Hey guys, I was a little bored and I was watching TT vines and Fortunes so I came up a little theory about Firebrand and The Observer. So please note that I understand people will make their own opinions and what not so yeah.


Ok Firebrand is known as Noah, and was (and could be) a member of The Collective. He helped Noah from being abducted by The Observer and helped Noah get out of a little stint with money and also gave Noah some help. But recently, Firebrand is kinda having a little scary moment right Noe because of the fortune cookies having a lot of very depressing and dark fortunes. This is where my theory comes into play since the members of TC are void of time and space, it's a possible that since time (when its not disturbed) is like a never ending spiral never changing speed or direction but let's say someone like Firebrand enters the spiral and changes something (ex:Noah being abducted,saving Noah from the fire) and then the spiral will change in many possible ways but let's go for the splitting paradox in which Firebrand, had caused two versions of himself to appear possibly. And this will make two realities:

  1. One where Firebrand is evil but has his moments where he will change
  2. The other one is good and went 'rouge' but has his moments where he is in cohoots with TC

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