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The Observer's twitter picture. The picture is titled "alwaysobservingyou".


Noah's (old) avatar, showing the observation tower visited in Submission 4 and later in Nature Trail Visit. Considered one of the most important places in the TribeTwelve saga.

This wiki contains fan speculations and spoilers. Read at your own risk!

TribeTwelve Teaser Trailer01:33

TribeTwelve Teaser Trailer

Trailer, made by Adam Rosner (creator of TT)

Welcome to the TribeTwelve Wiki *

TribeTwelve started off as an innocent little thing, a YouTube page for Noah Maxwell's project on the Twelve Tribes of Israel. However, soon afterward, the project was cancelled by the teacher for unknown reasons. The news became worse when Noah received word that his childhood friend and closest cousin, Milo Asher, was found dead in his room, killed by a "suicidal" drug overdose. Noah wanted to change the YouTube page from the abandoned project page into a dedication page, in commemoration of Milo's life. However, as he watched the videos, six videos in particular titled as "Submissions", he noticed things he had never seen before... but Milo had

Things that terrified him.

TribeTwelve is yet another chapter of the Slender Man Mythos, similar in vein to Marble Hornets. Noah documents himself after finding something in his videos. As per Slender Man videos, it's... pretty frightening.

For a complete list of events in the series, see the Plot Summary.

The Videos

The videos can be seen on the TribeTwelve YouTube channel, found here. According to the creator, Adam Rosner, the series is to be split into two parts, with the first 40 (shown here as of 12/31/12) videos being "season 1".

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Stickam Livestreams


TribeTwelve has had crossovers with quite a few series.

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