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  • Considering the events of "The Live Stream Incident", or, more specifically, the Observer's reaction to said events, it is reasonable to assume that Firebrand's intervention changed the outcome greatly. So, what was the outcome the Observer desired? It's safe to assume that the intention was to take Noah around 11:11, and turn him into/start turning him into Firebrand. So, when does Noah become Firebrand now? Perhaps he doesn't... perhaps Firebrand was created on 11-11-12, and is just an alternate version, without his intervention preventing the 11-11 abduction.
  • Milo is still alive somehow and Mr. Scars is an alternative Milo from the future, trying to guide Milo (himself) in the right direction and not make any more mistakes than he has already made.
  • The Collective (and the Administrator) are rejected Nazi experiments. Think, Hitler did genetic experiments.... perhaps the Administrator and the Collective were one of the experiments. This could also explain why the Collective want Karl's Journal. They want to know how to return to normal people.
  • In the "Device Analysis" video, Edward possibly helped the Collective to make the device that they could monitor Noah's activities.
  • Henka Visæ was the Observer before he joined the Collective, because (according to his Formspring answers) the Observer was formerly a human, the mortal characteristics he retains allow him to be amused by humans (Personal views whilst in the cult?). He also used to know Mary, which could be because he introduced her to the cult when he was a human.
  • Firebrand, having given up the journal, is under the Administrator's-- or the possessing entity's-- control again. Flashes of aid to Noah are now because Noah is stronger-willed and able to take back control for longer.
  • The boy that appears with the Administrator in the photo from "Box Analysis" could be Milo Asher.
  • This boy could also be Liam, a kid who died near Victor Park and was known to have some kind of connection with the Administrator.
  • Scriniarii is very likely Milo's father, Robert Asher, as Scriniarii mentions that Henka Visæ caused a lot of pain to his family, which could mean the boat incident and Henka's affiliation with the Order and the Collective. Robert Asher is also alive, according to Milo's journal entry "seance".
  • Henka Visæ drowned during the Boat Incident, resulting in him being resurrected as Deadhead, akin to how Milo was brought back to life as Mr. Scars in Milo's Tape.


  • Henka Visæ is the Observer, because "Henka Visæ" is one letter away from being an anagram for "Hevin Haas" who is the Observer's vessel. The name also translates in latin to "henk seen", seen=observed; therefore he is the Observer. This means that Observer added Mary Asher into the Order, and possibly played a role in forming the Order into what it is today. Proven incorrect. The hidden video 1.2 reveals that Henka was an elder, and he was later revealed to be the vessel of Deadhead.