Noah used Twitpic to post images on his Twitter page. Here are all pictures that Noah, or the Collective, posted.

Keep in mind that Twitpic does not have all the pictures uploaded by Noah (and the Collective). Most of them are now uploaded solely on his Twitter.


Image Twitpic Description Uploaded by the Collective Notes
Ibis I found a dead white ibis in my back yard today, the cawing of the turkey vultures eating it woke me. Unsettling. No N/A
CarOnFire Car fire down the street. Happened about an hour ago. No Distortion can be seen on the left side of the image. A tall, dark shadow can be seen on the road on the right side of the image. It's worth noting that the original story of the Administrator involved starting fires.
NoseBleedFinal Just got up. Had a very bad nightmare, but I don't remember it. Woke up with a terrible nosebleed. I feel sick. No N/A
1030000357aedited2 "Another nosebleed. On Halloween. How appropriate. The phone rang yet again. I am answering and getting it on tape." No N/A
4441111 SGUgdG9vayBtZSB0byB0aGUgZGFyayBwbGFjZSB0b2RheS4gTm8gbGlnaHQgZ3JhY2VzIHRoaXMgcGxhY2Uu Yes The description, decoded in Base64, says, "He took me to the dark place today. No light graces this place." This picture was taken on November 11, which Noah later revealed to be his birthday.
199058327 Sarah and I hanging out. No N/A
202263120 Woke up to another nosebleed, one of the worst yet. Good thing there was gas station nearby. No N/A
202263638 My nose is a fucking blood faucet. No N/A
202264657 After about an hour of shoving wads of paper towels up my nose, it stopped. Really getting sick of this shit. No N/A
202600750 Front of the envelope. No The Token Letter
202600911 Back of the envelope. No The Token Letter
2011 thisyearisonlyjustbeginningbutsoarewe Yes Uploaded by the Observer on New Year's Day 2011, after hacking Noah's Twitter.
VictorPark Biked by the boardwalk today. Even though I'm very reluctant and afraid to go into it, I have this odd urge to. No N/A
Followthearrows Found this photo on my desktop. No idea how it got there. "followthearrows.jpg" might be an area from Victor Park. No N/A
Window1 The hidden "ghostroot" folder in system32. No N/A
Window2 Inside the "ghostroot" folder. There was a slew of dangerous looking shit in there. No N/A
Window3 After I tried to open one of the files, the folder disappeared and this pop-up window came up. It was him alright. No N/A
VictorParkSign Almost there. No Nature Trail Visit
ObservationTower The observation tower is still closed, but I went up anyway. He's left things for me here. I've got them on tape. No Nature Trail Visit
Distorted Observation Tower OH GOD HES GONE WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK No Nature Trail Visit; In the video, the "he" Noah refers to is the Administrator, who appears at the top of the tower.
Distorted Grass aW5vdXJwb3NzZXNzaW9ubm93 Yes Nature Trail Visit; The description, decoded in Base64, says "in our possession now".
The Observer observerheisherehelpmehelpmehellllllllllbndjmvb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ☉  ??? Nature Trail Visit
261387492 I still have my knife, but I found this written on one side. No N/A
261389541 That symbol was drawn onto my left hand. No N/A
261946464 This was the "prize" that the Observer sent out to people when he was in control of my account, "tagebuch.jpg". No "Tagebuch" is German for "diary" or "journal". The journal is most likely the one in Karl's possession that the Observer seeks.
296510910 very lucid dream. woke up. had to draw it. the eyes surrounded me. they were hungry. he was watching. grinning. No This drawing was mentioned in Device Findings, where the Observer's message said that they could teach Noah "who all those eyes belong to".
324472977 The envelope that the four items came in. No The Envelope; Believed to have been sent by "HABIT" of the series EverymanHYBRID.
324473384 The photo / postcard. "We're all just creatures of" "NOT AN OBSERVER" "just an old connection" "yours," No The Envelope; "We're all just creatures of" most likely ends with "habit".
324473896 The crumpled up and burnt letter from 1995. No The Envelope; A journal entry by Dr. James Corenthal.
324474282 The old Polaroid picture. "Mary, Milo, Dr. C - 1995" No The Envelope; A photo of Milo's mother, Milo, and Dr. James Corenthal.
324474724 The incomplete piece of paper. "Unrel- Narra-" No The Envelope; A piece of the Centralia Note, which reads "shade's password to the unreliable narrator".
AURIS The files in the "AURIS" drive. No Device Findings
CASSIUM The files in the hidden "CASSIUM" folder on the "AURIS" drive. No Device Findings
Y2FlY2kgc3VyZGlzIG11dGlz The image file named "Y2FlY2kgc3VyZGlzIG11dGlz" on the "AURIS" drive. No Device Findings; The file name, decoded in base64, says "caeci surdis mutis", which is Latin for "blind, deaf and dumb".
OCULUS.txt The text file named "OCULUS.TXT" in the hidden "CASSIUM" folder on the "AURIS" drive. No Device Findings
384445409 Police arrived. They found absolutely nothing. This was slipped under my door when I first went to leave the room. No Found by Noah after his Stickam stream was interrupted by the Observer.
398988033 Just arrived in New York. No Taken during Noah's trip to New York. There is distortion on the left side of the screen, possibly caused by the Administrator's presence on the plane.
428921331 ZXZlcnlvbmVzZWVzZXZlbnR1YWxseQ Yes The description, decoded in base64, is "everyoneseeseventually". The text in the image is decoded as "getreadyforabigsurprise justlookintoyourowneyes". The hand appears to have a date on it that reads "11-11-11". Noah revealed that this date is his birthday.
445077276 wehaverepossessedhim☉ Yes This was uploaded on 11/11/11, Noah's birthday. Noah tweeted that the "tall man" was at his house and went to the hotel. The Observer "repossessed" Noah and uploaded this image. The hand with an eye on its palm looks similar to a Hamsa, which is meant to ward away the evil eye.
446396903 someoneonformspringwantedmetotakeapictureofmyselfanduploadit hereitis☉ Yes This was uploaded on 11/13/11, during Noah's repossession by the Observer. It is possible that the person inside the tentacles is Noah.
446739849 someoneelsewantedapictureofnoah hereitis☉ Yes This was uploaded on 11/13/11, during Noah's repossession by the Observer.
448806209 theanswertomyriddlewasnothing hereisyourprizeaspromised Yes This was uploaded on 11/15/11, during Noah's repossession by the Observer. The Observer said on Twitter that if 50 people could answer a riddle, then he would release something that Noah did not want his followers to see. The riddle was "itwillensuredeathifeatenbutthedeadeatitallthetime somepeoplebelieveinit itisgreaterthanmykeeper itswhatnoahwillfindattheboardwalk whatisit?☉". The answer is "nothing". This image has been seen before as a hidden frame in the video Florida and Vermont.
454542461 I found 2 bullet holes in the wall at the back of my hallway. I don't remember firing my gun. This is concerning. No This was uploaded on 11/23/11, after Noah was released from repossession. The bullet holes are from a gun that Noah said he bought shortly before his repossession.
517500287 theywerenotonlydreamsnoah☉ Yes This was uploaded during Noah's Valentine's Day 2012 live stream. The photo is of a dream that Noah previously drew. After this image was tweeted, Noah used Twitter to communicate with the Observer.
517506738 asentinelbytradepasthisexpirationdate theeyes♜ Yes This is a response to the question "Who are you?".
517508286 thestubborn♔ Yes This is a response to the question "Who is Firebrand?".
517509499 thenationalist♞ Yes This is a response to the question "Who is Deadhead?".
517510610 thehermit♗ Yes This is a response to the question "Who is Persolus?".
517511667 thelover♘ Yes This is a response to the question "Who is Swain?".
517512730 theselfish♕ Yes This is a response to the question "Who is Cursor?".
517514302 theonewhokillsmary theburdened♖ Yes This is a response to the question "Who is Mr. Scars?".
517515287 onedividedbyzero theadministrator♚ Yes This is a response to the question "Who is your Keeper?".
529424336 And, Observer, here's a little message for you. I plan to win this game. Fuck you. Send your keeper my regards. No This was uploaded after Sarah's twitter was hacked and posted for the last time.
2012 08 20
Here's the "EAST COAST ASSEMBLY MANIFEST" from March 1985. You can see the name "Asher" on the fourth row down. No You can see more about it in "The Manifest".
bm90aGluZ2NhbnN0b3B1cw0Kbw0KdA0KaQ0KZg0KaQ0KYw0KYQ0Kbg0KaA0KZQ0KbA0KcA0KaQ0KdA Yes The description, decoded in base64, is: nothingcanstopus

o t i f i c a n h e l p i



Yes The description, decoded in base64, is: haveahappyhalloween

eventhoughitisalsoyourlast w i l l n o t w i noah

Here's the letter, front and back. Something round is inside. Opening now. No The letter that was opened in "The Live Stream Incident".
Inside is a note card and the exact same rubber eyeball that I found in my closet during The Device video. No N/A
There's something written on the back of the card too. No N/A
Yeah. That's Kevin's handwriting, I'm pretty sure. I'm not liking this at all. No Kevin's handwriting. This was the confirmation that Kevin was the Observer's vessel
I searched my closet but I can't find the first rubber ball. I'm thinking that this is the same ball. But why? No The rubber ball from "The Device".

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