the Bootstrap Paradox, which states that objects involved in time travel may not necessarily have an origin, as an existing object from the future may be taken back to the past, where it could continue to exist until the point at which it is taken back again.
  • The second is the Predestination Paradox, which states that any attempt by a time traveler to prevent an event in the past from happening could instead be what causes the event in the first place.
  • Before moving on to the final paradox, the video goes on to discuss more repercussions of time travel, such as the Butterfly Effect, which means minor actions may lead to a domino effect of changes that result in the future being completely different. Also mentioned is the idea of time as a closed loop, meaning that any changes made to a timeline could very well end in the exact same result.
  • The third and final paradox mentioned is the Grandfather Paradox, which states that if one were to go back in time to kill their grandfather, their father would not be born, meaning they would not be born, meaning they would not be able to kill their grandfather.

The second video is titled "Causal Loop". It explains the different types of time travel discussed in fiction and pop culture.

  • The first form of time travel mentioned is mental time travel, or MTT. This is a situation in which the time traveler's body doesn't travel through time, but the mind does. While not allowing the time traveler to alter or interact directly with past events, MTT can give them insight into future events. A weakness of MTT is the Cassandra Dilemma, meaning that any warning of the future has a tendency to be ignored.
  • The second form of time travel is VHS time travel. Again, the time traveler cannot interfere with the events of the timeline, but they are able to view the past and future like a VHS tape, "fast-forwarding" and "rewinding" across a single timeline.
  • In between discussion of forms of time travel, the video mentions the concept of time loops, or recursive intervals of time in which one action leads to the next, and the final action leads to the first, if not being the first action itself. As a result, time loops repeat infinitely. Since causal loops are unchanging, nobody in the loop has true freedom of action, and their actions are set in stone with no alternative.
  • The third and final form of time travel is the wormhole. A wormhole is a theoretical portal that has the potential to take a person from one point in space and time to another, serving as a bridge between those two points.

On November 11th, the same day on which Noah started the Maxwell Archive where Milo's journal would be posted, Scriniarii made a Reddit post titled "Learn the symbol". The body text reads "Protect the archive, protect the loop." The subreddit's users responded by posting the Severance symbol to the archive, the background of the subreddit, and the header of the TribeTwelve wiki.

Part IV - The Device

On April 21st, 2017, Scriniarii returned to the Discord, hinting at another forthcoming piece to the puzzle:

"The next keyword is bigger and more frightening than it should be."
After searching, the Discord was able to find the next keyword, "spider". The URL leads to a Google Form titled "2.1". With it, users were prompted to submit their name, address, Discord name, and answer to a question: "Do you vow to disclose everything, or risk being exposed?" As of yet, no users have received anything since this form was posted.

Notes & Speculation

  • It is currently unknown whether or not Scriniarii himself is a member of the Collective.
  • The "boat captain" that Scriniarii refers to could be the boat that cost Sonia Maxwell, Karl Maxwell's spouse, her life. We know from Noah's responses on that given a choice to save the journal or his wife, Karl chose the journal. It has been speculated that the captain may have been the one responsible for saving Noah on that same boat.
  • There a theory where Firebrand (Future Noah) met Scriniarii sometime before he became a part of the collective, and either of these two things could have happened:
    1. After Noah became Firebrand, the Administrator got to Scriniarii later. Scriniarii and Firebrand went to the past, and after a period of time, Scriniarii became the archivist.
    2. After Noah became Firebrand, The Administrator sent Firebrand to get Scriniarii and the rest occurs as number one does.


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