Noah Maxwell's Twitter account, @TribeTwelve, provides information and images outside of the videos uploaded to Noah's Youtube account. Relevant links are added (Vine and YouTube), but the text is not changed from the original tweets.  May 2010 - April 2012 provided in EST, March 2012 - present provided in MT.

The following tweets from Noah’s twitter are highlighted as follows:

  • Italicized text signifies that Noah is sick from the Administrator's influence, is having dreams/nightmares, or is experiencing insomnia.
  • Underlined text signifies tweets from outside entities: Observer, Firebrand, and Scriniarii.
  • Unformatted text signifies miscellaneous tweets.

Twitter Description

This is the official twitter for TribeTwelve. If you want to ask me questions, do it at:  or at

May 2010

May 18

  • [10:51 PM] My twitter account has officially been created.
  • [10:52 PM] Started working on my final project for Mrs. Thomas's class on the Twelve Tribes of Israel. I'm new to this tweeting thing, so bear with me.
  • [11:10 PM] Procrastination will be the end of me.

May 19

  • [3:36 AM] I am done studying for the night. Staying up later than 3am to work on reports always makes makes me light headed. Sleep beckons me.
  • [11:23 PM] I can't beleive[sic] it, I'm really confident about this video report. I have a feeling that I might actually get an A+ for once.

May 21

  • [7:11 PM] Mrs. Thomas just canceled the project. I was almost done and actually tried hard for once. I even made a YouTube account for it. Oh well.

June 2010

June 2

  • [8:27 PM] I just learned that my cousin, Milo, has died and no one knows how or why yet. I'm in shock, we were such good friends. I feel terrible...

June 5

June 7

June 8

June 9

June 10

June 11

  • [6:52 PM] I slept in, but I'm feeling much better.

June 12

June 14

  • [11:33 PM] I'm uploading the last bit of footage on the tape in Submission #6 tonight. I am very confused about all this.

June 15

June 17

  • [10:58 AM] Going to Miami for the weekend to clear my head. What I'm finding in the footage is hard to believe. I'm seeing new things on the tape.

June 25

  • [11:19 PM] I have not been able to sleep well for several days. The fact that I have to question the validity of Milo's paranoia is making ME paranoid.

July 2010

July 1

  • [11:09 PM] I've been called upon to attend Milo's funeral in New York. His family has a burial plot there. I'm catching a plane tomorrow.

July 3

  • [1:48 AM] My flight was delayed due to some technical difficulties, then canceled. Taking the July 3rd flight instead. The funeral is on the 5th.
  • [5:47 PM] Boarding my flight now. I'll be in New York in a few hours.
  • [7:49 PM] Just arrived at La Guardia. Had a good ride. It was a bit turbulent at times though.
  • [1:40 PM] @Draveshift tweets: @TribeTwelve Make sure you take a camera with you, Noah, just in case something strange happens...
    • [10:13 PM] Noah replies: @DraveShift I brought my camera.

July 6

  • [3:59 AM] Went to the funeral and then to saw my grandfather, Karl. Had a very odd day. A video will be posted soon. I need to get back home.

July 8

  • [12:05 AM] I'm flying back to Florida Friday evening. New video will be posted during the weekend. Sorry about the typo on the last tweet, I was tired.

July 11

  • [3:49 PM] New video will be posted tonight.

July 12

  • [1:20 AM] YouTube is being very cranky on my end. if I can't upload this video tonight, I'll try again first thing tomorrow. I’m exhausted.
  • [9:58 AM] I'm attempting to upload this video again, my internet connection hasn't been functioning properly.
  • [11:24 PM] Sorry for the delay, I called up my cable provider and got things cleared up. Milo's Funeral:

July 13

  • [11:15 PM] New video will be up tomorrow if my internet connection holds out. It involves my grandfather, I'm having a friend translate what he said.

July 15

July 20

  • [1:16 AM] I can't walk around my house at night, it's nerve wracking.

July 25

  • [4:37 AM] I literally have not had a comfortable night of sleep in weeks. I think about the tape every night. That guy in the suit. Insomnia.

July 31

  • [6:53 AM] I didn't sleep at all tonight. I kept hearing noises around the house. I don't think it's the house settling, these sounded different.

August 2010

August 2

  • [8:50 PM] These noises are scaring the shit out of me. I'm filming tonight so I can try and catch what I'm hearing on tape. Posting my findings soon.

August 3

  • [11:58 PM] Last night's footage was disappointing. None of the sounds in question were picked up, but I definitely heard them. I'll try again tonight.

August 5

  • [3:55 PM] The camera finally picked up some audio during the night. Also found something outside. Video will be posted within the week, God willing.

August 9

August 11

August 12

  • [1:03 AM] Going to a local phone store tomorrow to try and extract any information off of this phone. I'll also try to recover what's on the DV tape.

August 18

  • [12:17 AM] Between my work and other personal duties, I've been procrastinating. I'll post a video on my findings as soon as I figure everything out.

August 24

  • [4:05 AM] Been busy lately.The more I study and focus on classwork, the less I am reminded of the crazy shit that has been happening. Video soon.

August 29

  • [4:33 AM] Finally getting this video together. My grades are steadily dropping. I hate this.

September 2010

September 7

  • [12:39 AM] The motion sensor lights in my house keep going off in rooms where there is no motion. Video will be posted within the week.

September 16

  • [12:36 AM] I will be posting the box analysis video tomorrow night. Sorry for the long wait, I've been bogged down with college work and very paranoid.

September 17

September 19

  • [11:56 AM] I find it hard to study when the smallest things startle me. I might move out of this house to a dorm on campus soon. It's just that bad.

September 23

  • [2:11 AM] I hate waking up in a cold sweat and realizing that it was only a dream. I've been having recurring nightmares about that boardwalk.
  • [3:20 PM] The nightmare I had last night was vivid. I was on the boardwalk at dusk, I couldn't move, and I saw someone at the far end of the platform.

September 24

  • [7:10 PM] I found a dead white ibis in my back yard today, the cawing of the turkey vultures eating it woke me. Unsettling.

September 28

  • [4:01 PM] I think Milo's mom changed her number. I keep getting "The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is not in service at this time."

October 2010

October 2

  • [8:32 PM Sep 28] @awakeasaurusrex tweets: @TribeTwelve Can you not get the number off your parents? Surely she wouldn't just change number and not tell her own siblings?
    • [3:00 PM Oct 2] Noah replies: @awakeasaurusrex I did ask my parents about it. They weren't in close contact with the Ashers, but they said the numbers don't work either.

October 5

  • [2:44 AM] he was just standing in my closet i woke up and saw something move and he was there i swear it but now hes gone what the fuck is this I ca
  • [10:28 AM] I don't remember posting that last tweet. I don't even recall being up that late to post it. My phone was with me, no one else could have.

October 7

  • [3:15 AM] Can't sleep. Fear of the unknown is a terrible fear.

October 11

  • [3:18 PM] It's odd how, even though the strange occurrences have pretty much ceased, I still feel incredibly paranoid. I really need to calm down.

October 13

  • [1:46 PM] I'm nervous. I swore that I heard the cell phone vibrating from within the box last night. Although, it might have just been my imagination.

October 14

  • [1:48 PM Oct 13] Regarding the October 13 tweet, @bLeff tweets: @TribeTwelve did you answer???
    • [10:41 AM Oct 14] Noah replies: @bLeff I wasn't even sure what the noise was. The phone's screens are broken, so I couldn't tell if it was the phone in the first place.
      • [2:04 PM] In response, @Skeletor1991 tweets: @TribeTwelve Have you tried calling it back by any chance?
        • [2:18 PM] Noah replies: @Skeletor1991 Both screens are broken so I wouldn't see the calling number if the phone was called. Plus, the phone is inoperable as it is.
  • [4:40 PM] Car fire down the street. Happened about an hour ago.

October 19

  • [2:06 PM] Just got up. Had a very bad nightmare, but I don't remember it. Woke up with a terrible nosebleed. I feel sick.

October 21

  • @nevermindflip tweets: @TribeTwelve you woke up pretty late... You sleeping okay man?
    • [12:01 AM] Noah replies: @nevermindflip No, not at all. The sleeping pills don't really help much, but they do the job. They've given me some fucked up dreams.
  • [4:09 AM] Noah replies to a tweet by @joshrallus: @joshrallus Most are random and not memorable, but I have recurring dreams of the boardwalk. And it's 4:09 AM. God dammit. Fucking insomnia.

October 23

  • [2:25 PM] The Ashers seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Every method of communication I try yields no reply. I need to reach them.

October 24

  • [7:49 PM Oct 23] @Skeletor1991 tweets: @TribeTwelve I know this may not be the "safest" idea, but have you thought about going back to check out the boardwalk?
    • [2:45 PM Oct 24] Noah replies: @Skeletor1991 Yes, but I've been too afraid to go alone. My friend, Kevin, who translated Karl's German, might come. I'll convince him.

October 27

  • [2:06 AM] Can't. Fucking. Sleep. I'm planning on going back to the boardwalk sometime soon. I just have this urge to go there and check things out.

October 31

  • [2:00 PM] Another nosebleed. On Halloween. How appropriate. The phone rang yet again. I am answering and getting it on tape.
  • [11:52 PM] The phone rang again. But this time, I got it on tape. Video soon.

November 2010

November 1

  • [2:36 PM] There is more footage on my camera. When the hell did I film this.

November 2

  • [8:25 PM] Video later tonight.

November 3

November 4

  • [4:16 PM Nov 3] @MHPersonalTweet tweets: @tribetwelve did the locksmith ever get to your house?
    • [10:14 AM Nov 4] Noah replies: @MHpersonalTweet I got my locks changed as soon as I found out the key opened my garage door back around 2 months ago.
  • [5:44 AM] @Robotnikland tweets: @TribeTwelve The way I see it, there are two moves. Either go to the boardwalk or take a road trip to Milo's house. Your thoughts Noah?
    • [10:17 AM] Noah replies: @Robotnikland I am considering both.

November 6

  • [12:08 PM] The panic attacks come in waves now. I'm close to having a mental breakdown. This fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself.

November 8

  • [12:06 PM] When you're told to 'cheer up', but you have no incentive, it's almost mocking. I'm gonna contact Kevin & ask him about the boardwalk soon.
    • [12:25 PM] @awakeasaurusrex replies: @TribeTwelve Who is Kevin? I don't think you've mentioned him.
      • [1:34 PM] Noah replies: @awakeasaurusrex He's my friend who translated Karl's German. I mentioned him a few tweets back.
  • [3:49 PM] @Skeletor1991 tweets: @TribeTwelve Have you...seen "anything" lately other then what has been caught on tape?
    • [5:43 PM] Noah replies: @Skeletor1991 Not anything in particular. If anything, I see things out of the corner of my eye that turn out to be nothing.

November 11

  • [9:11 PM] Observer tweets:  h#?tæ\☼â1111*~t:҉ttTttƒ15'-%ñ¤&p===
  • [10:11PM] Observer tweets: SGUgdG9vayBtZSB0byB0aGUgZGFyayBwbGFjZSB0b2RheS4gTm8gbGlnaHQgZ3JhY2VzIHRoaXMgcGxhY2Uu

November 12

November 13

  • [11:14 AM] I'm still trying to figure things out. I went to sleep, and when I woke up, all this shit was posted. I might have been hacked or something.
  • [1:10 PM] Ok, I've changed all my YouTube, Twitter, and computer login passwords and checked the locks on my doors. I might need to stay with someone.

November 16

  • [8:56 AM] None of my damn 'friends' will let me stay over. To be fair, I've been acting antisocial lately. I need somewhere to stay for Thanksgiving.
    • [10:05 AM] @Skeletor1991 replies: @TribeTwelve Family members by any chance?
      • [10:24 AM] Noah replies: @Skeletor1991 No family in town. I live in my parents' summer home and commute to classes. I pretty much live alone and have no family here.
    • [11:00 AM] @awakeasaurusrex tweets: @TribeTwelve Why do you especially need to be away for Thanksgiving?
      • [11:44 AM] Noah replies: @awakeasaurusrex It's lonely here, especially with all the fucked up shit that's happening. I want to hang with someone. I'd feel safer.
    • [3:34 PM] @LanzAlentzia tweets: @TribeTwelve No way to head to where your parents are now for thanksgiving break at least?
      • [6:26 PM] Noah replies: @LanzAlentzia There's just no way. They live in California and I have no spare travel money. My family is kind of tight on money recently.

November 17

  • [11:06 AM] Anyone nearby up for letting me stay with them for the holidays? I don't wanna be alone on Thanksgiving. Message me if you live in Florida.
    • [12:09 PM] @BenjaminLearner tweets: @TribeTwelve What about Kevin? He's your friend right? Can't you just stay with him for Thanksgiving?
      • [12:18 PM] Noah replies: @BenjaminLearner Sure, he's my friend, but I don't know his folks. I've already asked him and he said that his parents won't let me stay.
  • [1:39 PM] For those of you interested in having me over, I'd most likely be driving to your place and staying from November 25th to the 27th.

November 18

  • [4:19 PM] Already gotten a few offers for Thanksgiving. Just message my YouTube account if you're considering it. I'll decide where I'm going soon.

November 22

  • [9:11 PM] Ok, good news. I think I have someone to stay with for Thanksgiving. When she responds to me on YouTube, I'll make my final decision.

November 23

  • [11:53 AM] I'm staying with AugmentedAngel. She's the closest, about 100 miles away. It's far, but I'm willing to drive. Thanks for all the offers.

November 24

  • [5:10 PM] I'm leaving tomorrow, traveling to Sarah, AugmentedAngel. Things are really looking up for a change, this is going to be great Thanksgiving!

November 25

  • [9:31 AM] Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Almost done packing my things.
  • [1:23 PM] About to leave. I'm so glad that I'm finally getting out of this house.
  • [6:19 PM] I just got to Sarah's house, it took a little longer because of the insane traffic. Gonna have a great stay. Dinner time!

November 26

  • [12:00 AM] Having a great time at Sarah's place. Thanks for the awesome dinner! I might have a live stream of us tomorrow on Stickam. Keep a lookout.
    • [12:03 AM] @MeepingBri tweets: @TribeTwelve TribeTwelve has a live stream account somewhere? Where can I find it?
  • [10:07 AM] Had a pleasant sleep for once in a long while. We're gonna have a live stream on Stickam sometime today.
  • [5:33 PM] Sarah and I are going to have a live stream on Stickam at around 7:00 EST. Tune in if you wanna say hey!
  • [7:00 PM] Were live!
  • [8:49 PM] Had a fun time talking to all you guys live on Stickam!
  • [9:04 PM] Sarah and I hanging out.

November 27

  • [2:21 AM] left early. some shit went down. dont know where im headed. fuck this. sorry sarah.

November 29

  • [12:34 AM] Been driving on the highway since I left. Very shaken from Saturday. Need to get to class tomorrow. I gotta return home eventually, though.
  • [12:47 PM] I really don't know what happened. My fucked up memory is playing tricks on me. I'm sleeping in my car tonight.
    • [4:38 PM] @thor9356 tweets: @TribeTwelve ummm did anything happen at your house?
      • [6:42 PM] Noah replies: @thor9356 No idea. I haven't been there since the 25th.

November 30

  • [4:51 PM Nov 29] @Shadow55551 tweets: @TribeTwelve Sorry if this is bad to say, but do you have footage to show us? Maybe we could help you figure things out.
    • [2:26 AM Nov 30] Noah replies: @Shadow55551 Yeah, I have footage. I just haven't reviewed it or even looked at it yet because I'm afraid of what I'll find.
      • [10:44 AM] @Shadow55551 replies: @TribeTwelve That is okay. I know you are really frightened right now so you don't have to do shit for us right now til you want to.\
        • [11:05 AM] Noah replies: @Shadow55551 Thanks. I've been disturbed about everything as of late. I'm forever grateful for Sarah's kindness & I appreciate your concern.
  • [8:31 AM] @BenjaminLearner tweets: @TribeTwelve when are you going drive back home?
    • [12:18 PM] Noah replies: @BenjaminLearner Maybe Friday. I'm reluctant to return home, but I need to get back. I've been living in my car since the 27th.

December 2010

December 2

  • [2:48 PM] I've mellowed down a bit. Likely heading back home tomorrow.

December 3

  • [4:07 AM] Woke up to another nosebleed, one of the worst yet. Good thing there was gas station nearby.
  • [4:09 AM] My nose is a fucking blood faucet.
  • [4:12 AM] After about an hour of shoving wads of paper towels up my nose, it stopped. Really getting sick of this shit.
  • [10:05 AM] Heading home after my classes end at around 7:00ish.
  • [7:08 PM] Class let out early and I got back home at about 5:30pm. There was an envelope stuck in my front door. My house looks otherwise untouched.
  • [7:28 PM] Front of the envelope.
  • [7:29 PM] Back of the envelope.
  • [10:23 PM] I'm opening this thing tomorrow. I'll post a video about what I find inside soon, and then I'll go through the Thanksgiving footage.

December 4

  • [9:43 PM] Not happy at all with what's in this envelope. This asshole is really fucking with me. Confusion ensues. Video tomorrow.

December 5

  • [4:08 PM] I keep finding things, this is really fucking freaky. I should have searched harder in my box analysis.
    • [4:09 PM] @TheTrueAltman tweets: @TribeTwelve What kind of things?
      • [4:15 PM] Noah replies: @TheTrueAltman Symbols and hidden objects. I'll explain more in my next video about what's in this 'Token' letter.
        • @Spektre1993 tweets: @TribeTwelve @TheTrueAltman like a cross and a circle? theyre somehow related to grobmann... when you see that sign, look around, hes there.
          • [4:22 PM] Noah replies: @Spektre1993 I have noticed that reoccurring symbol, but this one is different. Something new.
  • [9:21 PM] Because of these new findings, I'm adding more to the video. I'll post it tomorrow for sure. Also, I have finals coming up and need my rest.

December 6

  • [4:42 PM] The envelope video will be posted later today.
  • [10:32 PM] YouTube is performing site maintenance and won't let me upload this video. When they get back 100% online, I'll try uploading it again.

December 7

  • [1:03 AM] YouTube's back up. Uploading now.
  • [2:10 AM] The Token Letter:
  • [2:56 PM] @awakeasaurusrex I looked under my car right after first viewing the video. I found nothing, not even a trace of any sort of tampering.
  • [2:58 PM] @AugmentedAngel I really don't know. But, it could explain why things turned out the way they did that night.
  • [10:21 AM] @Hllblzr310 tweets: @TribeTwelve This was some creepy stuff. When can we expect the Thanksgiving footage?
    • [2:59 PM] Noah replies: @Hllblzr310 After I look through all of it and piece it together. I've been trying to repress the events of the second night from my memory.
  • [10:53 PM] Finals start tomorrow, wish me luck.

December 8

  • [4:13 AM] Hooray for study binging.
  • [12:09 PM] Sociology final done. Lack of sleep makes up for itself by yielding high test scores.
  • [12:12 PM] @ashxlovex Better than I usually do. Maybe it's because I didn't sleep through the night. Coffee ftw.
  • [12:20 PM] I just realized something. The green scribbles on the note smell like grass, not crayon like I thought. I think leaves were rubbed on it.
    • [12:22 PM] @Spiffums tweets: @tribetwelve that may explain the leaves in the envelope... Do you have a token black friend who loves playing in bushes?
      • [12:40 PM] Noah replies: @Spiffums Well, Kevin is black, but that's irrelevant.
    • [1:56 PM] @LanzAlentzia tweets: @TribeTwelve Weren't some leaves randomly put in there? That'd explain the smell, I would think
      • [2:07 PM] Noah replies: @LanzAlentzia I thought so too, at first. The letter smelled of greens. But, when I sniffed those markings, they had the strongest smell.
    • [2:13 PM] @Hllblzr310 tweets: @TribeTwelve Maybe... The Observer/Slender Man himself, is trying to lead you into the woods somewhere. Is there a wooded area near you?
      • [2:17 PM] Noah replies: @Hllblzr310 The only place would be Victor Park and the mangrove forest that makes up the boardwalk / nature trail. It's relatively nearby.
  • [8:42 PM] @NocturneLuvsYou tweets: @TribeTwelve What is your major if you have one?
    • [8:48 PM] Noah replies: @NikaiNocturne Right now I'm undecided.

December 9

  • [9:27 PM] Ignorance is like morphine, it makes you feel better, but it doesn't help your overall condition. Especially if the condition is fear.

December 11

  • [2:38 PM] Going to a local pharmacy to see about these pills after one of my finals.
    • [2:39 PM] @ToTheInformants tweets: @TribeTwelve Have you been keeping count of the pills like i recommended?
      • [3:47 PM] Noah replies: @ToTheInformants There are still 16 pills in the bag.
  • [3:04 PM] @NekoBakura tweets: @TribeTwelve Why haven't you seen about that earlier?  I would have the day I received them.
    • [3:51 PM] Noah replies: @NekoBakura I've been up all week studying/taking finals. They're my only hope of passing my classes. That's more important to me right now.
  • [5:14 PM] The pharmacist said that 7 of the 16 pills had the antihistamine Diphenhydramine in them (Benadryl). But, the other 9 he couldn't identify.

December 12

  • [5:50 PM Dec 11] @CrapTeD tweets: @TribeTwelve What will you do now with the pills?
    • [12:00 AM Dec 12] Noah replies: @CrapTeD I left the pills with the pharmacist to see if he could identify them and get back to me. I told him to discard them afterward.
  • [5:46 PM Dec 11] @Thor9356 tweets: @TribeTwelve Have you reviewed the thanksgiving footage yet?
    • [12:01 AM Dec 12] Noah replies: @thor9356 No, and I am really reluctant to. But, I will get around to reviewing it after I've taken all of my finals.
  • [1:46 PM] I'm trying to think positive. Optimism is kind of helping, but maybe I'm just in denial. At least finals are almost over.

December 13

  • [1:52 PM Dec 12] @Rennac tweets: @TribeTwelve When do you finish your finals?
  • [1:49 AM Dec 13] Noah replies: @Rennac I've got a few finals left, my last one is on Friday.

December 14

  • [12:20 PM] "Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere." Wise advice from my English professor.

December 16

  • [4:01 PM] Finals are grueling, but I'm managing. I have one left tomorrow.

December 17

  • [6:17 PM] My last final is at 8pm tonight, and it's the hardest yet. Pray for me, guys.

December 18

  • [4:01 AM] Blew my final out of the water. Went to see Tron to celebrate. Ate a huge steak. One of the best days I've had in a while. I feel awesome.

December 20

  • [1:19 PM] I still have to view that Thanksgiving footage. The break just began and I REALLY don't want to be upset now. I'll get to it soon enough.

December 23

  • [4:02 PM] Turns out that I'm heading to my parents' place for Christmas. I'll post an update if anything unexpected goes down. Happy Holidays.

December 24

  • [12:22 AM] I've just set up a Formspring account. If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask them there.
  • [5:22 PM] With my parents. It's odd, I haven't been this cheery in months. But, I'm not arguing.
    • @zaqcass tweets: @tribetwelve ask your parents about the fire or your childhood. Hopefully couldn't hurt
      • [5:51 PM] Noah replies: @zaqcass I'm going to. I've never really had the need to ask about it until now. Gotta act inconspicuous.

December 25

  • [12:24 AM] Merry Christmas.

December 26

  • [12:18 AM] Had a swell Christmas with my parents. Got clothes and money, hooray.
  • [11:39 PM] Milo had a step-dad for a few years. He left Milo's mom after Milo last visited me. I got his number from my parents. Contacting him soon.

December 30

  • [1:48 PM] Going to have a lonely New Years at home. My resolution for 2011 is to have a resolution for 2012. Gives me more time to think about it.

January 2011

January 1

  • [12:22 AM] Here's to another lousy year...
  • [11:11 PM] The Observer tweets: thisyearisonlyjustbeginningbutsoarewe

January 2

  • On 2nd January Noah's twitter was changed from:
    • Name Noah Maxwell

      This picture was uploaded to Noah's Twitpic first before the other Observer tweets that followed.


      Noah's original Twitter picture. The observation tower from Submission 4.

    • Location Florida
    • Bio (Nothing)
  • to:
    • Name OBSERVER

      OBSERVER's twitter picture. The picture is titled "alwaysobservingyou"

    • Location WITHYOUALWAYS
  • [12:33 AM] @CompileTRUTH tweets: @TribeTwelve Well Observer, looks like you broke Noah's password again. As long as you're here, mind answering a few questions?
    • [1:16 AM] The Observer responds: @CompileTRUTH thequestionsaremoreimportantthantheanswers
  • [1:38 AM] The Observer tweets:  iamyourfollowerinthelight. iaminvisibleinthenight. iampresentinthesunbutnotintherain. idonoharmandfeelnopain. whatami?
  • [2:21 AM] The Observer tweets:  veryastuteobservationsmychildren. iamproudofyou. howevereverythingyouseeisashadowcastbythatwhichwedonotsee. iwillsoonreturnbearinggifts. ⊙
  • [2:56 PM] Noah tweets: FUCKING DAMNIT. This fucking asshole hacked me again and changed my shit. I went to sleep early because I didn't sleep through New Years.
  • [3:03 PM] There, I changed my avatar picture and info back. I'm stepping up my game this time, heavier encryption & more security. I'm fucking pissed.

January 5

  • [1:07 AM] This John Fletcher guy won't pick up. I'm not giving up yet, he's the only solid lead to the Asher family I have. I'm going to keep trying
  • [12:52 PM] zachdem25 tweets: @TribeTwelve you at school right now?
    • [5:12 PM] Noah replies: @zachdem25 I'm on Winter Break.

January 12

  • [2:36 PM] Success! Milo's Step-dad finnally picked up his phone. Apparently, he was out for the holidays. Video of the call will be posted tonight.
  • [11:03 PM] The phone call with Milo's Step-Dad will be up within the hour
  • [11:59 PM] Uploading now.

January 13

January 15

  • [5:52 PM] Biked by the boardwalk today. Even though I'm very reluctant and afraid to go into it, I have this odd urge to.
  • [5:54 PM]'s my finger in the shot. I only took one picture and I really didn't feel like going back to take another.

January 19

  • [2:29 PM] Passed all my classes for 1st semester, thank goodness. I've set a personal goal to face mu fears and look at the Thanksgiving footage soon.

January 23

  • [6:18 AM] fucking terrible nightmare of thanksgiving. if i dont look at that footage im going to lose my goddamn mind. gonna do it within the week.
  • [1:45 PM] @CompileTRUTH tweets: It's best to get it over with. The dread of the thing is often worse than the thing itself... #TrustMeImADoctor
    • [1:49 PM] Noah replies: @CompileTRUTH Agreed, I've begun to really realize how true that is. I'm definitely going to look at it very soon so I can quell my anxiety.

January 29

  • [8:01 PM] I'm done being afraid of this shit. I'm sick of putting it aside, hoping it'll all just go away. It wont. I'm viewing the footage tomorrow.

January 30

  • [9:39 PM] Fuck. No words. No fucking words can describe how unnerving the footage is...I'm speechless. I don't even know how it happened.

January 31

  • [10:09 AM] Can't concentrate in class. The footage is still disturbing the shit out of me. All I can do is doodle nervously and think about the Video.

February 2011

February 1

  • [12:06 AM] I have a large amount of footage from Thanksgiving at Sarah's & her Dad's. I'm cutting it into two parts. I'll post the first part tomorrow.
  • [10:27 PM] Rendering the vido now. Uploading it right after. It's all working rather slowly, but it will be up in a few hours. Just a heads up.

February 2

February 3

  • [12:46 AM] Taking longer than expected to render.  At least a few more hours before it finishes.  I'll be up all night, so I'll upload it when it's done.
  • [8:37 AM] The video rendering errored on me at 85%.  Fixing the bugs in my computer now and trying again.  Hang in there, it'll be up tonight for sure.
  • [1:34 PM] Success.  Finally done rendering the Day 2 footage.  I'll begin the upload to YouTube tonight at 9:00 PM sharp, right after my classes.
  • [9:47 PM] Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2:  Sorry for all the delays.

February 5

  • [11:21 AM] @BenjaminLearner tweets: @TribeTwelve Did you save that bloody shirt of yours?
    • [11:24 AM] Noah replies: @BenjaminLearner I burned that fucking thing.

February 6

  • [12:27 PM] Debating with myself on going to Victor Park to investigate the place.  I've just been having this craving to return, and I don't know why.

February 7

  • [6:07 PM] @Ash_Chapman tweets:  @TribeTwelve make sure you go during the day.  see if Sarah will go with you, maybe?
    • [7:15 PM] Noah replies: @Ash_Chapman I'm definitely going during the day.  Sarah lives too far away and I doubt she'd even want to see me after our little incident.

February 14

  • [1:00 AM] A whole day devoted to reminding me of how alone I am?  How thoughtful.  Lonely Valentines Day is lonely.  #ValentinesDay #Loneliness

February 17

February 19

  • [12:31 PM]  Someone's been fucking with my laptop.  Just found a bunch of odd files in a hidden folder named "ghostroot" on my system32 directory.
  • [1:56 PM]  smgost_dt.exe, keylog.exe, dtclient.exe, tasktrans12.dll, kernelmole.dll, strokegen.dat, dlp_core.dll, noderelay.exe.  These sound malicious.
  • [3:19 PM]  Shit.  I tried to open one of the executable files, but it deleted itself along with the entire folder.  It's all gone now.  Goddamnit...
  • [3:27 PM]  The hidden "ghostroot" folder in system32. [http://]
  • [3:30 PM]  Inside the "ghostroot" folder.  There was a slew of dangerous looking shit in there.
  • [3:32 PM]  After I tried to open one of the files, the folder disappeared and this pop-up window came up.  It was him alright.
  • [3:39 PM]  I dunno what terrible shit he was doing to my computer or how that got there.  I don't even know if it's all gone.  Running virus scans now.
  • [5:48 PM]  Nothing.  Absolutely fucking nothing.  My computer appears to be very clean, save for some tracking cookies.  This is highly frustrating.
  • [5:51 PM]  I ran several scans with 10 different bots.  Zero hits.  No infections.  How the hell is he getting in to my system?!  Everything's encrypted!!!!
  • [8:29 PM]  Holy Fuck.  I viewed the video on the flash drive that was with the Token Letter on 12/5/2010, the same date those files were created.  Oh no.
  • [8:33 PM]  The flash drive.  It was a plant.  He planned this all along.  To watch me.  It was over as soon as I plugged that flash drive into my computer. 

February 21

  • [5:58 AMThe key to not having nightmares is to not sleep at all.  Insomnia has its benefits, and flaws.  My dreams are starting to creep into reality.

February 25

  • [3:37 PMI may be coming down with a cold.  I've got a mad case of the sniffles.  Hopefully it's just a head cold that'll clear itself up soon.
  • [3:37 PM]  @leondarkfire tweets:  @Tribetwelve any nosebleeds with it?
    • [3:43 PM]  Noah replies: @leondarkfire No, actually.  Haven't had a nose bleed in quite a while.  It's refreshing.

February 26

  • [2:27 PMDrinking tons of orange juice.  I want this damn cold out of me already.

February 28

  • [8:47 AMWoke up sick.  Nose clogged.  Head pounding.  Nauseous.  Fever.  Weak.  I caught something bad.

March 2011

March 1

  • [8:37 PM Feb 28] @rosefeline tweets:  TAKE THE PILLS
    • [9:48 AM Mar 1] Noah replies:  @rosefeline Fuck that.  I'm not taking any damn pills.  I got tested for the flu.  Negative.  I think that I'm gonna ride this one out solo.

March 2

  • [3:24 AMjust woke up from a bad fever dream.  i was in the nature trail at night staring up at the tower from below.  someone was up there.  i felt it.
  • [7:25 PM@kqsimply Hopefully, my condition will get better when I do go.  I think I'm already getting over it, albeit slowly.

March 7

  • [1:18 AMI hate being sick.  But, just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy.  Eat right, exercise regularly, die anyway.  Fucking life.

March 8

  • [2:37 PM]  I'm finally starting to get over this terrible cold.  So, I've decided to go visit the Victor Park Nature Trail this Sunday, the 13th.
  • [3:42 PM]  @Kopeter14 tweets:  @TribeTwelve remember to bring anything necessary man this is not some game anymore
  • [6:08 PM]  Noah replies:  @Kopeter14 I'm bringing a bike, a knife, and a camera.  And I'm going alone.

March 9

  • [6:37 PM]  @MistaGrey tweets:  @TribeTwelve  What do you think you'll find at Victor Park?
    • [8:13 PM]  Noah replies:  @Arkwatch  Clues.  Leads.  Answers, even.  It's certainly more productive than calling dead numbers every day, hoping for someone to pick up.

March 13

  • [1:41 PM]  Going to Victor Park after I finish my studies at around 5:00 pm, EDT.  I'll send updates from my phone.
  • [5:06 PM]  Leaving for the park now.  Taking my bike there.
  • [5:29 PM]  Almost there.
  • [5:46 PM]  The observation tower is still closed, but I went up anyway.  He's left things for me here.  I've got them on tape.
  • [5:52 PM]  I think he's definitely been here recently.  I can just sense it.  On high alert.
  • [6:12 PM]  im gonna find this fuck Im going to catch him this time

    • The tweet, decoded in bas64, reads
    • inourpossessionnow
  • [6:18 PM]  observerheisherehelpmehelpmehellllllllllbndjmvb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ☉

  • [6:30 PM]  Vm0xNFlXRXdNVWRYV0doWFYwZG9WbGxyV25kaFJsWnpXa1JTV0ZKc1ducFdiVFZyVldzeFYxZHNXbFpXZWxZelZsWmFWMVpWTVVWaGVqQTk ☉

March 16

March 19

  • [11:11 PMThe Observer tweets:  helloagainmychildren.  letusplayalittlegame.  thefirsttwentytoanswermyriddlecorrectlywillreceiveamaxwellfamilymomento.  youhaveonehourtoanswer.
  • [11:11 PMThe Observer tweets:  insidemybodyliessomebodysmind, thoughtstransferedandthenrefined, mybodymayagefadeandrot, butthecontentsicontaininsidedonot.  whatami?

March 20

  • [12:11 AMThe Observer tweets:  thetimeforguessinghasended.  diaryornotebookorjournalwouldhavebeenacceptableanswers.  tothoseofyouwhohaveansweredcorrectly, enjoyyourprize.
  • [1:11 AMThe Observer tweets:  wehavedecidedtoreturnnoah. fornow. iwillreturn. keepyoureyesopen. ☉
  • [7:44 PM]  Noah tweets:  im back home.  dont know how i got here.
  • [7:47 PM]  woke up by my house.  its dark out now.  where the fuck was i for 2 and a half hours?  did i bike back?  i cant remember at all.
  • [7:53 PM]  Goddamnit, he's hacked into my shit again.  I can't change back my profile pictures on any of my accounts.
  • [8:05 PM]  This is not happening.  No fucking way.  Not a whole goddamn week.
  • [8:19 PM]  This is absolutely unbelievable.  There is no way I have been gone for a week.  I'm freaking the fuck out.  Where the hell have I been?!
  • [8:23 PM]  I thought I was gone for a few hours, but I've been gone a full week.  All I can remember was arriving at the park, then blackness.
  • [8:29 PM]  I still have my knife, but I found this written on one side.
  • [8:33 PM]  That symbol was drawn onto my left hand.
  • [9:01 PM]  The tape.  The fucking tape.  The camera was recording the whole time.  I don't remember any of it, but it's all there.  I was attacked.

March 21

  • [12:36 AM]  Got recommended to the chat, "#habbitsangora".  I was told that people there could help me figure out what the hell is going on.
  • [1:38 AM]  Talked with the EverymanHYBRID guys, who seem to be experiencing similar occurrences, and some others on mibbit.  Didn't get many answers. 
  • [2:50 PM]  I managed to change most of my account info back to how it was before this whole damn ordeal.  Still can't change any of my profile pics. 
  • [8:34 PM]  This was the "prize" that the Observer sent out to people when he was in control of my account, "tagebuch.jpg".
  • [11:11 PM]  Going to upload the Nature Trail footage very soon.  It's unnerving and I don't remember most of it, but it needs to be seen.

March 22

  • [2:09 AM]  @RagnarokSword tweets:  @TribeTwelve Can you define "soon"?
    • [9:01 PM]  Noah replies:  @RagnarokSword Before Friday.

March 24

April 2011

April 1

  • [12:33 AM]  I'm dead.  Just kidding.  Haha.  April Fools.  This is a dumb holiday.  Now shut up.

April 3

  • [4:17 PM]  Since the nature trail incident, things have been quiet again.  I've begun to hate silence, it's more mysterious than actual noise. 

April 8

  • [9:48 AM]  Fear breeds fear.  The key is to let go of fear.  He who is brave is free.  I can't run away from this any longer.  I need to run towards it.

April 16

  • [4:31 PM]  I'm enjoying this quiet spell right now.  Somehow, sooner or later, I know things are going to get loud.

April 20

  • [4:23 AM]  The current state of affairs has me depressed, overrun with insomnia and paranoia.  This song speaks to me right now.  (edit, now a broken link, used to link to Exile Vilify by The National)

April 26

  • [10:36 PMBeen having some weird dreams recently.  I feel as if I am being followed closely behind.  Eyes are a reoccurring element.  They're everywhere.

April 30

  • [10:07 PM]  Finals are coming up.  Wish me luck.

May 2011

May 3

  • [8:57 AM]  @rollinovru tweets:  @TribeTwelve when are your finals?
    • [4:08 PM]  Noah replies:  @rollinovru I have finals throughout the next two weeks.

May 6

  • [12:34 AM]  Pushing through finals like a beast.  I think I'm doing pretty well, considering all the terrible shit that's happened to me this year.

May 12

  • [3:03 AM very lucid dream.  woke up.  had to draw it.  the eyes surrounded me.  they were hungry.  he was watching.  grinning.

May 13

May 14

  • [9:52 PM]  Parents are coming home for a few weeks on vacation.  They've decided to remodel some rooms.  Hopefully nothing happens while they're here.

May 20

  • [1:48 AM]  Parents arrived.  So far, things are going pretty well.  They're going to paint some rooms and replace the carpeted floors with wooden floors.

May 22

  • [1:48 PM]  Well, that was a boring rapture.  So much for biblical mathematics.  But, you know, maybe it did happen.  Maybe, we've been in Hell all along.

May 30

  • [5:07 AM]  Tempted to talk with my parents about the old house fire again.  I want to tape it, but I don't want them knowing.  I'll have to be sneaky.

June 2011

June 10

  • [7:34 PM]  Going to upload a video soon.  An update on my situation.  Planning to go through with the secret recording after all.  We'll see what happens.

June 12

  • [6:52 PM]  Talking to my parents tonight about the old house fire.  Recording secretly.  If they say anything relevant, I'll add it to the update video.

June 13

  • [9:00 PM]  Update video will be posted within the week.  Secret recording went fine, but the connections my parents made about the past are troubling.

June 16

  • [4:53 PM]  Got a strange envelope in the mail.  No return address.  Opening now.
  • [5:09 PM]  It's starting again.  Fuck all.  This is beyond mysterious.  Getting a video out as soon as I can.  This has to be documented.
  • [11:01 PM]  I'm going to post three videos tomorrow instead of one long one, it's more convenient for me and it takes less time to render.
  • [11:01 PM]  I have a job interview tomorrow, so I'll post one in the morning and the other two at night when they have rendered after my interview.

June 17

  • [10:04 AM]  Summer Update:  The next two videos will be uploaded later tonight.  Wish me luck on my job interview today.
  • [11:46 PM]  Just got home.  Long drive.  Very promising interview.  Rendering is taking a bit longer than expected.  Both videos will still be up tonight.

June 18

June 19

  • [11:29 AM]  @nostradamus___  Milo's dad's name was Robert.

July 2011

July 5

  • [7:12 PMSpent the 4th alone.  Watched distant fireworks at night.  Woke up several times, feeling afraid for no reason.  Fear has many eyes.

July 18

  • [7:41 PM]  I've spoken with the EverymanHYBRID crew, per your suggestions.  Apparently, that Dr. C from the photo may be a doctor named James Corenthal.

July 28

  • [4:35 AMSleep is such a luxury, which I cant afford.

August 2011

August 2

  • [3:20 AMhes been in my fucking room.  woke up from a nightmare and found something he hid.  some damn device.  how long has this shit been in my room?
  • [3:51 AM]  hes really fucking with me again.  posting a vid of what i got on film asap.  i cant explain anything.  no chance of sleeping tonight.
  • [5:16 AM] The Device:
  • [1:36 PM]  Just called my tech buddy, Edward.  He's in town visiting family.  Hopefully, he can come over and evaluate this damn thing before he leaves.
  • [9:12 PM]  Edward is coming over soon to look at the device.  He's gonna be the first 'friend' I've had over at my house in a long time.  Feels strange.

August 4

  • [1:48 AM]  Device Analysis:  This is Edward's take on what he thinks the device is and what it does.
  • [7:40 PM]  Thinking a lot about what Edward said.  I may cut the USB data wires tonight and plug it into my computer to see what it does.  I trust him.
  • [9:37 PM]  I've cut the wires.  Considering plugging this thing into my computer.  Technically, nothing should happen to my hard drive.  Should I do it?
  • [10:05 PM]  Ok, I'm feeling really confident tonight.  Plus curiosity is killing me.  So, I'll plug it in my laptop to see if something activates.  (1/3)
  • [10:05 PM]  Since no data can be transferred, I feel safe enough.  Also, I'll go to the library tomorrow to see if I can recover any data off it. (2/3)
  • [10:05 PM]  I'll resolder the data wires and plug it into a public library computer.  I'll film all of this, so if anything happens, you'll see it. (3/3)
  • [10:39 PM]  Yeah.  I can't believe that just happened.  What I just heard come out of that fucking thing.  Library tomorrow.  I feel nauseous.  Fuck it all.

August 5

  • [10:44 PM]  Reconnected the wires and went to the library today.  Found some files on the device.  Disturbing files.  Findings posted later tonight.

August 6

  • [1:34 AM]  Rendering is long and internet is derpy.  If the video isn't up tonight, it will be up early tomorrow.  I'm not sleeping tonight anyway.
  • [1:00 PM]  Power went out early in the morning.  My luck.  They said the internet will be 100% fixed tonight at around 10:00pm.  Uploading the video then.
  • [10:28 PM]  Power's back on, but the internet is still really wonky.  I'm starting to really hate my service provider.

August 7

August 11

  • [6:07 PM]  Visiting family in NY in a week or two.  Gonna try to stop by Grandpa Karl and the EMH crew in NJ to ask about the envelope I got, in person.

August 16

  • [2:58 PM]  I'm not crazy, but I just had the realization that everything around me is alive.  It doesn't matter if I'm paranoid, they're still after me.

August 24

  • [12:40 AM] Thinking of having a livestream sometimes soon, maybe this weekend.  We'll see.  My Stickam account is if you didn't know. (edit, link no longer works)

August 27

  • [12:01 AM]  Most likely going to have the livestream this Sunday at 8 or 9 pm, Florida time.  I'll tweet the exact time when I decide it.

August 28

September 2011

September 4

  • [5:25 AM] I'm an insomniac, not only because of all the shit that's happening, but in the hopes that I'll wake up from this nightmare at any moment. 

September 10

  • [2:38 PM] Things have calmed down a bit.  The calm feels like both a placid silence and a foreboding omen.  Planning my New York / New Jersey visit now.

September 15

  • [8:45 PM]  Looks like the cheapest flight to New York is late tonight.  Gonna jump on it.  I'll probably stay a week and come back on Friday, the 23rd.

September 16

  • [1:21 AM]  Just arrived in New York.
  • [12:48 PM]  OK, there is something really odd in the footage I took on the plane that I don't remember.  I'll upload it with the rest of my NY trip.
  • [7:05 PM]  Gonna try to see Grandpa Karl tonight.  I've taken the liberty of sending him German Emails and letters in advance, so he knows to expect me.
  • [9:45 PM]  The bastard didn't let me in.  I waited on his doorstep for 10 minutes, but to no avail.  The neighbors gave me looks, so I left quickly.
  • [11:22 PM]  My parent's are angry with me for trying to see Karl.  They'll have to deal with it, he may be the key to all this.  Tomorrow, New Jersey.

September 17

  • [5:00 PM]  Taking the train to see the EMH crew in NJ.  Bringing photocopies of the envelope.  Hopefully, we can help each other figure out things.
  • [9:09 PM]  Now, there are even more questions than answers, we're all stumped.  They're nice guys though, I wish the best for them and their endeavors.

September 18

  • [4:23 PM]  My camera battery died during the Q&A session and I must have forgotten to pack the charger.  I'll post everything on Friday when I get home.

September 19

  • [12:42 AM]  Noah retweets @EverymanHYBRID's post:  Apparently, YouTube's notifications are on the fritz...we uploaded our conversation with Noah Maxwell.

September 22

  • [11:24 AM]  Heading back down to FL tomorrow.  Had a decent time with my family up here, but nothing interesting happened.  Really gonna miss the food.
  • [8:22 PM]  @punxtr tweets:  @TribeTwelve gyros or pizza?  What's your favorite?
    • [10:53 PM]  Noah replies:  @punxtr Pizza.  I could eat nothing but New York pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I nearly did.  It's just that damn good.

September 23

  • [11:05 PM]  Just got back home from the airport.  My house seems to be untouched, I hope.  I'll post a video of the trip footage soon.  I miss NY already.

September 24

  • [12:09 PM]  Posting my trip footage tonight, maybe at around 9pm Florida time.  Overall, it was a good trip.  Had fun hanging with the Hybrids.  Nice guys.
  • [9:46 PM]  Northern Trip Footage:

September 29

  • [2:36 AM]  Several weeks ago, an odd fellow who called himself Dr. Cairo interviewed me.  He seemed to know his stuff, so I let him.
  • [11:57 AM]  @Kopeter14 tweets:  @TribeTwelve Dude i know this might be weird but in that picture of milo his mother and the Dr. C you think maybe the Dr. is Cairo?
    • [12:46 PM]  Noah replies:  @Kopeter14  No.  We talked about it.  Dr. Corenthal and Dr. Cairo are definitely two different peple.

October 2011

October 20

    • The tweet, decoded in base64, reads
    • everyoneseeseventually

October 21

  • [3:14 AM]  The Observer fuck posted that image somehow.  Not looking forward to Halloween.  I may stay at a hotel because I'm sure my house isn't safe.

October 22

  • [5:22 PM]  People are telling me that the "11-11-11" on the hand in the picture is a date.  The thing is, November 11th is my birthday.  I'm nervous now.

October 24

  • [4:20 PM]  Booked a cheap hotel to stay at for Halloween.  I hate running like this, but these warning signs are seriously toying with my paranoia.

October 31

  • [12:00 AM]  Happy Halloween, everyone.  I'm going to spend mine by myself in a hotel.  It's times like these that I miss the childhood I took for granted.
  • [12:35 PM]  Leaving for the hotel now.  My kid self would hate me for doing this instead of having fun tonight.  Oh well, better safe than sorry.  Or dead.

November 2011

November 1

  • [3:50 AM]  He is here.  And he is fucking with me.  Don't know how, but it's all on tape.  Rendering and posting ASAP.  Hope this shit hotel internet works.
  • [5:01 AM]  Halloween Hotel:

November 2

  • [3:40 AM]  I've been barricaded in my hotel room since the events that happened in the video.  Not sure if I should go home yet.  Or even leave the room.

November 4

  • [1:28 AM]  Ran out of food.  I'm leaving this room tomorrow and going back home.  My home feels safer now, considering I know it better than this hotel.
  • [11:57 PM]  Back home.  House seems untouched.  I might book the hotel again for the 11th, I'm too nervous.  "Safe" is becoming synonymous with "Ambush".

November 10

  • [10:08 PM]  driving back to hotel now.  tall mans in my house.  got a call from mary.  hotel isnt safe, but safer than home.  gotta ride it out.  fuck it all
  • [11:30 PM]  Back at the hotel.  I had the room extended for a week.  Should have known I wouldn't be safe at my damn house.  What a lousy fucking birthday.

November 11

  • [3:33 AMThe Observer tweets:  ¡gÿ Юu(@ÙâÔ��ÉÂ��H~ý)wSꘪޛžÜBqú–�FçVðiÈ­®ÚÐÛ·n£ëŒÈü\š£!‹‚%=�NcLÔ5rF«$´’²ê¸R=׺§/åa›Ëõögçb ¤2ô÷òÓù÷^ëÞý׺÷¿uî½ïݦÍìO¶òÍ¥µ�Ä‹O*|Cæó¯A»
  • [3:34 AMThe Observer tweets: wehaverepossessedhim☉
  • [11:11 PM] The Observer tweets: happybirthdaynoah☉

November 13

November 14

  • [11:11 PMThe Observer tweets:  returnintwentyfourhours wehavepreparedagiftfornoah☉

November 15

November 16

  • [9:45 PMThe Observer tweets:  helloagainlittleones wouldyouliketoplayanothergame?☉
  • [10:00 PMThe Observer tweets:  iffiftyormoreofyoucanguessmyriddlecorrectly iwilluploadsomethingnoahdoesnotwantyoutosee butifyouareunabletodothisiwillnot youhaveonehour☉
  • [10:11 PMThe Observer tweets:  itwillensuredeathifeatenbutthedeadeatitallthetime somepeoplebelieveinit itisgreaterthanmykeeper itswhatnoahwillfindattheboardwalk whatisit?☉
  • [11:10 PMThe Observer tweets:  youhavemetthequota itseemsyourmorbidcuriosityhasoutweighedanyrespectfornoahswishes eventhoughyouclaimtobeonhisside humansareveryinteresting☉
  • [11:13 PMThe Observer tweets:  theanswertomyriddlewasnothing hereisyourprizeaspromised

November 18

  • [11:11 PM] The Observer tweets:  wehavedecidedtoreturnnoah☉

November 19

  • [12:16 AM]  what the FUCK.  now im gone ANOTHER week.  woke up in my hotel room.  theres stuff written on me and shit i didn't post on here.  not again.  FUCK
  • [12:29 AM]  That fucked up video is mocking me bad.  All about my goddamn birthday.  Like a hard kick in the nads.  What a pretentious patronizing fuckass.
  • [12:32 AM]  THAT FUCKER POSTED THE PHOTO.  I did NOT want that getting posted.  Why the hell did you play along?!?  Do you not trust me or some shit?!  WOW.
  • [12:37 AM]  That's it.  I might just shut down all of my goddamn accounts now because apparently, all you sick sadistic fucks care about is my suffering.
  • [11:29 AM]  Sorry about that outburst guys, I'm calmed down now.  I read everything, you were just trying to hep and you didn't know what he'd post.
  • [2:56 PM]  Going back home.  Good thing I booked the hotel for a week, who knows what would happen if I didn't.  Gotta chill the fuck out.  So stressed.
  • [2:59 PM] @b4nditqueen tweets: @TribeTwelve Look, I know you're stressed but can you tone down the swearing?  Thanks x
    • [7:25 PM] Noah replies:  @b4nditqueen  Have you ever blacked out for a week, only to wake up covered in writing and choking on blood?  Fuck you.  I'll curse all I want.
  • [8:54 PM]  Back home.  I didn't want to let those bastards know, but I bought a 9mm semi-automatic.  I know I had it at home, but I can't find it now.
  • [11:14 PM]  I'm starting to recall more now.  I had my 9mm on me before I left the house.  Something bad happened after Mary called me.  Can't remember.

November 20

  • [2:46 PM]  Can't find my gun, I'm really worried.  And, like before, I missed a shit ton of work from the past week.  I'll get the video recovered soon.

November 23

  • [8:18 PM]  I found 2 bullet holes in the wall at the back of my hallway. I don't remember firing my gun. This is concerning.

November 24

  • [1:50 PM]  Happy Thanksgiving, guys.  I'm celebrating by doing all the work I missed while I was gone.  I don't even know what I'm thankful for anymore.
  • [11:10 PM]  All I ate tonight was a gas station burrito.  All I have to be thankful for is a fucking microwave.  What the hell is wrong with my life.

December 2011

December 2

  • [12:17 PM]  You haven't heard from me lately because I've been studying for my upcoming final exams next week.  I'm still alive, just a clarification.

December 7

  • [1:05 PM]  Today begins my final exams.  I expect them to be just like that one classic rape scene in Deliverance.  This is really going to fucking suck.

December 11

  • [12:16 PM]  I maintain my sanity by keeping my distance.  And yet, sanity is a cozy lie.  But then again, too much sanity may be madness.  #losingmymind

December 18

  • [8:35 PM]  I was able to remove some of the distortion from the footage.  It shows my friend Kevin with some unnerving notecards.  I'm really distressed.
  • [9:21 PM]  Clarification:  I didn't remove any footage, I just ran it through my capturing software until it read that part of the tape without static.
  • [10:10 PM]  It just hit me.  Someone came into my hotel room before I blacked out.  He looked different that the Observer, no glasses.  Pinhole eyes.

December 23

  • [9:16 PM]  Finals are done.  I think I passed, but it was hell.  Going to try to get more of this footage recovered.  I have a lot on my mind right now.

December 24

  • [7:53 PM]  Happy whatever you celebrate.

December 25

  • [9:47 PM]  Having a particularly lame holiday, but I'd rather it be lame and not stressful.  I'm hoping for a silent night, no pun intended.

December 31

  • [11:09 PM]  I'm alone, I'm afraid, and my only resolution is to get through this shit safe.  Have a happy fucking 2012.  Time to get wasted on cheap beer.

January 2012

January 5

  • [2:29 PM]  I'm going to recover this fucking footage no matter how long it takes.  I've got most of it captured on my hard drive, about 80% so far.

January 10

  • [10:21 PM]  Ok, I got most of the latter footage captured clearly.  The previous video from my house is too distorted.  I'll try to get that posted later.

January 13

  • [12:22 PM]  I'll be posting the footage that I managed to recover so far from the November fiasco tonight at 9pm, my time.  It was a bitch to recover.
  • [7:03 PM]  This video is also a bitch to render.  It might be because it's a very large file and my laptop is becoming elderly and just can't handle it.
  • [7:05 PM]  Every time I render the video, there's an error.  I'm trying again with different settings and just posting it whenever it's done tonight.

January 14

January 26

  • [2:22 AM]  Trying real hard to recover this footage.  It contains what happened that made me leave my house.  I can only remember that Mary called me.

February 2012

February 10

  • [2:44 AM]  To prevent this upcoming Valentines Day from being any more depressing for me, I've decided to have a live stream on the 14th.  #foreveralone

February 14

  • [12:19 AM]  The livestream is going to happen today, Valentines Day, at 10:00pm Florida time on Stickam. I'll be your Valentine.
  • [10:01 PM]  The livestream is starting right now on Stickam. Come and keep me company on the loneliness of corporate holidays.
  • [10:27 PMThe Observer tweets:  theywerenotonlydreamsnoah☉
  • [10:30 PM]  Noah tweets:  What the fuck do you want?
  • [10:32 PM The Observer tweets:  iwanttobeyourvalentinenoahhahaha☉
  • [10:33 PM]  Noah tweets:  Where are you?
  • [10:35 PMThe Observer tweets:  everywhereatonce☉
  • [10:36 PM]  Noah tweets:  Why are you doing this to me?
  • [10:36 PMThe Observer tweets:  youareaskingthewrongquestionsnoah☉

  • [10:37 PM]  Noah tweets:  Who are you?
  • [10:39 PMThe Observer tweets:  asentinelbytradepasthisexpirationdate theeyes♜
  • [10:41 PM]  Noah tweets:  Who is Firebrand?
  • [10:41 PM The Observer responds:  thestubborn♔
  • [10:43 PM]  Noah tweets:  Who is Deadhead?
  • [10:44 PMThe Observer responds:  thenationalist♞
  • [10:45 PM]  Noah tweets:  Who is Persolus?
  • [10:46 PM The Observer responds:  thehermit♗
  • [10:47 PM]  Noah tweets:  Who is Swain?
  • [10:47 PMThe Observer responds:  thelover♘
  • [10:49 PM]  Noah tweets:  Who is Cursor?
  • [10:49 PMThe Observer responds:  theselfish♕
  • [10:51 PM]  Noah tweets:  Who is Mr. Scars?
  • [10:52 PMThe Observer responds:  theonewhokillsmary theburdened♖
  • [10:53 PM]  Noah tweets:  Who is your Keeper?
  • [10:54 PMThe Observer responds:  onedividedbyzero theadministrator♚
  • [10:56 PM]  Noah asks:  Are there others?
  • [10:57 PMThe Observer replies:  yesbuttheyareundefinedrightnow☉
  • [10:58 PM]  Noah asks:  Who are the collective?
  • [10:59 PMThe Observer replies:  allofus♚♛♜♜♝♝♞♞♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♟♔♕♖♖♗♗♘♘♙♙♙♙♙♙ ♙♙
  • [11:00 PM]  Noah asks:  Am I one of those chess pieces?
  • [11:01 PM The Observer answers: yesyouare
  • [11:01 PM]  Noah asks:  What is your Keeper?
  • [11:02 PMThe Observer answers:  ourkeeperjustis☉
  • [11:03 PM]  Noah asks:  What do you want?
  • [11:03 PMThe Observer replies:  tofulfillmypurpose☉
  • [11:04 PM]  Noah tweets:  What is your purpose?
  • [11:04 PMThe Observer answers:  tocompletemysession☉
  • [11:04 PM]  Noah asks:  What is your session?
  • [11:04 PMThe Observer answers:  whatkilledmilo☉
  • [11:06 PM]  Noah asks:  Why do you need to complete your session?  Why did it kill Milo?
  • [11:07 PMThe Observer replies:  youarestillaskingthewrongquestions thinkoutsideofthebox youhumanshaveawordforit existential☉
  • [11:08 PM]  Noah replies:  Who am I?
  • [11:09 PMThe Observer answers:  nowyouareaskingtherightquestionshahahahahahahahahahahaha☉
  • [11:09 PM]  Noah asks:  What is all this?
  • [11:10 PMThe Observer answers:  afungame☉
  • [11:10 PM]  Noah tweets:  What is my purpose?
  • [11:11 PMThe Observer replies:  toplaywithus☉
  • [11:12 PM]  Noah asks:  Whose move is it?
  • [11:12 PMThe Observer replies:  ours seeyousoonnoahhahahahahaha☉
  • [11:13 PM] Noah asks:  How do I win?
  • [11:14 PMThe Observer replies:  hahahahahahahahahahahaha☉
  • [11:15 PM]  Noah asks:  What is the prize?
  • [11:15 PMThe Observer replies:  Unknown☉
  • [11:16 PM]  Noah asks:  Has anyone won this game before?
  • [11:17 PMThe Observer answers:  yesbuttheyarefewinnumber☉
  • [11:17 PM] Noah asks:  What are the rules to this game?
  • [11:18 PMThe Observer answers:  therulesareunknown☉
  • [11:19 PM]  Noah asks:  What is the name of the game?
  • [11:19 PMThe Observer answers:  youhumanscallitlife☉
  • [11:20 PM]  Noah asks:  What happens next?
  • [11:21 PMThe Observer responds:  wetireofyourinsipidquestions goodbyefornownoah☉
  • [11:22 PM]  Noah tweets:  Who is your vessel?
  • [11:23 PM]  Noah tweets:  Am I a white piece or a black piece?
  • [11:23 PM]  Noah tweets:  Answer me you fuck.

February 15

  • [12:18 AMThe Observer tweets:  wearedecidingwhethertotakenoahornot itseemstooeasy☉
  • [12:22 AMThe Observer tweets:  mykeeperwantsyoutodecide weleavehisfateinyourhands☉
  • [12:36 AMThe Observer tweets:  wehavedecidednottotakenoah aneasygameofchessisnotafunone weskipourturn nowitisnoahsturntomove onlyhecanmakethisfunforus letthegamecontinue☉

February 16

  • [12:50 AM]  Noah tweets:  I'm ok.  Woke up on my bed with a massive headache.  All I can remember was being in the middle of the livestream.  What the fuck happened??
  • [1:27 AM]  That fucker.  What a goddamn blowhard.  I don't even know what to say.  The pictures and messages on this twitter are just too much to bear.
  • [1:30 AM]  John Fletcher is dead.  Kat from Thanksgiving is dead.  I'm killing people vicariously.
  • [4:51 AM]  I hate myself for just taking my Excedrin like that.  I should have known better, but fuck, they were MY pills.  I figured they were safe.
  • [4:55 AM]  I vaguely remember being in a delirious state and seeing the suited man standing in the corner.  This is all too much.
  • [4:58 AM]  I'm devoting all of my time to recovering the footage I took on the 10th of November when Mary called me.  Maybe something she said can help.

February 20

February 26

  • [4:42 PM]  Working on this footage recovery dilligently.  Every day, I get a little more salvaged.  Mary said some distressing things to me in that call.

February 27

  • [12:29 AM]  From what I've recovered so far: Mary spoke of being haunted since her childhood, reading the Nazi journal, and the identity of Mr. Scars.

March 2012

March 1

  • [5:35 PM]  Just had a strange dream.  A man sat in a chair in the middle of an empty room, his face obscured by his hands.  There were scars on his arms.
  • [5:36 PM]  I'm sure he was crying.  I don't know who he was, but for some reason, the name Mr. Scars kept popping into my head.  I think that was him.
  • [9:22 PM]  Noah retweeted Sarah's (@AugmentedAngel) post:  They can't find Kat's body.  Police think someone took it, I am so confused...
  • [9:30 PM]  Noah retweeted Sarah's (@AugmentedAngel) post:  think someone's in my house now. I see der großemann now too. Regularly. He gets closer every day.
  • [9:39 PM]  Noah retweeted Sarah's (@AugmentedAngel) post:  oh god hes here. theyre here. theyre going to take me now, help me
  • [9:46 PM]  Noah retweeted Sarah's (@AugmentedAngel) post:  the phones wont work. oh my god. i dont want to go not like this i dont want this heldafvsfbjgijkndasddddddddddddddddddddddddRW4gcGFzc2FudA⊙
  • [9:50 PM]  Noah retweeted Sarah's (@AugmentedAngel) post:  asuperfluousvariablehasbeeneliminatedfromtheequation blackrooktakeswhitepawn⊙
  • [9:53 PM]  Noah tweets:  @AugmentedAngel  NO! LET HER GO YOU FUCK!! TAKE ME! SHE'S INNOCENT!
  • [9:56 PM]  Oh my God...Sarah.  I'm so fucking sorry I ever got you involved in my bullshit.  I can't live with any more stolen lives on my conscience...

March 2

  • [8:33 PM] No, I'll never commit suicide.  That's equivalent to me giving up.  If they wanted me dead, I wouldn't be alive now.  It's all a fucking game.
  • [8:38 PM]  And, Observer, here's a little message for you. I plan to win this game. Fuck you. Send your keeper my regards.

March 7

  • [7:57 PM] Dear viewers: I don't know if you know who Zeke Strahm is, but he was a cop who was also afflicted by this plague, blogging his experiences.
  • [7:58 PM] I've been following his experiences. I was just sent this video anonymously: … Everyone is now telling me that he's dead.
  • [7:58 PM] If he actually has passed, my heart goes out to him and everyone else who is being tortured or now dead because of these heinous entities.

March 9

  • [2:48 PM] The more of Mary's conversation that I recover, the more apprehensive I get about her. Apparently, the Observer has "told her things".

March 15

  • [11:24 AM] Getting more of the footage recovered. At one point, Mary said that these "Collective" bastards have been following me since I was a kid.

March 16

  • [7:52 PM] Uh, my mom called me just now. John's body is missing. Did it just get up and wander away? What the fuck. Seriously. What the fuck.

March 20

  • [3:43 PM] I'm about 50% finished with the video recovery. Most of the video is Mary's call. So far, the subsequent attack is the hardest to capture.

March 28

  • [12:44 PM] Forgive me for not being vocal lately, I've been diligently working to clear up the final bit of footage. It might reveal how I lost my gun.

March 31

  • [9:12 PM] Good news. The Observer came over tonight. We had a tea party. Turns out, this was all a giant misunderstanding. Just kidding. April fools.

April 2012

April 8

  • [5:45 PM] Status report: This last bit is being very tenacious. It has footage of what appears to be the tall being. There is a lot of harsh static.

April 21

  • [3:26 PM] Update: Nearly finished with the recovery process. Still have to compile all the salvaged footage, as well as study for my finals coming up.

April 29

  • [12:46 PM] Just letting you guys know that I'm still alive. Finals begin for me tomorrow, so wish me luck. I'll finish the video recovery right after.

May 2012

May 4

  • [12:04 PM] Finals are grueling, but I think I'm going to pass my classes. I've got a little over 1 more week to go until they're done. 3 down, 2 to go.

May 15

  • [9:41 PM] Finally done with finals. Long story short, I passed. Going to finish up this video recovery, it'll likely be up in a few days.

May 18

  • [8:24 AM] Hard to believe that it's been 2 years since I made my YouTube account. If only I knew what'd happen if I started snooping around that tape.
  • [10:38 AM] The recovery is finally finished. The majority of the footage is visible and audible, I don't think there's anything else I can clean up.
  • [10:42 AM] If the video renders okay, it'll be uploaded sometime tonight. It's a whopper of a file to compile together, so there's no guarantees.
  • [6:03 PM] Rendering the final video file now. It's very large, so it may take a few hours, but as soon as it's finished I'll upload it.
  • [9:45 PM] Mary Asher Phone Call: … Sorry for the 4 month wait. I think Mary may be more involved in this than I previously thought.

May 21

June 2012

June 8

  • [2:30 AM] Too many sleepless nights. Too many to fucking count. Research on this journal has turned up jack squat. Going back to making the recap vid.

June 12

  • [6:26 PM] Working on the recap vid. Sorry if it's taking long, I have summer classes to attend to and I'm still looking for a job. It'll be out soon.

July 2012

July 31

  • [1:26 AM] Been trying hard to forget about what has happened since the beginning, but I just can't escape it. It's been the only thing on my mind
  • [1:28 AM] Every single thing reminds me of the ongoing mysteries. Making the recap video might help me cope with this after all. I'll get on that now.

August 2012

August 17

  • [6:57] Finishing up the recap video, it'll be posted sometime tomorrow. It's more than just a recap, there's also some new interesting information.

August 18

  • [5:24 PM] The recap will be posted in an hour. That motherfucker actually snuck in & out of my room while I filmed. He's taunting me. Fucking coward.
  • [6:37 PM] Several Months of Hell: … He was definitely there, but the room was empty after I filmed. I'm not even surprised anymore.

August 19

  • [11:20 PM] Seeing Sam today about the manifest that he has. Hopefully, it'll get me one step closer to Mary. I also hope that I can film in his house.

August 20

  • [9:54 AM] Met with Sam an hour ago. Mary's name is on the manifest alright, and it looks pretty legit. I've finally got a solid lead on her. Fuck yes.
  • [9:57 AM] Here's the "EAST COAST ASSEMBLY MANIFEST" from March 1985. You can see the name "Asher" on the fourth row down.

August 21

  • [11:20 PM] Seeing Sam today about the manifest that he has. Hopefully, it'll get me one step closer to Mary. I also hope that I can film in his house.

August 23

  • [12:38 AM] Taking a late night flight to New York. Should be there by morning.
  • [6:08 AM] Arrived in New York. Today I visit family, but tomorrow I head to Jersey to see Daniel and possibly a group of guys called "DarkHarvest".
  • [11:51 AM] I've chosen not to visit Karl. I don't have enough time before driving back with Daniel and I'm not stopping over at his place unannounced.

August 24

  • [2:14 PM] Met with Daniel and then the DarkHarvest guys. Uploading footage of Sam and Daniel first, as to not make one very long video. Up in an hour
  • [3:08 PM] Internet's been a bit spotty because of storms and rendering may take a tad bit longer than expected. The video will still be up tonight.
  • [6:45 PM] The Manifest:
  • [9:14 PM] Met with the DarkHarvest guys. They've reluctantly agreed to drive me over to this park for an interview with the Order on 25th.

August 29

  • [6:36 AM] They fucking left me at this beach in New Jersey. I don't know how we got here, but they just left me and I need someone to pick me up now.
  • [6:41 AM] Calling Daniel to pick me up. This shit is unreal. Good thing all of my stuff is in his truck.
  • [7:06 AM] Daniel just picked me up. Heading back to Florida now. Oh, and we were missing for three days? How am I not even fucking surprised.
  • [4:04 PM] Still on the road. Coming up here was a stupid idea and it's all my fault. Shit went down in the forest and I said things I shouldn't have.
  • [4:17 PM] I truly apologize to the DarkHarvest guys, for everything. Feel free to never speak to me again, just remember that we're on the same side.
  • [6:05 PM] Here's what happened on their end:
  • [6:35 PM] For those wondering, I have the entire cultist meeting and subsequent clusterfuck recorded but I need to talk to Sam before I upload it.

August 30

  • [2:40 PM] Fuck. Sam is pretty angry at me for leaking the manifest the way I did and refuses to help me for the time being. Back to square one.

August 31

September 2012

September 9

  • [1:30 AM] I have a lot of footage filmed, much of it uneventful, so this may take a bit to skim through and render out. It will be up soon.
  • [7:20 PM] Uploading part 1 of the footage tonight. It's mostly my meeting with DarkHarvest. The interview with the Order in the forest will come next.
  • [9:28 PM] Finally finished rendering, but just realized that I didn't blur out Daniel's license plate. Fuck. Gotta reedit and rerender the video now.

September 10

September 18

  • [6:43 PM] Been sick lately, just started feeling better. Most of the remaining footage is just of me walking. I'll try to keep the video under 15 min.

September 23

  • [11:26 PM] Nearly finished putting all the footage together. It may be a little longer than 15 mins, actually. I'll post the video on Friday night.

September 28

  • [2:57 PM] Rendering the final video now, it's just under 18 mins long. Depending on when it's finished, it'll be up tonight. Probably before midnight.
  • [7:11 PM] The Order:

September 30

  • [1:29 PM] For the last time, I have no idea who the fuck this "Henka Visæ" person is. I've searched high & low, but the name doesn't appear anywhere.

October 2012

October 7

  • [12:57 PM] The November 11th ultimatum that the Observer gave me in the HAPPYBIRTHDAY video is really starting to bother me. I'm nervous as all fuck.

October 11

  • [8:11 PM] The Observer and Firebrand tweet: bm90aGluZ2NhbnN0b3B1cw0Kbw0KdA0KaQ0KZg0KaQ0KYw0KYQ0Kbg0KaA0KZQ0KbA0KcA0KaQ0KdA
    • The tweet, decoded in base64, reads
    • nothingcanstopus
  • [8:25 PM] Noah responds with: HEY MOTHERFUCKER. You wanna toy with me like that? Tease me like a fucking dog? Well I'm not going to answer to any of your shit anymore :D
  • [8:29 PM] I'm not going to the boardwalk, bringing you the journal, or giving in to any of your bullshit demands. Deal with it.
  • [8:30 PM] Pictures won't phase me anymore. And you know what? I'm going to host a livestream on 11/11/12. If anything happens, the world will see.

October 13

  • [5:47 PM] So, I'm turning 21 on November 11th. If that really is going to be my last day alive, might as well get wasted. See you at the livestream.

October 16

  • [11:46 AM] Feels like I have a gun pressed against my head and the trigger is going to be pulled on the 11th. Knowing, however, is somewhat comforting.

October 20

  • [1:14 PM] I have that recurring dream of Mr. Scars. He sits in his chair sobbing, holding a gun, his left arm covered in cuts and his face obscured.
  • [1:17 PM] I'm not sure what it means, but something about him seems so eerily familiar to me. I always wake up from those dreams covered in sweat.

October 27

  • [2:24 PM] Been thinking a lot lately. What's coming to me seems inevitable, from every possible scenario. I'm thinking of just giving up on resisting.

October 30

  • [11:11 PM] The Observer and Firebrand tweet: aGF2ZWFoYXBweWhhbGxvd2Vlbg0KZXZlbnRob3VnaGl0aXNhbHNveW91cmxhc3QNCncNCmkNCmwNCmwNCm4NCm8NCnQNCncNCmkNCm5vYWg
    • The tweet, decoded in base64, reads
    • haveahappyhalloween
  • [11:31 PM] Noah responds: Yeah. I know. You've made it painfully clear, Observer. The 11th, I'm dead. I get it. I accept it. Now shut the fuck up, you broken record.

October 31

  • [3:15 PM] I just sat down and recorded myself, one big catharsis. If nothing happens tonight, I'll render and upload it. I'm so sorry for everything.

November 2012

November 1

  • [5:26 PM] When you know your death is inevitable, it's just much easier to accept it than fight it fruitlessly. Editing now. Posting tomorrow morning.

November 2

  • [1:06 PM] Migraine hit me like a freight train last night, passed out before I finished editing, woke up late. It'll be up by tomorrow for sure. Deal.
  • [7:51 PM] Rendering looks like it will finish earlier than expected. Uploading the video in a few minutes.
  • [8:24 PM] Catharsis:

November 5

  • [5:54 PM] For those who don't know, the livestream will be on November 11th at 10:00pm EST on  if I'm even still alive by then. (Stickham has since been shut down)

November 7

  • [11:27 PM] Haven't slept in days. Not sure if the next rest will be my last. Don't want to dream either, perpetual nightmares. Longest days of my life.

November 8

  • [7:53 PM] Just noticed that my mail box's flag is up. Wasn't up this morning. Could be nothing. Check it out in the morning. Don't like this.

November 9

  • [5:43 PM] Just mustered the nerve to check my mailbox. It's a letter from the Observer. Uploading pics in a bit.
  • [5:44 PM] Here's the letter, front and back. Something round is inside. Opening now.
  • [5:48 PM] Inside is a note card and the exact same rubber eyeball that I found in my closet during The Device video.
  • [5:49 PM] There's something written on the back of the card too.
  • [5:51 PM] Yeah. That's Kevin's handwriting, I'm pretty sure. I'm not liking this at all.
  • [5:52 PM] I searched my closet but I can't find the first rubber ball. I'm thinking that this is the same ball. But why?

November 10

  • [8:39 PM] The Observer and Firebrand tweet: dHdlbnR5Zm91cmhvdXJzcmVtYWluDQpoDQppDQpzDQppDQpzDQpuDQpvDQp0DQpoDQplDQplDQpuDQpk
    • The tweet, decoded in base64, reads:
    • twentyfourhoursremain

November 11

  • [12:30 AM] Well. I'm 21 now. Still alive, for the time being at least. Is it odd that I'm looking forward to tonight? I just want this to end already.
  • [3:43 PM] i fuckin love whisky
  • [3:44 PM] bring it on fuckers. i'm jus here laying in mybed. come an gety me, i aint scared
  • [7:00 PM] one bolttle of jack, done. im quite fuckin bombed. cheers to mr. daniels for his deliciouus elixer
  • [7:12 PM] gettin my shit together, livestream at 10;30 guys
  • [8:24 PM] Firebrand tweets: im holding him off as much as i can noah. hang in there. ~ F
  • [8:27 PM] Noah responds: go suck a dick, F. ~ Noah
  • [8:51 PM] Firebrand tweets: im trying to save you, you ungrateful fuck. i dont know ho much longer i can hold him. ~ F
  • [9:24 PM] In short, I'm alive. But what happened tonight makes me wish I was dead.

November 12

  • [12:00 PM] The goddamn livestream didn't record properly, only 38 seconds apparently. Fucking Stickam, last time I'm using you. I'll stick to YouTube
  • [4:48 PM] In a few minutes I'm going to make the private video that I found on my channel public, the one that played during my livestream last night.
  • [4:59 PM] "INTERCEPTION":

November 13

  • [12:58 AM] I've calmed down and sobered up. I'll upload the footage on my camera soon. But, since I'm going to live, I have to do a few things first.
  • [1:00 AM] And I'm not saying what happened because I don't want anyone to freak out about it until they see the video for themselves. It's a doozy.

November 16

  • [5:30 PM] I'm still here. just coming to terms with what happened on the 11th, where I was taken at midnight. Things are beginning to make some sense.
  • [5:35 PM] My computer isn't working properly, it won't render the video. I'm trying to fix the errors now. As soon as it works, it'll be uploaded.

November 22

  • [4:56 PM] Happy Thankswhatever. Eating alone today. Thankful for a second chance.

December 2012

December 1

  • [6:07 PM] So, plus computer problems, I have finals to worry about too. But, I'm making progress on the video. It's just going to take a bit longer.

December 3

  • [5:07 PM] I see Kevin almost every day for class. He seems completely normal, but certainly less talkative. I don't trust that. Something's not right.
  • [5:15 PM] For those of you who don't know, Kevin is the friend that helped me translate Karl's German. I now highly suspect him to be the Observer.

December 19

  • [10:25 AM] Making great strides in fixing my shitty computer. If we don't all die on the 21st, then I'll have this behemoth of a video up by Christmas.

December 20

  • [9:15 PM] Fuck the Mayans.

December 25

  • [11:24 AM] I managed to fix all of my rendering problems. It's a Christmas Miracle. If this video compiles successfully, it will be up tonight at 9pm.
  • [5:31 PM] The video has rendered successfully. Fucking finally. My hard work fixing my computer paid off. Uploading it in 30 minutes.
  • [6:05 PM] Uploading the video to YouTube now. It's a big file, over 1.5GB, so it may take an hour or so to upload. I'll post a link here when it's up.
  • [7:12 PM] YouTube is being very slow with the upload. From right now, I'm estimating it taking an hour or two more. It'll still be up by tonight.
  • [8:20 PM] Sorry for the wait, guys. It's up but it's still processing a bit. The Live Stream Incident:

March 2013

March 19

  • [12:32 PM] I've requested an export of my Formspring account. I'll try posting it somewhere. Looking for a similar Q&A site now. R.I.P. #Formspring

March 22

  • [1:21 PM] I've made an account, it seems very similar to Formspring. Feel free to ask me questions on it:

April 2013

April 3

  • [7:06 PM] For those wondering, I'm alive and well. Not much has happened since the live stream, but it's these quiet times that mess with me the most.

April 24

  • [7:59 PM] I'm still not convinced that this isn't all just one long fucked up super nightmare yet. This calm makes no sense, but then again what does?

May 2013

May 20

  • [1:36 AM] It's been approximately 3 years since I opened this account. Things have gotten worse each year. The future is pitch black.

June 2013

June 4

  • [8:11 PM] Firebrand tweets: VHJ1c3QgbWUuDQpUcnVzdCB5b3Vyc2VsZi4NClRy­dXN0IHVzLg==
    • The tweet, decoded in base64, reads:
    • Trust me.
      Trust yourself.
      Trust us.
  • [8:42 PM] I go shopping for one fucking hour and come back to THIS? Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, this is too much. I'm gonna need a drink.

June 5

  • [1:04 PM] Was that who I think it was at 0:58 in the video? Looks a hell of a lot like Evan from EMH, and he's gone insane. This is just dumbfounding.

June 8

  • [5:29 PM] Ok, looks like I could be getting a case w/ a 6 digit combo. Might be related to my 1st video somehow. Can anyone help find possible combos?
  • [5:32 PM] I'm just trying to think ahead here, you guys can help me think of combinations and I'll try them all out on the case if and when it comes.
  • [7:07 PM] Since the combo is likely a code, can you tell me why you think your combo is numerically significant? I don't want random numbers.

June 14

  • [3:38 PM] The more I watch the video, the more confusing it is. Fires? Evan? Gifts? I don't remember stabbing anyone, and there's nothing in my shoes.
  • [3:41 PM] Cursor could be Mary, considering Firebrand mentioned she had a safe I had to find. And Mr. Scars could be Milo, I think he did cut himself.
  • [3:43 PM] The guy in the chair is definitely from my dreams. Gotta be Mr. Scars. But why does he have a gun? And why is he sending me a briefcase?

August 2013

August 13

  • [4:03 PM] dream. running in the woods. searching for something. see a dead body. turn around, im on an old bridge. someone comes up behind me. i wake.

August 28

  • [7:53 PM] Firebrand tweets: in transit. ~ F (featured twitpic of Mr. Scars walking down a road with the briefcase)

August 29

  • [2:08 PM] This letter came today. Nervous about opening it. I thought I was getting a briefcase, not more cryptic bullshit.
  • [6:53 PM] Dont wanna open this, but I have to. Dont want to do it alone, but I have no friends. Might record myself opening it so I don't feel alone.

August 30

  • [8:42 AM] Alright, I've decided. I'm opening the letter tomorrow and I'm going to film it. Is it weird that I feel safer with the camera on?

August 31

  • [8:51 AM] Opening the OBITUARY letter in a few mins. Filming and uploading the contents tonight if time permits. Not looking forward to this at all.
  • [10:17 AM] so much shit just went down, i am bewildered. rendering this video as fast as i can. computer's shit, might take a while. uploading tonight.
  • [5:54 PM] Uploading now.
  • [6:11 PM] Obituary:

September 2013

September 1

  • [1:03 AM] Having a staring contest with the case. Afraid to touch it. All that badassery I mustered up isn't working. Gotta at least try to open it.
  • [7:55 PM] The combo was 000 000 when I found the case. Now compiling a list of all the possible number combos that might open it with clues in mind.

September 2

  • [3:08 PM] Gonna start trying combos tonight. I'll be filming again, it just makes me feel safer at this point. Feeling a lot of emotions right now.
  • [8:25 PM] Going to try and open the briefcase now with the combos that you all helped me come up with. Wish me luck.
  • [9:38 PM] im speechless right now. completely bewildered again. not even sure if i should upload this video because of what i just found in this case.

September 4

  • [5:03 PM] Gonna upload the newspaper clipping and photos from the letter now. Still indecisive about uploading the briefcase video. Maybe Friday.
  • [5:08 PM] The article on Mary Asher's death from the "OBITUARY" letter.
  • [5:34 PM] Photo of Mary Asher's car in a retention pond from the "OBITUARY" letter.
  • [5:40 PM] Photo of Mary Asher's car being taken out of the pond from the "OBITUARY" letter.
  • [5:45 PM] Photo of police investigating Mary Asher's car from the "OBITUARY" letter.
  • [5:43 PM] Photo of Mary Asher's corpse from the "OBITUARY" letter.

September 6

  • [8:22 PM] Decided to upload this shit. There's no use in hiding anything at this point, it needs to be documented. Rendering now. It'll be up tonight.
  • [9:58 PM] Extraordinary Circumstances:
  • [10:28 PM] For those of you curious, I've counted it. It's just shy of $100,000. I don't even know how to react to this. I'm not spending anything.

September 8

  • [9:01 AM] Going through the contents of this case. Head is spinning. Gonna make an update on my findings, but I have no idea where to start.

September 15

  • [10:22 PM] At a crossroads. What would you do for a friend in need?

October 2013

October 29

  • [1:06 PM] I've investigated all I could. There's still a lot to consider and more possible tape to recover. Posting my findings soon.

November 2013

November 1

  • [4:50 PM] Halloween, uneventful. Stayed in my room trying to salvage footage from the tape. I'm grateful, because I just recovered some serious stuff.

November 10

  • [8:30 PM] My 22nd birthday is in 30 mins. I'm nervous, but not like last year. There haven't been any warnings signs. Firebrand must be protecting me.
  • [9:03 PM] Firebrand tweets: happy birthday noah. unsure how much longer i can keep you safe. the administrator doesn't like what I'm doing. answers are coming. ~ F

November 11

  • [5:05 PM] Uneventful birthday. Posting a video on my briefcase findings tonight. Still getting clips from the tape together, posting that on Friday.
  • [8:00 PM] Case Findings:

November 15

  • [2:39 PM] Trying to render the tape footage now. It's proving to be more difficult than expected. If it doesn't go up tonight, it'll be up tomorrow.

November 16

  • [8:07 PM] Fixed all the issues I could, everything's compiled. Exporting the video now. It'll take an hour or two to render.
  • [10:33 PM] Uploading now. It's a big file, over 1GB.
  • [11:16 PM] Milo's Tape:  The video is still processing quality-wise, but it's up. Viewer discretion is advised.

December 2013

December 5

  • [9:21 PM] Been having a lot of bizarre deja vu lately. This sounds nuts, but I think I'm getting premonitions from Firebrand. We're linked, after all.

December 20

  • [7:02 PM] Firebrand tweets: you will soon be gifted valuable information from our mutual acquaintance as per our agreement. be wary, he's a dangerous one. ~ F

December 24

  • [6:37 AM] Just got a strange unmarked envelope in the mail, but it's obvious who it's from. I don't want to open it, but I have to.

December 25

  • [12:41 AM] im back. not sure what just happened to me or where ive been. the footage will explain. theres a lot. posting some tonight. passing out now.
  • [6:11 PM] Slept most of the day. Woke up thinking what happened was just a nightmare, but the footage was there. Uploading the first part of it now.
  • [7:07 PM] Severance: … Part 1 of 2.

January 2014

January 6

  • [1:21 AM] The clips on my tape are in a strange order. Been piecing them together through the new year. Part 2 will include everything else on it.

January 19

  • [12:46 PM] Took this before opening the letter. Purple tape, Haunter, stylized bullshit. Compiling the footage for part 2 now. (twitpic featuring the envelope)

February 2014

Febraury 4

  • [8:41 PM] I've finished going through all of the jumbled footage and I've edited it back in the order that I remember it happening. Posting it Friday.

February 19

June 2014

June 4

  • [11:29 PM] been laying low. feels like theyll come for me anyday now. but they dont. i kinda miss them. i think theyve broken me

August 2014

August 13

  • [10:16 PM] Firebrand tweets: ill be watching you
  • [11:29 PM] Woke up to a surprise vine account. I didnt make it. App isnt even on my phone. Tried downloading app, but I cant sign in via twitter. Shit.

August 17

  • [4:08 PM] im tired of staring at this book. im tired of waiting for me to wake up and do something. i feel lost inside myself. what is real. im tired.

September 6

  • [3:18 PM] i still want to die. but i dont want them to kill me. cant tell if ive lost my mind or if im lost in my mind or both. the journal mocks me.

October 2014

October 8

  • [6:11 PM] im not sure if im more afraid of the unknown, or of the known coming to an end. uncertainty is more unpleasant than unpleasant certainty.

October 30

  • [2:16 AM] Firebrand tweets: why are you still a̵̡̮̝̞͉̙̜̺̰̩͓̘͈̐̍ͪ̓̔͂̈͂͟ͅͅw̢͇̘̺̜̞̩̰ͮͧ̉̋͐̋ͮ̅̌͂͛̈́͐͋̈́ͣa̷̴̡͎̠͖̺ͤͮͯ̓͑̂̀ķ̶̸̨̥̹̻̳̳̅̀̊̎̊ͤ̒̒͛̈̓͒͢...

November 2014

November 11

  • [3:30 PM] birthday. quiet. feels like defusing a bomb. think the bombs a dud. why do i keep thinking theyre predictable. theyre just watchin me squirm
  • [8:11 PM] you know youre losing it when you start believing fortune cookies. you know youve lost it when they start coming true

November 17

  • [1:44 PM] the fortunes are getting to me. you may think im paranoid. im really not. paranoids just think demons are coming for them. i have evidence.

November 27

  • [12:47 PM] im thankful for waking up every day after not killing myself.

December 2014

December 9

  • [10:58 PM] i recorded an update on my birthday. rewatching it, i hesitated posting. i didnt want people to see me like this. i got real bummed out.
  • [10:58 PM] but fuck it. if i dont get this vid out im going to hate myself even more. i may be pathetic but im no quitter anymore. its going up friday.

December 12

  • Fortunes is uploaded

January 2015

January 10

  • [10:11 PM] life is but a dream. what happens when u wake up. how do u know if youre dreaming. questions fuel my insomnia. or am i still just dreaming.

January 19

  • [06:01 PM] hope is but the caged angel. slave to fear. there is no door. no lock. no key. but there are bars to tease. and she reaches out to no avail.

February 2015

February 10

February 15

March 2015

March 9

  • [11:40 PM] inside a cage is a mousetrap with cheese. a mouse smells it. he enters. the cage shuts. hes trapped. how long until he goes for the cheese.

June 2015

June 3

  • [10:53 PM] 5 years. this is all a dream. you are all dreaming with me. i cant sleep but i cant wake up. i wake up asleep. nothing is real. where am i.

August 2015

August 28

  • [9:01 PM] The Observer tweets: hellothere noahiswithusrightnow iwillanswersixquestionsonhisbehalf wherewhatwhowhywhenhow
  • [9:05 PM] @LunaDude1996 tweets: @TribeTwelve Where is Noah?
    • [9:07 PM] The Observer replies: @LunaDude1996 wherethereisnolight whereheisstilllost ourfunhouse
  • [9:05 PM] @falbo_benjamin tweets: @TribeTwelve What have you done with him?
    • [9:08 PM] The Observer replies: @falbo_benjamin weareplayingwithhim misleadinghim breakinghim
  • [9:05 PM] @sdale821 tweets: @TribeTwelve who is this
    • [9:11 PM] The Observer replies: @sdale821 hisnightmare hisparasite hisobserver
  • [9:03 PM] @Holly96Rose tweets: @TribeTwelve Why did you take him?
    • [9:13 PM] The Observer replies: @Holly96Rose firebrandtookhim heisteachinghim wedonotapprove
  • [9:06 PM] @robekkaskyte tweets: @TribeTwelve When will you let him go?
    • [9:15 PM] The Observer replies: @robekkaskyte ifhecanfindhiswaythroughthelabyrinth anddoesnotsuccumbtomadness youwillknowwhenhereturns
  • [9:02 PM] @axioman12 tweets: @TribeTwelve how did you take him?
    • [9:21 PM] The Observer replies: @axioman12 hebroughthimselfhere firebrandisplayingwithhisdestiny sowehavetakenadvantageofit
  • [9:39 PM] The Observer tweets: ihaveanswered nowyoumustwait untilherollsthedie andtakesthebait
  • [11:06 PM] The Observer tweets: QU5EVEhFV0VCQ09OU1VNRVNVU0FMTA
    • Paired with an image of the Administrator with the message "WE ARE ALL CAUGHT IN THE WEB" and the Severance symbol. The vague outline of Firebrand's face is visible to the right.
      • This image is then uploaded as the TribeTwelve Twitter's header image.
    • Message is base64 for "ANDTHEWEBCONSUMESUSALL"

September 2015

September 17

  • [9:12 PM] back. since sep 4. a week it says. but it was longer. a month. counted the days. saw things. dont even want to touch camera. i was in hell.

October 2015

October 30

  • [11:49 PM] The Observer tweets: Q09NRQ0KSk9JTg0KVEhFDQpQQVJUWQ==
    • Paired with an image of the Administrator standing at the boardwalk with 6 members of the collective behind him (Mr. Scars, Cursor, Persolus, Deadhead, Swain, and Firebrand, from left to right) and the Observer reaching out in front.
      • This image is then uploaded as the TribeTwelve YouTube's header image.
    • Message is base64 for "COME JOIN THE PARTY"

November 2015

November 1

  • [9:11 PM] saw vid. know what i have to do. reluctant. used to think jumanji cant hurt if you dont play. except the game is in session. i have to roll.

November 8

  • [3:21 AM] decided. gonna try it on my birthday. a gift to myself regifted by myself. but not all gifts are boons. this is fear wrapped in misfortune.

November 11

  • [11:11 PM] i did it. only took me 2 years. never been harder to turn a page. feels like dissecting a corpse. a solemn birthday.
    • Paired with an image of the opened journal. On one page is a letter, on the other is a label reading "THIS JOURNAL BELONGS TO MILO ASHER", below which is an image of an eyeball with the iris being gripped by two hands. The letter reads as follows:

I understand how the world can seem, at times, a dark place. I know that you feel alone, standing at the mouth of a great void, and knowing that there are things that are staring back through the darkness. But know that we can smile back. Know that it is all we can do, is smile, and know that there are others who know what we do.
Your doctor and friend,
James Corenthal

February 2016

February 28

March 2016

March 17

  • [5:31 PM] Firebrand tweets: Ashes. Ashes. ~F
    • Paired with an image of a tower in the woods with a figure falling off of it, along with the words "We all fall down."

April 2016

April 4

  • [10:51 AM] used to think this was a nightmare i couldnt wake up from. i was wrong. i wake up from nightmares into more nightmares. im living a lifemare

July 2016

July 5

September 2016

September 26

  • [2:37 AM] Scriniarii tweets: The loop must be maintained. The sensum will take the keyword and submit it to the archive. ~ Scriniarii
    • The title of the video posted in this tweet is "SCRINIARII".
    • Scriniarii means "archivist" in Latin.
    • "Sensum" in Latin can mean "sense", "meaning", or "understanding".
  • [8:31 AM] Scriniarii tweets: A fragment has been exposed. Sensum has woken. The loop must be maintained. Now that I have your attention, what else did you miss? ~ S
  • [10:00 AM] ive become accustomed to waking up to cryptic bullshit posted without my permission. never heard of scriniarii. im going back to sleep now.

September 30

  • [2:03 PM] viewer emailed me this. said they figured out some puzzle from the new video. led to this 2nd manifest pic. henka visae. who is henka visae.
    • Paired with an image of the second page of the East Coast Assembly Manifest, discovered as part of the SCRINIARII Code by the TribeTwelve community on Reddit and Discord.

November 2016

November 3

  • [4:51 PM] a flesh token. a group of mad men. an unfortunate father. a relentless con man. a selfish woman. many a paradox. its taken a time to digest.

November 11

  • [8:11 AM] its my birthday today. the calendar says im now 25 years old but im actually older due to my time spent in their realm. i feel 80 years old.
  • [8:11 AM] as a gift to myself, a service to milo, and a digital resource to you, i will be archiving milo's journal here:
    • The link is to a blogspot page created by Noah. The first post was made at 11:11 AM.

April 2017

April 11

  • [5:02 AM] been quiet for safety. posting makes hell writhe. inflames them. this tweet alone will trigger weeks of nightmares. but i must. need advice.

April 29

  • [11:30 PM] cant believe stan drove to my damn house, filmed me at my door like a zoo animal & posted it. embarrassing. i know what karl feels like now.

May 2017

May 16

  • [12:22 AM] Firebrand tweets image of Noah's camera at the boardwalk, with the words "Do it."
  • [12:22 AM] Firebrand tweets image of spider legs on the boardwalk, with the words "Fucking do it."
  • [12:22 AM] Firebrand tweets image of a video being rendered, with the words "You know you want to."
  • [12:22 AM] Firebrand tweets image of an opened fortune cookie, with the words "Show them what happened to you."
  • [12:23 AM] Firebrand tweets image of supposedly Noah's hand, heavily cut, with the words "How you got branded."
  • [12:23 AM] Firebrand tweets image of several stacked books, with the words "Add it to the archive."
  • [10:41 AM] ok fam so this is whats up
  • [10:42 AM] its been quiet for me. not the comfortable quiet. the kind of quiet where you know someones in your home but you cant hear them. still quiet
  • [10:42 AM] been taking a cocktail of antipsychotics to help me not think of them. they come when you think about them. mention them. tweet. film. post.
  • [10:42 AM] my insurance coverage just got yanked. five pills of my cheapest drug now costs me $300. im livid.
  • [10:42 AM] i can no longer afford my meds
  • [10:43 AM] looks like the boys upstairs noticed this and decided to make a move on my mind. our healthcare system has double fucked me.
  • [10:44 AM] between that and stan throwing rocks at my window and the increase in nightmares and being haunted by what ive read from milos account
  • [10:44 AM] ive been slipping
  • [10:44 AM] my blinders are dissolving. im losing it again. my grasp on my ability to hold back from picking at the never healing wound
  • [10:45 AM] meds wear off in about a week or so going cold turkey, people online say. lets see how long this meatbag can hold out
  • [10:45 AM] today is my 1st day without meds. broke out in hives. drank too much. woke up in the tub. cant tell if the bath was on or if its all sweat
  • [9:05 PM] couldnt keep down food today. kept seeing shadows. changing shadows. always out of the corner of my eye. always there. begging for attention

May 17

  • [7:20 AM] second day off the caps. woke up in vomit. shivers. weird because i dont remember eating. blood and bile. withdrawals hitting hard already.
  • [10:07 AM] dont have any cleaner. debating going to cvs or stealing from neighbors shed. saw him for the first time in months. still tall.
  • [1:35 PM] swore the solicitor was bald. tend to have panic attacks around suits now. dont need your shit insurance im a walking liability. drank again
  • [5:31 PM] chucked the camera in the canal. fuck this. i don't need this anymore.
  • [9:06 PM] not using briefcase money for meds. not hemorrhaging milos cash to a fucking pharmacy. not risking arrest or monkey paw shit. its locked up.
  • [9:29 PM] anyone know if being targeted by a eldritch abomination is considered a pre-existing condition?
  • [11:12 PM] insomnia. the visions are returning. i feel the veil lifting from my perception. i can see again. see the truth. theyre still here. restless

May 18

  • [1:02 AM] no
  • [1:03 AM] no no no no no no no no no no no no
    • Paired with an image of Noah's camera in a box.
  • [1:10 AM] it was gone. why are they forcing this back to me. still works. goddamn it
  • [1:15 AM] ...getting pressured into playing again. need to figure out what to do while i still have some control. think its time to charge my laptop
  • [1:20 AM] im done playing camera boomerang with time demons. really really need sleep. gonna try. ill figure shit out in the morning. fuck it all
  • [1:23 AM] wow littering is really bad for the environment dude what the fuck. ~ F
  • [1:24 AM] fuck you
  • [9:16 AM] 3rd day. first time ive opened adobe premiere in months. camera needs a charge. i have to. relive it. reassure myself the dream was real.
  • [12:32 PM] 7 years since my first tweet. 7 years since milo died. 7 years since the beginning of the end of my life.
  • [3:47 PM] red night vision makes it not look so bad. truth was it was pitch black. viewfinder was my only light source. only a tiny screen. for weeks
  • [6:10 PM] ill never forget when i saw him. i laughed and laughed and laughed. makes the goosebumps tighten. the blood. the pain. it stung like hornets
  • [9:11 PM] editing. cutting some. leaving some. a month is a lot to go through. especially with the director watching from outside. fuck corporate

May 19

  • [2:23 AM] didnt eat. didnt sleep. didnt even shit. spent every waking minute of today revisiting my trip to hell. im mortified
  • [8:07 AM] finally hungry. ate some crackers. having an issue rendering. must clear space on my drive. shes old but she still purrs. saw him again
  • [9:54 AM] i didnt mean to throw the hard drive across the room at him i promise
  • [2:26 PM] thought i lost all the footage in a rage. was relieved. then i realized solid state drives cant head crash. kill me
  • [5:51 PM] k. its done. thats all i can bring myself to edit. not proud. i wish it were only a dream. but dreams are no longer distinct from reality
  • [5:51 PM] And there's no reality beyond observation. ~F
    • Paired with a short threshold video of Noah rendering the next video.
  • [6:06 PM] sisyphus:

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